How to prevent rape?

I loved this article by The Beauty Gypsy, which has 10 simple solutions to prevent rape. And no they don’t include carrying mace or pepper spray, banning bikini clad mannequins, as happened in Brooklyn NY or even Mumbai India.  And nope, you don’t need to wear hairy stockings like suggested in China. These suggestions of Ann Bartow, of the Pace Law School in Westchester, US are so amazing, that if followed properly I can assure you the number of rapes of females and even males in some cases will reduce drastically. So do read and all my female and male friends who agree, please hit share!


If the above recommendations fail, I request a supreme court ruling of men not being allowed to step out on streets post 7pm without being accompanied by a woman, if that is not possible they stay where they are till it is daylight, be it in office or home, if seen in public space alone to be jailed instantly for the night. Since so much of our tax money anyway goes to take care of terrorists, am sure we can spare some for potential rapists!
As I have said before, Rapes happen because of RAPISTS not the victims, so please HIT SHARE and spread the word, how to prevent rapes.


Dream Home: Paris, France

This charming apartment in Courbevoie, a Parisian subway, is the owner and apartment Interior Designer Michelle’s “Little India” as he calls fondly it. A food processor having business ties in India for the past decade, has a lot of the things in the apartment bought in from India.

Dream Home: Paris, France

Dream Home: Paris, France

Most of the wooden furniture has been imported from Jaipur, India. It has traditional carving, very popular in furniture from India.

Dream Home: Paris, France Dream Home: Paris, France

The furnishings are all from Rajasthan, India as well, while the Kettles which are on top of the cupboards have been painted by Michelle himself.

Dream Home: Paris, France Dream Home: Paris, France

This delightful kitchen has a nice breakfast nook by the window and also a lot of photographs taken by the owner during all his trips around India.

Bring Home Stories

Bring Home Stories is a collective of creative people who believe in developing the potential of a place and its people through “storytelling”. Their first venture,, was launched in Delhi on 10th Feb 2011. It is the world’s first online, high-definition, video magazine that focuses on global cities. The videos are aimed at the international traveler who wants to bring home stories of travel/culture/art and adventure. Apart from producing their own story ideas, they want to involve the local people, youth and the underprivileged children/adults in storytelling. The aim is to make Bring Home Stories to be more than a “few people’s perception of a city”. Bring Home Stories is promoted by TV News International, a media company that has around 10 years of experience in providing video, news, features and documentaries to international broadcasters in the US, UK and the Middle East. Some of the Films made by TV News International have received critical acclaim.

Digital Art Print, bring home stories

Phool Mandi inspired Cushion_Bring Home Stories Artworks (1)_Bring Home Stories

Cushion shot+Artworks_Bring Home Stories

A venture of Bring Home Stories, ‘City Inspired Design’ looks at themes that shape a city and use different storytelling mediums to weave them into not only experiences but collectibles that one can bring home! Its first theme is Delhi and its flower markets. Delhi’s “phool mandi” was established in 1869 and since then the flowers have travelled from across India to become part of people’s prayers, celebrations, weddings and even funeral. The series has been developed by International photographers, graphic designers and storytellers.

Focus: Indian Spring

If you have ever visited India, you would have noticed the vast variety of cultures, customs and terrains around the country. You may or may not have noticed that we love celebrations, we celebrate dozens of festivals across India and this is excluding weddings. Upcoming first in March we have Holi which is to celebrate the advent of spring and the end of winters. People throw powdered colour and coloured water on each other. And later in April we have Baisakhi which signifies the New solar year. So here is a colourful welcome to Indian spring and a tribute to the various cultures and customs of India.
Photographs courtesy: Karolina Gembara
Styled by: Aparna Kaistha

Photograph by Karolina GembaraStyled by Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by Karolina Gembara
Styled by Aparna Kaistha

1.Phulkari Dupatta,1469, Rs.5,500 each 2.Antique Mirror, StyleCity Rs.2,800 3.Wooden Pot, 1469, Rs.600 4.Antique wooden Plate, StyleCity, Rs.900 5.Rayna Coasters (for colours), Goodearth Rs.475 each 6. Taxi Horn,1469, Rs.150 7.Lassi Glass,1469, Rs. 625

Indian Spring, Indian Spring. www.stylecity.inIndian Spring.

