Interior Design Trends 2013

2013 Interior Design Trends
We are now 4 months into the year or the first quarter is over and winter has finally gone. So it is time to have a quick look at the Interior Design trends that I feel have been in focus the first few months and seem to be here to stay. Some of them I have mentioned on my trend pages in the past and a few we will discover through the year. Here it is 2013 Style Trends.


Colour Trend
Shades of Green with hints of Blue and yellow
Emerald is the Pantone colour of the year, but that is not the only shade of green which is big this year, leaf green and moss green are also quite big this year. Added to this are shades of blue-green like turquoise and sea green, also hints of yellow are seen in splashes, specially bright yellow. I have been rooting for Monaco blue and combination of Cobalt and Navy blue which I feel will be huge towards the end of the year, so that is another colour I would say we look out for especially in offices and sitting rooms.

Something which we love and speak about often on StyleCity is DIY projects. This has been a result of the recession with wastage looked down upon and now DIY projects are now becoming trendy and gaining power in Interior Design also thanks to the creativity they provide- be it revamping a chair or simply creating new accessories from old products. So you can use single cups from broken sets as candles or even put fairy-lights into wine bottles and use them for mood lighting. Anything with a touch of your personality looks Stylish and nothing is trendier than having your personality reflect in your space. For more ideas to Revamp and Recycle your space, click here.


Oriental Influence
“Some of the characteristics of the East which we will see include moveable walls as can be seen in traditional Japanese design. For example, in our homes we might want to include a moveable wall between the living room and dining room or bedroom and walk in wardrobe space – which can be closed to offer more privacy, or opened to create a larger more sociable and versatile space. Screens can be used to create divisions in a room. This gives the flexibility to transform spaces to suit our ever changing needs and uses.” Kelly Hoppen. I feel there will be a lot of oriental motif on wall papers, fabric and furnishing which will be seen majorly in Décor this year.

Mirrors and Brass
Mirrors are a versatile decorative element that gives instant polish to a room with little effort. Mirrors can be used to create elegance and drama to a room. The latest trend seems to be in using mirrors as works of art. You can use a cluster of mirrors, they are a cheaper investment than paintings and can be strategically placed to either reflect the outdoors or have different shaped interesting frames. Another big trend this season is Brass, but before you freak out it is not the shiny yellow brass, in its very modern avatar it is matt and looks very chic. It has always been very hot for lighting and plumbing fixtures but now it is huge for accessories as well, whether it is table top accessories like cutlery or water jugs or even lamp shades. My favourite is the brass and wood combination, it looks very sleek.

8 Striped Decor

Stripes, stripes, stripes
One of the simplest ways to achieve a vibrant lively effect in a space is by employing stripes in an elegant manner- A trend which has never really gone out of fashion but is now more prominent than ever in its modern form. This was a huge runway trend during Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week, and it looks as if there will be no escaping stripes in home decor as well. It adds movement to the room and if you want it can also add a fun element. For stripes you can experiment with different thickness for the lines. Even the colours can be a mix and match of a few colours. For checks I would suggest very thin lines to make the square. Too thick and the room or furniture can look old-fashioned, unless traditional is your style then please by all means go ahead.

Focus: 50 shades of Green

Ok, so remember we mentioned that Emerald Green has got the honour of being Pantone colour 2013. But let us be honest, Emerald green as gorgeous as it is for clothes and accessories,is a bit too stark to have all around the house. Which is why, a slightly duller shade of emerald is the one we are seeing in Interior decor. As for me, like I said before, Emerald Green over Honeysuckle or Tangerine Tango anyday. Whether it is clothes or interiors the colour green adds a sense of lush and earthy calm, appealing to our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.
So do bring in these shades of Green in your wardrobe as well as interiors.
P.S- I have already bought myself a pair of Green pants from Promod which I wear everywhere and Green cushions are my latest decor buy, how do you plan to add green to your life?

Photograph by- Karolina GembaraStyled by- Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by- Karolina Gembara
Styled by- Aparna Kaistha

From left to Right- 1.Checkered Table,I.S Saxena & Co, Rs.18,000 2.Green Votive, Apartment 9, Rs.450. 3.Antique painted mirror,StyleCity, Rs.2,200 4.Stone necklace, StyleCity, Rs.800 5.Leather Chair, I.S Saxena & Co, Rs.38,500 6.Lotus Candleabra, Goodearth, Rs. 1,230 7.Dress, Akaaro, Rs.7,800

1.Chandelier, Di Alt Lucialternative 2.Glass, Bo Concept, 3.Mirror, Charcoal Project 4.Sugar Watch, De Grisogono 5.Candle, Diptyque 6.Tron Armchair, Poltrona Frau

Trend- Leaf Green

I know it is almost summer now, but this hue adds a bit of freshness and is quite in demand this year.  Instead of the military tones of last season adopt for the bright leafy avtaar and add it to your home and lifestyle.


1. Wave Scarf, Top Shop 2. Clutch bag, Fendi 3. Flower Mug, Moon River 4.Platform sandals,Top Shop   5. 1970 bag, Gucci 6. Luna floor lamp, Alex Davis 7.Beth Reel cushion, Liberty of London 8. Green Woodstock mirror, Charcoal project 9. Basket Scontornato Verde, Cappellini