Review: Trolleys, Khan Market, New Delhi

With the increase in the eateries in New Delhi it is getting tougher for them to do something different and survive through the thick competition. The newly opened Trolleys, however, manages to make a charming effort. Tucked away in the by lanes of Delhi’s classy and affluent Khan Market, Trolleys comprises of an impressive a-la-carte with different cuisines and the restaurant justifies its name by offering daily specials on trolleys that will find their way to your table.

Trolleys, Khan Market, New Delhi,

The inviting couches, pastel colours, quirky furniture, mirrors on the ceiling and tamed ruggedness of the bricked walls add to the dramatic ambiance of the space; a rare sight for restaurants these days.The blue, yellow, sea green hues on the walls lend a fun element to the environment while the rich velvet eccentric upholstery flirts with your mood. The first floor is reserved for those looking to enjoy a fabulous sit down dinner with friends and family over a delicious spread. This also leads to a lovely terrace where you can sit for brunch during this amazing weather or a nice drink in the evening. The second floor is the lounge area where the music is more upbeat and people can get together for after work drinks or a night out for the weekend. The bar menu has a variety of virtuous drinks ranging from classics, signature drinks like the ‘Plum Me in Trolleys’ and effervescent molecular drinks for the adventurous souls. And to spice things up, Trolleys brings you your drink in an eye catching glass cut out of a recycled alcohol bottle from the brand Reciclar, by Benchmarc.

Trolleys, Khan Market,

Undoubtedly one of the USPs of Trolleys is having daily specials on trolleys that visit your table is a one of a kind venture. Inspired by old Delhi’s tradition of selling food on carts that travel the lanes through the day as well as an attempt to entertain the hungry pangs of diners while they wait for their food to be served, the trolleys bring you knick knacks to savour. For the lovers of Indian spices, the chef will dish out delicacies like Kache Kele Aur Anjeer Ke Kebab, Amritsari Jheenga, Pathar Ka Kebab, Salmon Tikka and even the lavish Pakistani dish, Nihari Gosht. The fans of European cuisine also have an array of treats to pick from, like  Fresh water prawns with Ginger & Lemon, ‘Parmesan Crusted Chicken Steak, Herb Polenta, Black Pepper Glaze’, ‘Grilled Polenta Steaks, Artichokes, Red Pepper Cream’ and ‘Pesto & Ricotta Tortellini, Sundried Tomato & Olive Coulis’.  With no stone left unturned in attaining that authentic taste, Trolleys also has a pizza oven to serve fresh thin crust pizzas.  And if Arabic food gets you salivating, Trolleys has a delectable spread of Falafel Rolls, Shwarmas, Hummus, Tabbouleh and Kabees Mashkal.

Honestly, for someone who does not eat Indian food in restaurants it was one of the best I had in a long time.So next time you are around Khan Market, do stop by at Trolleys for some amazing food and experience.

Address: 7, First Floor, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003
Contact No: +91 7838785925, 011 45840066
Timing: 12 pm – 11:30 pm
Meal for 2:  1400 + Taxes

Review: Soy, Khan Market

So it has been a while since I have written one of these and even though I argued with my sister that I should be paid for writing these (if you are good at something, never do it for free), I surely am glad I got the chance to revisit this now adopted “hobby” of mine. So this time I visited Soy, at Khan Market and establishment that opened up sometime last year.

Soy, Khan Market,

Soy, Khan Market,

Soy is a Chinese restaurant nestled in Khan Market’s now infamous middle lane. People who grew up in Delhi and studied here would know that Khan Market’s middle lane has gone through all sorts of changes in the past 10 years or so. I remember back in 2003 there was only a Khan Chacha (near where the big chill is nowadays) and a Chonas in the middle lane with a few other apparel boutiques scattered around the lane. So though over-all the market is very different with way more people and places cropping up, but visiting Khan Market after a couple of years it is good to see the Middle Lane resembles what is used to be 10 years ago, apart from the fact that now they have more restaurants. Although opened about 8 months back, Soy, one of the new Chinese cuisine restaurants that have come at Khan has gone a little under the radar, which is surprising for the good quality of food it serves and most would only recognize the brand from their food court franchise Soy Express.

Soy, Khan Market,

When we walked in we were immediately impressed by Soy’s ambience and décor. Going up those stairs we seemed to have been transported to another portal where away from the tiny, messy middle lane of khan market we found ourselves in a beautiful restaurant containing interiors with a clear Asian influence;clean straight lines, with wood work and oriental motif on fabric, along with origami birds hanging above one section, leading to a beautifully manicured terrace. The kind of décor which spells fine-dining without it being too in your face and make you uncomfortable and under-dressed. Before I get to the menu I should point that I was very impressed on seeing the Wok section. During my time as a student recently a lot of my meals came by visiting Wok restaurants and ordering a comfort food bowl of rice, meat, a spicy sambal sauce – great for those weekend hangovers. Unfortunately my excitement was watered down by the manager of Soy who, quite rightly, suggested we order some a la carte and not ruin our appetite with a bowl of wok.

