Style Picks: Festive Collection

Happy Diwali! May your lives be filled with glitter and glamour, and of course some of these gorgeous products!

By Isha Marwaha
By Isha Marwaha

1. Galahad chandelier, Visionaire Verona collection by Ipe Cavalli
2. Chev-Ikat Mug, Style Bean
3. Peacock, Tourbillon
4. Tulip Damask Cushion, Good Earth
5. Khatoon Partition, Aria Interior Design
6. Serai Jewel Glasses, Good Earth
7. ‘Tema e Variazioni’ Plates, Fornasetti
8. Samarah Collection, Villeroy and Boch
9. Brass Tumblers,
10. Cushion, The lifestyle Temple
11. Elephant Rhinestone Bolsa, Judith Leiber
12. Bovery Chair, Visionaire by Ipe Cavalli

Store Launch: Indian August

Indian August, a 7500 sq. ft. lifestyle store is located in the heart of Sector 18, market block, Noida. Spread over four floors ir reflects the timeless grace of Indian techniques in the form of apparel, drapes, accessories and interiors by inculcating traditions of weaving, embroidery, intricate block prints and textile dyes. Indian August takes the concept of hand-loom further, presenting an exclusive range of organic khadi in natural dyes.

Indian August - Store Interior 1

The store promises to provide a canvas for designers, artists, crafts enthusiasts and revivalists who desire to integrate the Indian handcrafted traditions and present a contemporary vocabulary, bringing more than 25 designers and master craftsmen under one roof with their varied expertise in ikat, brocades, chikankari, kalamkari, chanderi and a long list of other specialities, Indian August is a home of specialists.

Indian August - Scarves Indian August - Cushion

The café on the terrace and the exhibition gallery have been designed to discuss the serious and the mundane, over a cup of coffee. In case you seek inspiration, take a round of the 1200 sq. ft. art gallery.With an exclusive display of products in drapes, clothing, soft furnishings, personal and interior accessories and art, Indian August brings together an idea to manifest a real unity in diversity.
Indian August- N-3, Noida Sector-18, U.P. – 201301

Focus- Funky Pattern

Be it Tribal influence, Stripes or Graphic; bright coloured pattern play a huge role this season especially in interior design. Spotted a few weeks back in a Delhi show home was Ikat and other tribal motif’s while retro patterns and prints have been spotted on cushions and cutlery quite a bit the past few years. A great way to incorporate this trend is by bringing in doses of bright patterned fabric and accessories in a neutral room. And you don’t need to stick to just one style, mixing patterns and prints is also a big hit this season..
P.S Remember the shoes I spotted at NDTV Good Times lifestyle awards, same theme

Photograph by Karolina GembaraStyled by Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by Karolina Gembara
Styled by Aparna Kaistha

1. Background Fabric, StyleCity, Rs.400 per mtr 2. Pencil Tray, Silk Road and Beyond, Rs.1,995 3.Mug on tray,, Rs.250 4.Stripe Ramekins, FCML Store, Rs.1,840 5.Plates, Home Stop, Rs.249 onwards 6.Cushion used a Napkin,, Rs.800 for set of two 8. Stripe Cake and Knife server, FCML Store, Rs.1,740 9.Earrings, Crazy Daisy, Rs.200 10.Garnet necklace, StyleCity, Rs.1,800

Aparna_1 1111.Background Fabric, StyleCity, Rs.400 per mtr 2.Plate, Home Stop, Rs.349 3.Stripe Ramekin, FCML Store, Rs.1,840 (part of Set) 4.Power Shine Lipstick, Oriflame, Rs.398 5.Hyper Strech Mascara, Oriflame, Rs.398 6.Perfect Blush, Oriflame, Rs.479