1.Pulkari Pank (hand fan), 1469, Rs.1,100 2.Kandhari Cow, Silk Road &Beyond, Rs.3,400*All images are copyrights of StyleCity. Please give due credit if you use them

Store Launch: Indian August

Indian August, a 7500 sq. ft. lifestyle store is located in the heart of Sector 18, market block, Noida. Spread over four floors ir reflects the timeless grace of Indian techniques in the form of apparel, drapes, accessories and interiors by inculcating traditions of weaving, embroidery, intricate block prints and textile dyes. Indian August takes the concept of hand-loom further, presenting an exclusive range of organic khadi in natural dyes.

Indian August - Store Interior 1

The store promises to provide a canvas for designers, artists, crafts enthusiasts and revivalists who desire to integrate the Indian handcrafted traditions and present a contemporary vocabulary, bringing more than 25 designers and master craftsmen under one roof with their varied expertise in ikat, brocades, chikankari, kalamkari, chanderi and a long list of other specialities, Indian August is a home of specialists.

Indian August - Scarves Indian August - Cushion

The café on the terrace and the exhibition gallery have been designed to discuss the serious and the mundane, over a cup of coffee. In case you seek inspiration, take a round of the 1200 sq. ft. art gallery.With an exclusive display of products in drapes, clothing, soft furnishings, personal and interior accessories and art, Indian August brings together an idea to manifest a real unity in diversity.
Indian August- N-3, Noida Sector-18, U.P. – 201301

I had done this article a few months ago during Indian independence day, but suddenly feel very patriotic, hence the urge to re-blog the post

Style City

When Slumdog Millionaire released, most of my Indian friends were quite mortified by the portrayal of India in the movie. I never really got down to watching the film, besides bits and pieces when it came on television. And I am certain if I were to watch the whole movie I really would not have been offended. What I have been noticing though is the major influence India has been making in the design and fashion circuit since the movie. I mean earlier Indian inspiration came only in form of prints and a few graphic symbols like Laxmi or Ganesh on T-shirts and Bedcovers, which came in the category of street fashion or hippie fashion, or there would be a one-off India inspired piece. Whereas now, there are full collections by renowned fashion and design houses which are being inspired by India. And I don’t blame them, in terms of design India has got a whole lot of inspiration, from…

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India Design 2013 Exhibit

Like I mentioned earlier, the final 3 days of Asian paints India Design were an exhibition held at NSIC grounds, New Delhi. The event focused on Home Decoration and Design and was open to trade, pre-registered guests and even visitors. On display during the ID exhibition were Interior Decoration brands, Trend Galleries, Installations etc. Well the exhibition display itself had a lot of styles, some were just too gaudy while some get to be picked as the Style Picks by StyleCity.Check out the Style Report for more on India Design.

Celestial Style- Devalaya by Klove

Celestial Style-Devalaya by Klove
Celestial Style-Devalaya by Klove

Truly a spiritual manifestation shown through glass, in their most ambitious project Klove had created a 4mtr x 3mtr installation showing the aerial view of a temple, all of the different glass pieces also become pendant lights. Awestruck!

Charming Style- Sarita Handa

Charming Style- Sarita Handa
Charming Style- Sarita Handa

Love her fabrics, love the easy living sense of space she creates which was also eminent in the stall with sowing machines,wooden furniture and general Country charm on display

Quirky Style-

Quirky Style-
Quirky Style-

I loved the products! It was not the display as much as the products that attracted me. With Globe Chandeliers, Vintage clocks and candlestands, I definitely want to shop here next.

Trendy Style- The Charcoal Project by Suzanne Roshan

Trendy Style- Charcoal Project by Suzanne Roshan
Trendy Style- Charcoal Project by Suzanne Roshan

The Charcoal project is not for the weak-hearted or in this case safe players. It is about attitude and setting trends. In that sense the stall reflected the store’s personality completely.

