Parineeti Chopra’s Gorgeous Home, designed by Shabnam Gupta

Parneeti’s terrace is for laid back lounging and cheery conversations. Colourful, quirky cushions and interesting centre tables make for a unique setting. Simple home with bursts of colour is what Parineeti wished for, her interior designer Shabnam Gupta, from The Orange Lane gave her just that.


Shabnam’s Tip, “The table can be lit with kerosene lanterns. Decorate with fairy lights, you can use them on the trees, pergola, etc. Rustic decors usually suit outdoor events really well and they can turn out really great if you pay attention to details. A simple wooden table, some miss-matched chairs and a table runner are enough to create a casual yet chic space.”

26Parineeti 2

29 Parineeti 3

Parineeti’s den is the area she spends most of her time. This area of her home is a mirage of colors. Shabnam took it a notch up with bright cushions in contrasting colors with fun paintings on the wall and made it the most eye-catching, fun room in the house. Shabnam says, “I am a big fan of making full use of the corner space. This could be a little corner in the living room or in the kitchen. It is a great space to unwind after a rough day.”

31Parineeti 1

30 Parineeti 5

Shabnam used royal blue on Parineeti’s balcony to make it enigmatic, added lots of greenery and carefully placed a swing seat to make it a cozy corner. According to Shabnam, ‘The key to create an amazing outdoor space is to have vertical garden & plants. They bring a sense of colour and depth to the space. Decorate the balcony edge with colourful potted plants to give out an air of coziness. You need some seating in order to truly sit back and relax! Place a bench on the side so you can enjoy the view from a stylish resting spot. The simpler they look the cleaner vibe they give.”

Home Profile- For the Love of Dogs

Home Profile for The Address- Times of India

There are some who hesitate to adopt a pet citing lack of space. And then there is Rubina Dhankar Qadir Din, who insists that her home in Gurgaon belongs to her 46 dogs while she and her husband share the space with them.


“Life has a strange way of working out.” Rubina says as we meet at her Barsati (terrace), which has been converted to a Living cum Dining space of their house. “I was married and living in Mumbai with my first husband for 14 years. At that point I was a journalist with NDTV and Times now. After my marriage ended I moved to Delhi with my mother and started working with JJ Vallaya as a brand manager,” she continues while sipping her herbal tea. After a few years she moved back and started an ad production company. During this time she dabbled in Interior Design for friends. Finally in 2012 Rubina moved back to Delhi where she met my current husband Abdul Qadir, a fitness instructor and Dog lover as she discovered. “Soon after we started living together in my condo in Gurgaon we started adopting street dogs. No one wanted these dogs and most had terminal illness’s. We started with 12 dogs who have now slowly gone up to 46,”

In the beginning of 2015 they decided to put the condo on rent and look for a larger house with open spaces for the dogs. She shares, “It was getting expensive to take care of them on just my husband’s income so I tried to figure career prospects too. Meanwhile, I put up images of the condo at various sites looking for people to rent.  People started complimented me on the space and design. Soon they started asking me to design their homes.”

The ground floor of the villa was also styled by her, but as the dogs grew in number the space appeared  more lived in. As a result they decided to focus on a living space at the Barsati. The Barsati has two basic rooms, converted as a living and dining area with the open space offering outdoor seating. The two rooms in fact have been left as raw as possible, with just single brick layers of the walls, tin roofs and aluminium doors.

Despite the almost raw sense of style, the space appears inviting. In her own words, “My style is very rustic chic and that is the style I am comfortable with. A lot of the furniture you see here has been designed by me, I believe in reasonably priced furniture but I’ll splurge on accessories. Fortunately my husband is also very house proud. He loves to gift me gorgeous home accents from different designers and stores. As a result, I have a collection of plates from Good Earth and some accessories from Oma. However, the two pieces which have stayed with me from my first house, is the Nepalese Tara statue and the Limited collection Fab India cabinet,” Perhaps due to the overall sense of bareness, we can’t help but notice the trunks. She confesses, “My husband is a hoarder and since the ground floor is devoted to the dogs, we had to find a creative way to store his t-shirts. To find a suitable storage solution, I sourced traditional trunks and made them work as part of the décor.”