They offered us gracious servings of salad, soup and appetisers that included a Tangy Chicken Salad, I not being a big fan of salad was genuinely impressed by the flavours and lightness of this dish. After that we had some good old chicken hot & sour soup and portions of Wasabi Prawns, Prawn firecrackers and an assortment of dimsum. Both the prawns and dimsum were absolutely magnificent.Then the waiter brought us a prawn speciality called Sauteed Jumbo Prawns in Thai Sweet Chilli sauce and I have to admit that it was the best portion of Jumbo Prawns I have ever eaten in Delhi. One usually avoids ordering Jumbo Prawns due to the risk of they remaining undercooked but at Soy this was never a concern. A greatly balanced dish that had prawns cooked perfectly, not too raw just right.For the main course we had some Fish with Scallion and Oyster Mushroom, Fiery Chicken Hunan Sauce along with some rice and noodles. The portions were huge and the food provided great flavour. With the freshest ingredients, Soy made sure we had a thoroughly wholesome experience. If I have one criticism – although it was hard to muster one, it would be that the food was not as spicy as we would have wanted. But all in all a great experience and if Soy Express is as good as this restaurant then I would definitely stop by the food courts in DLF Mall Saket and Vasant Kunj for some dimsum. I do look forward to returning to Soy in Khan Market and making my own tossed Wok (Meat, Prawns, Spicy BBQ sauce and rice) to really test the variety of food offered at this establishment. Maybe my sister allows me another chance to review this place and cover the rest of their delectable menu. I hope after reading this you give Soy and Khan market a fair chance.

Price: Meal for two- Rs.2500 with alcohol. A Wok however is only about Rs. 600 (a meal in itself)
Rating: Butter Chicken
Rating Scale: Tinda – 0, Idli – 1, Salad – 2, Butter Chicken – 3, Kakori Kebabs – 4, Grandmother’s cooking – 5

Khan Market gets its own Smoke House Deli

Khan Market finally gets its own Smoke House Deli. Seeped in history, Khan market is the perfect location for the latest Smoke House Deli, the narrow by lanes with shops on both sides are a part of Delhi’s cultural heritage and definitely one of the best markets left in Delhi with the uprising of the mall culture. Smoke House Delhi Khan Market takes you down a trip of nostalgia with walls that illustratively resurrect The Empire Store and Sovereign Dairies – landmarks that haven’t existed on these streets in decades.

Smoke House Deli, Khan Market.

A walk through the café designed by Amith Chhabra of Livin’ Colors Design reveals an interesting mix of 2D and 3D illustrations that cover the walls, to invoke a sense of modern nostalgia. “For instance”, says Kriti Monga, the Designer and typographer who’s beautiful handiwork you see on the walls, “The half illustrated-half real bird bath on the first floor reminds you of childhood trips to Lodhi Gardens, dates on calendars around the cafe are landmark events in Khan Market’s history, and titles in the illustrated bookshelf are a tip of the hat to the locality’s literary giants.” Having spent her early years living in Khan Market, she says, “On a personal note, I get to legitimately draw pictures on walls, in a place I spent a childhood learning to draw in.

Smoke House Deli, Khan Market - Terrace Area.

The café is an amalgamation of rich culinary traditions with modern European café fare. “The menu highlights homely, comfort food that please all your senses while retaining gourmet flourishes” says Executive Chef Shamsul Wahid. “Our intent is to give you all-day options with wholesome, healthy as well as hearty fare designed to cater to every mood.”The extensive menu at Smoke House Deli is perfect from breakfast with a variety of pancakes and eggs thru dinner with Wild Mushroom + Artichoke Crepe Gratin, Cambodian Basa + Smoked “Pimento” Puree, Lightly Smoked Lamb Shanks and ½ Roast Chicken. At Smoke house deli you also have options for in-between meals or for the not so hungry. A variety of sandwiches, burgers and pizzas like the Smoked Tomato + Brie Sandwich, the Soy Mix + Curried Vegan Burger, the Smoked Lamb Burger, the Tomato + Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza and the Shrimp + Grilled Chillies Pizza promise to hit the spot. Smoke House Deli Khan Market’s interactive bar is sure to be an instant favourite for those who love a tasty tipple. The extensive cocktail menu features perplexing combinations of fruit, herbs and high-class liquor.

Smoke House Deli, Khan Market-   'House Spiced Smoked Chicken + Five Spice Jus' Smoke House Deli, Khan Market- _Watermelon Martini'.

Like the other Smoke House Deli properties, the one at Khan Market does not disappoint, neither in terms of food nor decor or ambience. So next time you are at Khan market stop by one of the bylanes at the new Smoke House Deli and enjoy a nice cool watermelon martini in the evening or even a lovely lunch while overlooking the streets of Khan market.

8 am – midnight, 7 days a week
Smoke House Deli, 17, Khan Market, 1st Floor, New Delhi – 110003
Phone: 01143542819