Innovative Style- I LOVE I by Mozez Singh

Innovative Style- I LOVE I by Mozez Singh
Innovative Style- I LOVE I by Mozez Singh

An installation by Mozez Singh, which as opposed to the contemporary lifestyle of use and throwaway culture, is about finding beauty and meaning by repurposing everyday objects and products that have traversed its functional life-cycle.

Style and the City- Shahpur Jat

So at the previous evening in Lado Sarai I had met some store owners of stores at Shahpur Jat, who then invited me to visit their stores for Day 2 of India Design and also invite me for Shahpur Jat Open day which is on March 10th, for which I will provide you more information as and when I know. Since I have not visited Shahpur Jat in really long and heard about it a lot (apparently it is like a rural sister of Hauz Khas village which I love) I wanted to go have a look and see what it has to offer. As I went during the day I did manage to visit more stores than I had on the previous day, some I had never been to before and some were brand new,so here they are Les Parisiennes, Lila, Second Floor Studio and Olivia Dar.
Check out the Style Report for more on India Design.

Les Parisiennes is a beautiful store offering vintage ensembles and Home decor accessories.
Les Parisiennes is a beautiful store offering vintage ensembles and Home decor accessories.
The lovely French cafe at Les Parisiennes, aptly names Le' cafe
The lovely French cafe at Les Parisiennes, aptly names Le’ cafe
StyleCity Pick- The truly vintage style and feel of the store
Lila celebrates vibrant colours and develops textures and patterns through play with colours, giving it an air of sophistication.
Lila celebrates vibrant colours and develops textures and patterns through play with colours, giving it an air of sophistication.
StyleCity Pick- The colours Doh! All bright and cheerful
Brainchild of Punit Jasuja after Khan Market, Second Floor Studio comes to Shahpur Jat
Brainchild of Punit Jasuja after Khan Market, Second Floor Studio comes to Shahpur Jat
I love the Styling of this store. I also love the little parrots on the console which are not clear from so far
I love the Styling of this store, Second Floor Studio.
StyleCity Pick- the cute little parrots on the console which are not clear from so far
Final destination, Oliva Dar. StyleCity Picks- Love the jewelled collars Definite style
Final destination, Olivia Dar.
StyleCity Pick- Love the jewelled collars

Coming up:India Design week ID 2013

India Design ID 2013 will bring visionaries and enthusiasts across varied industries together at a single location: Week long activities in the city of New Delhi with three days and over 8,000 sq mtrs of exhibition area at the NSIC Grounds, it will be a melting pot for experts from across the country and world, bridging the gap between consumer and creator.There will be a design buzz across a multitude of events at bookshops, restaurants, art galleries, public spaces and more that will transform the city. Plus dialogues, settings and collaborations that reinforce thought leadership dynamically through the pages of ELLE DECOR India and our media partners.
My friends Mike and Preeti Knowles are having one of the open house events for this symposium. The card has me confused it says by invitation only and open to public, I don’t know which, so I can show you the card but am not sure if you can visit. But don’t worry I will be covering the event so I will see to it you don’t miss anything.

India Design ID 2013- Open Day

As for the 3 day event at NSIC grounds, that is from 15th-17th Feb you can register and buy passes, for more details log on to

Luxe and Stylish: Goodearth

GOODEARTH celebrates the culture and history of India, a rich and diverse land
with its unique mix of vibrant colour and serenity. GOODEARTH captures the essence of Indian style, where contradictions coexist naturally and easily. Each year, they design and create a collection of products that tells the story of a particular Indian tradition or culture. The designs are original, contemporary, whimsical, yet rooted in tradition.GOODEARTH defines luxury and sustainability in its inimitable style, by encouraging quality craftsmanship and the revival of lost Indian traditions.


Charbagh GoodEarth

Jodhpur Room, Goodearth

At a time that people have been leaning towards western design and moving away from traditional Indian designs,GOODEARTH has been offering an array of original contemporary designs using traditional craft skills and making it look stylish. These designs are provided through beautifully designed products such as tableware and glasses, bed linen, cushions, skin care products and fragrances. With stores in all major Indian cities like Mumbai(Flagship store), Delhi, Banglore and Chennai it is a must visit if you have not been there, Goodearth is also available in Singapore. For more details log on to