Along with the trunk another very noticeable element is mirrors. There are at least three-four in each room along with posters and frame. For Rubina the use of mirrors came naturally, as she loves them, “I think they add character to a space, so I use them a lot. But most people can’t tell how many there are, as I place them in unique ways, each reflecting something unique, for instance the one in the living space reveals the reflection of the chandelier,” she shares.

When she initially started her business, Rubina would request clients to provide dog food as payment for her services. However she soon realised that people could be quite unfair. Sometimes, she would receive only two bags of dog food as payment for the whole house. “That experience shocked me. So now I have a transparent fee structure for my interior styling services. My business really picked up after eight months of styling homes. In fact, now I am tie-ups with different designers such as Sarita Handa, Elvy and so on.” she explains.

With 46 dogs living at home doesn’t entertaining guests pose a unique challenge, we wonder. She agrees, “We used to be sociable, but now with the dogs we rarely go out and even if people come over we hang out at the Barsati. However, my husband and I are both very content with the direction our lives have taken for both us and our babies,”


Store Watch: The Big Door

To every fortress, there is The Big Door!
Aptly named, the recently launched store in Mumbai infuses the best of Indian jewellery, handcrafted home decor and heritage collectibles; The Big Door is an effort to make art and grandeur a part of your life. Spread across an area of 7500 sq. ft., each piece here is created exclusively and can be customized. And while the jewellery and interiors transport you to a richness of the Indian past, you will find that these magnificent pieces of art don’t demand atrocious prices and at the same time retain the desired value. Presented by Vivek Gupta and Sunita Gupta, a couple with a love for Indian heritage products, the store is located at the foot of Pali Hill and has been founded through the guidance and support of Sheeldhar Pande and Alok Mantri, promoters of Lifetime Group.

the big door,

The Big Door will house Mughal, Nizam and Rajput inspired jewellery from Ravi Jewels, Jaipur. Ravi Jewels is eponymously named after Ravi Ajmera, who hails from a family that has over three generations of experience in the craft of fine jewellery. Ranging from precious and semi-precious jewellery, set in gold, silver and silver- gold plated metal, to Victorian, polkis and jadau pieces, each of these mesmerizing creations is unique and design oriented. Extend your style statement to your abode, by visiting the interiors section of The Big Door! Each creation is a conversation piece sourced from all across the country and is the product of the aesthetic sensibility of Hemant Periwal who established Mayur Arts in Udaipur. Every home will have a story to tell when adorned with pure silver furniture inspired from the Raj period, marble fountains and jalis, traditional pichwai from Rajasthan, bronze work from South India, Persian calligraphic fauna, antiques and intricate woodwork. At The Big Door, you can have anything that your heart desires – even the ceiling with mirror-work and miniatures can be yours!

The Big Door,

The Big Door,

The significance of The Big Door harks back to the idea of an auspicious passage into a fortress, in this case a fortress of beauty. The logo for The Big Door is a blend of Indian motifs and is called The Conchflower. The Conchflower is inspired by the first greeting of welcome in any Indian household – the rangoli. Within its curves are the auspicious conch and a swastika.The collector’s items at The Big Door weave hidden tales, just like the logo. Let the designs do the talking as you indulge in some opulence. Look out for this brand new store in Khar and experience the richness of Indian heritage right at your doorstep!

Address: The Big Door, M Square, Plot No. 246, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Opp Dr. Ambedkar Statue, Khar (West), Mumbai – 400052. Contact: 9820282836

News: Brad Pitt designs furniture

So as everyone must have by now seen and formed their own personal opinion, unless ofcourse you are living under a pile of rocks with no internet, TV or print media to aid you; Brad Pitt is the new face of the Chanel. The ad shows clips of an array of women going through various activities and dressed such, from casual weekends to office to glamour and Brad Pitt standing against a grey backdrop saying a few lines looking doe-eyed and fake in my opinion.