Style picks of the week

So as a stylist most people feel my job is to go shopping. I mean really when I lived with my parents that is what my dad thought I did for a living. He could not understand anything besides the fact that my name came in the magazine each month. Well in a way it is true and which is why I love it so much. Since I am on a break of kinds, I mean I am still doing freelance shoots for magazines but you know what I mean, I just figured I will share something with you: The thing is with a magazine alot of times not all the products I actually sourced or loved made it to the pages. I mean alot of times it was a layout call, as in even if the product is fabulous it doesn’t look good with the rest, but mostly it is cause a magazine has limited space. So I have decided to start this thing which I am going to update every week, My style picks of the week. Thats me by the way in the picture. Since it is my column I figured I could have a picture of me (What? If I was doing a column for a magazine they would put my picture in wont they?) So here goes, my top picks of the week and the reason I like them 🙂

































  1. Silver Collection, Amrapali. Cause Silver looks good at all ages and styles
  2. Votive holder, Bianca. Well, ok with this peice it is the colour and design. I can so imagine it on my terrace/garden with candles, or if you like quirky like I do then on the living room centre table*, about 3 in different styles.
  3. Puzzle Chaise lounge, Ego Paris. Cause with space being such an issue in most metros I love how well these peices fit together. And I would love to be wrapped up with my significant other, inside the puzzle (when I have one,both significant other and the chaise lounge)
  4. Flower vases, Magppie. Bright colour is my thing, nuff said
  5. Ikat collection, Cocoon fine rugs. India is home, India is inspiration and I love the print on this rug, I can picture it with a completely modern living room setting. Would make a great fusion look.
  6. Mademoiselle collection, Christopher Guy at International Furniture Brands. Cause we are the divas and deserve nothing less than a collection dedicated to us. (An entire nation me thinks, but will do with this collection for the time being)
  7. Classic collection, Westinghouse. This is for all the men I know. Simply cause a girl likes to have a nice cup of tea in the morning and thats the least you can do for her, (plus impress her on the morning after with this sleek kettle )
  8. Zodax Spring, Renovation factory. Well besides the fact that we have the last bit of spring left here, its just so pretty and feminine
  9. Multicoloured necklace, Toniq accessories. It is bright and cool, imagine it one a plain white dress this upcoming summer. With the correct footwear you are ready to attend any brunch, or sundown party.(I told you I love brunches and parties)
  10. Chair, Beyond Designs. Well it looks classy and if your taste is a little on the traditional side it would make great living room side chairs or formal dining chairs.

*My centre table is actually two painted steel trunks stacked up on each other. One is orange and one is blue. Well, it looks quirky and is great for storage.

Fabric Trail: Sarita Handa’s Latest collection









Its spring time and its time to change the upholstery, move away from the heavy fabrics and move in to light airy material. Using natural fabric, inspiration from her travels around the world and Indian embroidery Sarita Handa brings together her latest “luxe” collection for the Spring.

Classic cottons, silks, linens in fashionable colors and sheers in soft muted tones .The array of techniques used in this collection is vast; a mix of Jacquard’s and  embroideries;different textures of hand crafted Aari work, Ikat patterns with a twist. As well as embroidery and beautiful floral patterns  where the play of color brings alive the natural beauty of the design. Sarita Handa’s designs are a rare compilation which will be hard to find elsewhere.

Established in 1992, the company sells to major retailers around the world like Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Zara Home and Bloomingdale. They are now available in New Delhi at Khan Market.

In addition to the bedding and fabrics collection, ‘SARITA HANDA’ has also brought to India a beautiful range of Merino Wool blankets from Brun de Vian-Tiran, who have been manufacturing natural blankets for over 200 years in France.

The bathsection not only has plush Egyptian cotton towels, matching bathmats and bathrobes from Turkey, but also exquisite bath products from the French brand Lothantique’s ‘Amelie & Melanie’, which  ‘SARITA HANDA’ has introduced for the first time in India. The range includes bath oils, soaps and incense sticks formulated using natural elements and ingredients to offer the most enduring fragrances.