Review: Moonshine Cafe and Bar, New Delhi

The term ‘Moonshine’, can be traced back to the 1920s American concept of distilling liquor at night “by the light of the moon” during the Prohibition era, is the name of the city’s new café and bar. MoonshineCafé & Bar boasts of a rustic, industrial aesthetic with a modern interpretation of a new-age speakeasy; with vintage décor and an artistic interpretation of Chicago’s skyline on the walls. The bar is modelled after the iconic 20s American watering holes and does a good representation of the same in todays modern day and age.Moonshine Cafe &  Bar,

The Bar seamlessly divides its vast expanse into various sections which play different genres of music to suit your mood for the evening. While electronic, house, classic rock and popular jazz tunes are a regular on the cafe’s playlist,the bar also boasts of having live bands and Sufi Performances! But music is just one of the things that make it a perfect night at Moonshine. They also serve a cocktail menu with a twist and scintillating renditions of classics. There is a choice of tipple for every occasion –the ‘Moonshine Specials’ on the menu have all the ingredients for a great night. I tried the LIIT which is yet to be launched in the official menu. It has blue curasao and apparently a secret ingredient which made me feel I am having a “chuski”

Moonshine Cafe & Bar 2

Moonshine Cafe &  Bar,

And if you are inquisitive about the food by now, expect to be pleasantly surprised as you re-discover your some old time classics and favourites with the menu. We tried the “Galouti Kebab”, “Beer Battered Fish” and “Moonshine Sliders”. While the Sliders and fish were quite tasty the Galouti Kebabs were out of this world and something I would recommend everyone to go and try. We then had a “Peri Peri chicken pizza” for the main course. It was the perfect choice for a perfect night. If you are around Hauz Khas and want to be taken back to an older time, do go by Moonshine Cafe and Bar. They even have Gentleman’s night every Tuesday, where the ladies pay while the men get free drinks.During the day, the property transforms into a relaxed venue with a terrace over-looking the greenery and ruins of Hauz Khas, leaving behind any trace of the previous night. Whether it is a night of revelry or a day of charm and serenity that you seek, at Moonshine Café & Bar, you’ll always find a corner just right for you.

Address: 30, Second Floor, Hauz Khas Village New Delhi, DL 110016
Phone: 098 71 555718

Review: He said she said, New Delhi

By Avni Wadhwa
Situated at the very alive and kicking Haus Khas Village , He said she said doesn’t promise more than it can deliver. That is, it is a non-pretentious pub with simple décor and introduces the concept of a ‘Shots and Bar Café’ in this populated market which has tons of different cafes and pubs. This on it’s own wasn’t as exciting to me, but clubbed together with a menu offering food infused with alcohol definitely made me want to venture out and try this place with my friends. It is not high strung; the place has no airs about it. It is a modest ,chill out place. We  were made to wait for about 10 minutes before we finally found ourselves a table inside. The murals are definitely interesting but nothing extraordinary, even the seating is simple with high bar stools.The shots menu though was extremely creative and had an interesting variation of shots to offer. ‘I clove you’, ‘aamsutra’ were a few of the shots we tried from the very elaborate shots menu. The shots were tasty, colourful and pretty reasonable at the same time. They definitely aren’t stingy with the alcohol, that I can guarantee.

He said She said,

watermelon shots, he said she said,

I was most curious as to how the food would turnout. They say “you eat with your eyes first” . We ordered ‘Mutton khurchan’ to start from the Indian Selection. We waited 15 minutes before the food finally appeared on the table. The mutton was served on top of the naan and was accompanied with mint chutney, kurma and onions on the side, it tasted fine and had a smokiness to it thanks to the rum infusion. It was spicy ,tender and seasoned well though I felt something innovative could definitely be done with the presentation. Next in line we had ‘Aphrodisiac garlic chicken. This one was a sure shot winner on my list ,with the correct amount of garlic and oriental spices it definitely tingled my taste buds. Main course was ‘Chilli fish with sliced garlic’ and ‘Lamb manchurian’. We ordered steamed rice and hot garlic noodles as sides. The fish was pretty much the old “desi” version Chinese we had as kids. The sauce was a garlic ,soy base thickened with corn starch(more like a regular Manchurian sauce). I had expected more from the chilli fish. The spice factor was missing as the name suggests, though the fish was tender. Lamb Manchurian was seasoned well, extremely tender.The food all in all was decent ,portion wise it justified the price. The aphrodisiac garlic chicken definitely is worth a try and is perfect on the palette. Also the service of the staff was worth a mention, they were sweet, friendly and accommodating. This place is definitely worth a visit especially to start you night of partying, and if you happen to love shots that just a bonus.

Address: 31 Hauz Khas Village, (Ground and 1st Floor)
New Delhi, India 110016
Tel: +91 9717888945, +91 9717888940
Price: meal for two costs 1500/- (inclusive of alcohol).

Review: Mia Bella, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

As you know I rarely do food reviews myself, I usually leave that to my self proclaimed foodie brother or Style City contributors. There is no particular reason for that actually, like there is no reason for why I chose to review Mia Bella on my own, maybe it was the Italian name (I have a soft spot for Italian food, places, language and men) or maybe it was because it was situated in Hauz Khas Village, one of my few loves in Delhi, either way one fine Thusday evening I decided to give this quaint place a try. Even as I drove towards the restaurant I was having a hard time trying to contain my excitement for I have always had a great time at Hauz Khas village and from the pictures I had seen, I knew Mia Bella would be my kind of place, I am so glad I wasn’t disappointed one bit.

Mia Bella, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi,

Mia Bella, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi,

Firstly I don’t have the problem most ‘Delhites’ seem have with Hauz Khas becoming too commercial and pseudo, I don’t feel it has plus I feel no commercial place can remain your little haven forever, it is better to accept that and move on and enjoy the place in its new popular form, or well sit at home. Secondly, so far inside the village away from the hustle and bustle of the market which is where Mia Bella is situated, you can’t help but feel at peace, especially with the lovely view of the HKV monument if you are seated at the terrace. Thirdly, unlike the name suggests ‘Mia Bella’ actually does not serve only Italian food but has a wide variety from African to Lebanese which had me excited as I love trying out different cuisines.

Mia Bella, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi,

The décor of the place reminded me of an old Portuguese villa, very well thought out and executed the colour pallate includes balmy hues of yellow, green and brown, all shades that make the place look warm and inviting. Besides that, enchanting curios such as vintage wall clock, mirrors and hand-painted cupids adorn the walls and if you sit on the terrace it actually looks like you have travelled away from the city and are sitting in your little holiday home. So from the moment you enter and take that first sip of the deliciously made cocktail, which is definitely not void of alcohol, you feel like you are on a well deserved vacation. Finally the food arrives and not enough can be said to do complete justice to the actual taste of the food, it is actually divine. Not one dish is a disappointment be it Spit Roasted shell prawns, the Peri Peri chicken or Chicken Dhoka each dish was better than the last and finally to be served with the perfect Lemon cupcake, made it an absolutely memorable experience. So despite what people may say about Hauz Khas or the millions of places that have opened there, this is one place I can definitely vouch for, but don’t take my word for it alone, go ahead and try it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed either!

Price: Meal for two Rs.2,000 minus alcohol
Address:50, 3rd & 4th Floor, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas, New Delhi