Well I don’t know about you but the ad did not really work for me, firstly because for the longest time when I heard about it I thought Chanel has gone Homme even until the first clip where its only Brad Pitt. After I put both clips together I figured it’s still femme but somehow minus the allure and exclusivity of Chanel. I mean with the earlier ads the women were fabulous like Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tatou, Catherine Deneuve, you wanted to taste their scent. Now it seems just random and Brad Pitt really doesn’t help. As for Mr.Pitt First Chanel now Luxury furniture, he is definitely keeping himself occupied in other avenues. Pitt, collaborated on the collection with U.S. furniture designer Frank Pollaro. Pitt has previously worked with well-known architects for his Make It Right foundation to create affordable quality housing for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He also designed a diamond ring for his partner, Angelina Jolie, when the couple got engaged earlier this year. From the couple of pieces featured in Architectural Digest I can say I am half impressed,as in a few pieces I loved and few I loathed. His inspiration comes from Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Glasgow Rose,he designed his collection with the fluidity of a single line, be it geometric or circular.I cannot wait for the official Pitt Pollaro site will launch on November 11th at:

You guys have a look as well and let me know what you think. Works for you or not?
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Style Picks

1.Alisa, Ebony Gautier
2.Cupcakes, Tart
3.Porcelain Figurine, D’Mart Exclusif
4.Hip Flask, Beyond Ordinary
5.Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2004
6.Chandelier, Red Light
7.Towel Set, Trident
8.Acqua Fiorentina, The Encore by Creed at Neiman Marcus
9.Sea Feast, Renovation Factory
10.Cushion, Window Passions

Dream Home: by Francois Champsaurs at Marseille, France

In the heart of Marseille, in the La Joliette district, Francois Champsaur has completed his renovation and redevelopment of a 150m2 apartment. Situated on the top floor of a recently renovated building by Adrien Champsaur Architecture, the apartment overlooks the MuCEM, a new museum of civilisations from Europe and the Mediterranean, designed by Rudy Riciotti, and which is due to open in 2013.The apartment comprises of a sitting room, two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a dining room, a kitchen and a patio. The sitting room offers the widest space, since it has been cleared of all fixtures and fittings (no cupboards or storage space) and enjoys a high ceiling. To counter balance this height, the whole of the space is occupied with a few pieces of fairly low furniture, but all in a XXL version. In a non-conventional manner, the bookcase has been placed in the corridor, on the highest wall of the apartment. As such, it structures the central space and acts at the same time as a corridor and walkway.The renovation of the attic allowed for the creation of a roof terrace, or patio, which opens entirely out over the apartment, constituting an ‘exterior room’ and covered in wood in its interior section. With real wells of light, the patio consequently offers clarity and outlooks from every view-point. The whole complex is very open and light, and is unified by the use of the same flooring (for every surface, including the patio), which is regulated by the lay-out or walk-ways covered in black tinted oak, creating a graphic effect, and outlined by the alternating black and white, and horizontal/vertical axes.

Wiggle side chair, designed by Frank Gehry (1972), in corrugated cardboard. Vitra edition.Wiggle stool, designed by Frank Gehry, in corrugated cardboard, gusset in white lacquered hardboard. Vitra edition.‘ROUE DE CLEMENT’ mirror-light fixture, designed by Pascal Michalou. Outer ring in clear oak.‘SONIA’ stool, designed by Sergio Rodriguez (1997), Classicon edition. Handmade solid eucalyptus wood.Oak parquet flooring, ‘gris flamant’ shade.‘BLUFF’ coffee table, designed by India Mahdavi. Walnut finish, white and black lacquer.‘BEL AIR’ upholstered sofa, designed by Francois Champsaur.‘COCOON’ lamp, designed by Paola Navone.Low cabinet, designed by Francois Champsaur, in natural oak with 2 sliding doors in black lacquered metal.


‘CLOUD’ suspension light by Frank Gehry, Belux edition.‘DIGAMMA’ armchair, designed by Ignazio Gardella, Santa and Cole edition. Adjustable upholstered armchair in black velvet.‘PEPPER’ coffee table, designed by Francois Champsaur, Pouenat edition. Stained brushed oak base and lacquered aluminium table top in matte blue.Oak parquet flooring, ‘gris flamant’ shade.


‘HEAVEN’ Garden chair, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, Emu edition.‘PEPPER’ outdoor table, designed by Francois Champsaur, Pouenat edition. Lacquered aluminium table top in matte brown and lacquered aluminium base in matte white. Linen embroidery, in Cross colour 03 natural.‘RAR’ rocking chair by Charles and Ray Eames, in poppy red. Vitra edition.‘BLUFF’ coffee table, designed by India Mahdavi. Walnut finish, white and black lacquer.Wiggle side chair, designed by Frank Gehry (1972), in corrugated cardboard. Vitra edition.Wiggle stool, designed by Frank Gehry, in corrugated cardboard, gusset in white lacquered hardboard. Vitra edition.

‘CLOUD’ suspension light by Franck Gehry (2005), Belux edition.‘CHERNER’ chair, designed by Norman Cherner (1958), in Stella Orange.Oak parquet flooring, ‘gris flamant’ shade.‘RAVEL’ terracotta pot. Cascais stone kitchen worktop.‘CONTAINER’ table, designed by Marcel Wanders, Moooi edition.


Black stained oak veneer bookcase, matte varnish.‘CHERNER’ chair, designed by Norman Cherner (1958), in Stella Orange.Oak parquet flooring, ‘gris flamant’ shade.Kitchen unit designed by Francois Champsaur, in stained oak veneer, matte varnish.Linen head board. ‘TMH’ standard lamp, designed by Miguel Mila (1961), Santa and Cole edition.‘SONIA’ stool, designed by Sergio Rodriguez (1997), Classicon edition.3 panel curtains in ticking fabric. Bench designed by Francois Champsaur. Base in oak and solid oak veneer. Sanded and black stained finish.

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Dream Home: Shelter Island by Harriet Maxwell from Ochre

Ochre is a small design company founded by two British women Joanna Bibby and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald who met at art school in 1996 with enough ideas in common and enough independence to inspire each other to start a company which continues to grow organically. Ochre is admired for not only creating perfect forms – but also the use of colours: those of heather, bracken, wet and dry stone, water, and sky. This quiet beauty has become a signature for Ochre. Ochre’s work has the rare ability to serve more than its primary function, leading to a quietly powerful presence, often sculptural, always elegant, and invariably speaking of harmonious, intelligent design. Solenne de la Fouchardiere became the third partner of Ochre in October 2000, and the team continued to expand their horizon.

The house of one of the partners Harriet Maxwell Macdonald is situated on Shelter Island – an island between the north and south forks of Long Island – 2 hours from Manhattan. Andrew Corrie and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald live between there and Manhattan, with Ivo (3) and twins Celia and Alastair. It has 4 bedrooms.

How did you find the place? Describe the neighborhood? What makes this place so special? When was it Built
It has the most incredible view and you hardly see another house, (yet there are many!) ospreys fish right in front of the house – you cannot believe you are 2 hours away from New York!It was built in 1979.

What were the architectural challenges when you moved in? Were there any major works to do?What style did you want to bring to this place? What were your influences?
We still need to do major works! But we would keep the same character – it has simple shack feel – Scandinavianesque.We wanted to keep it very simple – it is really all about the view and the outside – the walls are all pine but with a whitish grey wash over them – the sofas are simple linens in washed out colors. It feels very beachy – we have collections of stones and shells along the banister.

Main room – Log burner was there when we bought the house. Snooze sofa and snooze chair by Ochre. Coffee table – moon table by Ochre. Cushion by Kirsten Hektermann.Throws by Canvas –available at the Ochre Store in NYC. Sheepskin rug available at the Ochre store NYC.


Snooze sofa covered in linen. Blue the whippet. Papier maché stool handmade by artisans in Haiti, available from Canvas. Painting by Leora Armstrong.Sofa from Anthropologie – in Dominique Kieffer linen. Coffee table – moon table by Ochre. Throw by Canvas. Stool by canvas. Coco Mirror in the background, made from shards of Coco, by Ochre.

Table given to me from a friend of mine, unfinished aluminium base – top ash, Hans Wegner chairs. Picture in background by Joseph Scheer “Moth”.


Map of Long Island showing Shelter Island. Scorpion lamp in white by Ochre.“Moth” as before. Vintage table from Golborne Rd London. Bench by Canvas.Ceramics from Canvas. Little blue coffee cups by Catriona.


Master bedroom – Massia lamps by Ochre, bed from De la Espada, little cushion by Margo Selby from the Ochre store. Watercolour of pebbles bought at a Royal College of Art graduate exhibition. Master bathroom – Limestone slab surrounding bath, in front of bath fabrics from India, baskets from Ochre, towels and bathmat by Canvas.

Deck – Bamboo awning.


Office – Shelves from West Elm, white trays in background by Ochre


Downstairs playroom – Sofa from Jonathan Adler, pink chair form Canvas. Old prototype leather stool by Ochre, Cherub Lamp by Ochre, paintings by Leora Armstrong. Below ceramics by Daniel Smith, London.

Trend- Tribal Art

Trend- Tribal Art

Dream Home: House in Boulogne,Paris by Sarah Lavoine

For ten years, Sarah Lavoine has developed unique interiors, filled with
warmth, energy, shadow and light.Her rooted Parisian taste – elegant, refined, rigorous and wanderlust –is her signature style. Sarah Lavoine is in constant dialogue with her rulesand references, redefining a new lifestyle à
la Française
. She suggests to her clients original ways of articulating
rooms and volumes, of magnifying natural light and making colour stand out. Here we have a gorgeous house done up by her in Boulogne Paris.
The presence of a glass roof on the ground floor, covering the entire facade of the house, sets the tone for this ambient house. Flooded with light and with view over the green of the trees, this former winter garden serves as a pretext to the layout of the two adjoining sitting rooms.The dining room and the kitchen, sheltered behind a glass frame, have naturally found their place behind this brand new room, and also benefit from the view of the garden.Reshaped through the creation of large openings, the rooms which were previously narrow now express a beautiful continuity with the exterior space.Less altered, the first floor is reserved for the parents, freeing up the space on the second floor exclusively for children. The roof space, up until now abandoned, is now a spare room, available for any passing friends.From top to bottom, the interior affords the house a very contemporary charm. On a white background, the shades of subtle greys, from slate to pearl, tame the natural light and accentuate the effect of depth. Mixing their forms and colours, the old furniture and the current rooms strive for affinity…with success.Without false modesty, but with the elegance of warmth and simplicity, this house achieves a gracious atmosphere.

The Sitting Room

Florence Starck standard lamps, ‘Caravane’ sofa,Paoloa Navone lamps,Morrocan rug

Adopting the angle of the glass wall, an ‘L’ shaped sofa, upholstered in slate-grey linen, defines the contours of the first sitting room. Having half the sofa with its back to the garden emphasizes the volumes of the room opening out onto the corner of the dining room. A palette of serene tones gives way to the lively brilliance and greenness of the garden. At the other end of the main room is a second sitting room. The dark grey walls and the one sofa in white linen create a more intimate, cosy space. Placed above the fireplace, modernised by a covering of plaster in purified outlines, a mirror plays with the depths of the room. Here and there are certain carefully chosen details, such as the photographs by Mona Kuhn or Florence Lopez’s lamp, which catch the eye.

Caravane Chambre 19’ white linen sofa with black braiding, ‘Ecorce’ paint by Sarah Lavoine, ‘Caravane’ rough metal coffe table, Made-to-measure bookcase, ‘Maison de Famille’ Hand blown glass lamp, Photographs Mona Khun (M+B Gallery, Los Angeles)

The Dining Room
A long, lacquered metal table and brand new chairs posed on a Moroccan rug…Nothing else is required for a dining room without sacrificing the need for space and light. On the walls is a collection of pages of old herbariums in a series, creating a picture of autumnal colours.

Black metal lacquered table, Chairs from Italian company STF, Moroccan fabric rug, ‘Caravane’ wall lights

The Kitchen

Stainless steel ventilator & sink, Bistro style table with central leg & lacquered table top, Black lava stone worktop on island, Dark oak worktop and shelves, Blue porcelain wallls

Simple in its outlines, the kitchen has been thought out like a practical toolkit, but nonetheless remains elegant and sober.Behind the central island, with its black lava stone worktop are pieces of Boffi furniture in dark stained oak, with brushed stainless steel tops.Previously an old workshop, the kitchen is arranged behind a glass frame. On either side of the old main wall is an eating corner or a kitchen made to be as discreet as possible.A high, comfortable ‘L’ shaped bench, a group of shelves, cookery books and some coloured glasses, and there you have it, the kitchen affords itself the appearance of a dining room.The use of colour here has redefined the spaces and updated the whole concept. The blue porcelain pushes back the walls of this small space. Materials in matching tones create a soft, feminine ambience.


The Attic
No space is wasted in the attic. It is a multifunctional room where one can isolate oneself. The matt black walls and the striped flooring give the sensation of enveloping comfort. Tucked away in the corner is a bed, creating a spare bedroom for passing friends.  With its shades of black, red and white, the attic resembles a box in which the colours overlap one another, creating a space which is both intimate yet light.


-‘Radis noir’, ‘Piment’ & ‘Jasmin’ paint by Sarah Lavoine,Photographs & wall lights by Sarah Lavoine for La Redoute, ‘Caravane’ sofa, Floor cushions in braided linen & portable lamp by Sarah Lavoine, Wooden and rough metal table by Sarah Lavoine for La Redoute.

Dream Home: Kid Rock’s House by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Malibu CA

With clients such as Cher, Elton John and Ozzy to name a few, Martyn Lawrence- Bullard is a genius at creating masterpiece homes for world-famous musicians. Hidden completely from the street, this elegant three-level Malibu villa of Kid Rock is surrounded by palm trees and a lush plant filled courtyard. Kid Rock wanted to create a complete oasis, and Martin has taken inspiration from the tropics to create this warm, inviting space.
The main rooms are located in the ground floor which has stunning views of the green landscape. Here in the master bedroom is a grand four-poster bed with sumptuously draped white fabric hung high from the custom wood-paneled ceiling. This leads into a large living room adorned by stunning furniture chosen by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. This room combines Sitar’s with electric guitars, with the focal point being a grand piano gifted to Kid Rock by Elton John. Moving into the kitchen and dining room, the stainless steel appliances elegantly contrast with the natural wood found on the ceiling, floors and cupboards.
Upstairs is a recording studio where Rock could have late night jam sessions, while downstairs Lawrence-Bullard has added a screening room, gym, game room and four guest rooms for visitors. This is a perfect example of transforming a rock stars passions and desires into a dream retreat.

The front door entrance view which is surrounded by lush green plants and is almost hidden deep with the depths of the area.

Entrance has an Antique Indonesian carving used as the door,while
the Vintage Bison head is from Texas. The Buddha head is from Tara
home, Venice,California and the Black and white honed marble tiles are
from Exquisite surfaces, LA.

Hallway to Master Bedroom Suite has an Antique English bench with
Suzani covering by Nathan Turner. Framed Kid Rock portrait by Martyn
Lawrence-Bullard. On the bench is a Vintage Afghan tribal pillow from
Kathryn Ireland and the vintage Antlers are from Alfie’s, London.Master bed is “Harbour Island” custom-made by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard draped in white muslin. The rug is Vintage Tribal Kilim from Uzbekistan while the bed cover and pillows are Antique French textiles. Lamps are Hollywood at Home and Cowhide goat fur pillow is from Harrods, London.

The master bathroom has French limestone and queen marble detail with inserted Indonesian detail. The bamboo shades are from Interior Specialty and the Faux Ivory tusks from Williams Sonoma Home.The Master closet are Antique carved Indian doors while the 19th century Syrian folding chair is from Horseman Antiques, London.

Living room Art is by William Claxton and Frames are custom-made by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard home. The bench is from Brenda Antin, LA while the sofas are from Shabby Chic, LA.

Pair of antique club chairs by Jean de Merry and 19th century Indian “Sitars” from Charles Jacobson. Coffee table is custom red-painted “Indochine” by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Home. Sea Grass rug from Designer flooring and side table in an antique Indian table from Sotheby’s Auction, New York City. The Black Soap Stone Fireplace has Antique Indonesian architectural fragments from Opium imports, London.The Artwork above the fireplace is Elephant in Derol Museum. And it also showcases Kid Rock’s Guitar collection.

Dining Room Artwork is “Lais in Havana” by Michael Eastman. Wine table is French Antique from Dos Gallos, LA. Benches are custom-made by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Home. Fireplace is Antique Indonesian architectural fragment. While the wash basin is Vintage red Chinese used for fruit from Mecox Gardens, LA.Kitchen cabinets are Poliform, Stools are French antiques “jeweler’s” stools, light fixtures are Urban Archeology and Storage jars are from Zodiac.