Style Picks: Festive Collection

Happy Diwali! May your lives be filled with glitter and glamour, and of course some of these gorgeous products!

By Isha Marwaha
By Isha Marwaha

1. Galahad chandelier, Visionaire Verona collection by Ipe Cavalli
2. Chev-Ikat Mug, Style Bean
3. Peacock, Tourbillon
4. Tulip Damask Cushion, Good Earth
5. Khatoon Partition, Aria Interior Design
6. Serai Jewel Glasses, Good Earth
7. ‘Tema e Variazioni’ Plates, Fornasetti
8. Samarah Collection, Villeroy and Boch
9. Brass Tumblers,
10. Cushion, The lifestyle Temple
11. Elephant Rhinestone Bolsa, Judith Leiber
12. Bovery Chair, Visionaire by Ipe Cavalli

Tete’ a tete with Mozez Singh

Mozez Singh (800x530)Mozez Singh the acclaimed (and good-looking) film maker, producer, writer has now donned a new hat, that of a designer. He has produced highly acclaimed films like Peddlers and White Noise and line produced A Mighty Heart starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He has also directed a feature film on the Sunburn Music Festival. Mozez has carved a unique niche for himself in the field of product design with his collection, MUGHAL POP, which was launched at the Good Earth store in Mumbai last year. Mozez believes that films and interiors share a common bond, which is of exhibiting and selling emotions in an honest fashion. A piece of Furniture can make or break a room, as furniture can be extremely emotive. In the same way, films possess a strong sense of aesthetics, which enables the medium to depict several emotions. We caught up with him at Goodearth where he had come to launch his collection during India Design. He also won EDIDA for his Chair ‘Akbar is a Star’ and did up an installation at the exhibition venue. Check out the Style Report for more on India Design.
P.S- I love his quirky titles for the furniture pieces, totally apt with the name MUGHAL POP

Akhbar is a Star, by Mozez SinghNoorjehan Reclines by Mozez SinghAll this passion, Mozez Singh Mughal Pop

StyleCity: Define Style. What makes a space stylish?
Mozez : Individuality! Nothing speaks you like you do, so any space that does not reflect your personality is not stylish.
StyleCity: What is the one detail that adds or retracts from a space?
Mozez: Colour, definitely the one elements that can add character to a space. I am anyway partial towards colour and ofcourse not balancing colour can make a space look garish, so colour has to be the one detail
StyleCity: Any particular colour or colours you lean towards?
Mozez: Red, God and Black, as I find Red and Gold auspicious and Black dramatic
StyleCity: Any particular style you lean towards? Or inspires you?
Mozez: There is no once style I like mix and match of styles and like bringing them together with a sense of symmetry. Like even though my entire collection is inspired by the Mughal era, it has a sense of Modern touch. I really love the orient and designs from the orient inspire me.
StyleCity: What element do you feel adds glamour to a space?
Mozez: Antiques, I really love collecting antiques and I feel they add glamour to just about any space if set right.
StyleCity: Any favourite product/interior designers?
Mozez: Goodearth, I love their products
StyleCity: Any luxurious buy you have planned for 2013?
Mozez: Possibly a new house in Mumbai

Focus: 50 shades of Green

Ok, so remember we mentioned that Emerald Green has got the honour of being Pantone colour 2013. But let us be honest, Emerald green as gorgeous as it is for clothes and accessories,is a bit too stark to have all around the house. Which is why, a slightly duller shade of emerald is the one we are seeing in Interior decor. As for me, like I said before, Emerald Green over Honeysuckle or Tangerine Tango anyday. Whether it is clothes or interiors the colour green adds a sense of lush and earthy calm, appealing to our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.
So do bring in these shades of Green in your wardrobe as well as interiors.
P.S- I have already bought myself a pair of Green pants from Promod which I wear everywhere and Green cushions are my latest decor buy, how do you plan to add green to your life?

Photograph by- Karolina GembaraStyled by- Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by- Karolina Gembara
Styled by- Aparna Kaistha

From left to Right- 1.Checkered Table,I.S Saxena & Co, Rs.18,000 2.Green Votive, Apartment 9, Rs.450. 3.Antique painted mirror,StyleCity, Rs.2,200 4.Stone necklace, StyleCity, Rs.800 5.Leather Chair, I.S Saxena & Co, Rs.38,500 6.Lotus Candleabra, Goodearth, Rs. 1,230 7.Dress, Akaaro, Rs.7,800

1.Chandelier, Di Alt Lucialternative 2.Glass, Bo Concept, 3.Mirror, Charcoal Project 4.Sugar Watch, De Grisogono 5.Candle, Diptyque 6.Tron Armchair, Poltrona Frau

Luxe and Stylish: Goodearth

GOODEARTH celebrates the culture and history of India, a rich and diverse land
with its unique mix of vibrant colour and serenity. GOODEARTH captures the essence of Indian style, where contradictions coexist naturally and easily. Each year, they design and create a collection of products that tells the story of a particular Indian tradition or culture. The designs are original, contemporary, whimsical, yet rooted in tradition.GOODEARTH defines luxury and sustainability in its inimitable style, by encouraging quality craftsmanship and the revival of lost Indian traditions.


Charbagh GoodEarth

Jodhpur Room, Goodearth

At a time that people have been leaning towards western design and moving away from traditional Indian designs,GOODEARTH has been offering an array of original contemporary designs using traditional craft skills and making it look stylish. These designs are provided through beautifully designed products such as tableware and glasses, bed linen, cushions, skin care products and fragrances. With stores in all major Indian cities like Mumbai(Flagship store), Delhi, Banglore and Chennai it is a must visit if you have not been there, Goodearth is also available in Singapore. For more details log on to


Interior Solutions: GoodEarth

GOODEARTH as you all know is a fabulous decor and lifestyle store based in India andI think some countries in South East Asia. They are known for their India inspired products and work (my reason for loving them so much). If you have been to any of the stores you will agree they have a fabulous showroom display. I love how all the stores have a earthy environment with gorgeous Indian inspired products. GOODEARTH now, thankfully offers design services to create Interiors and other spaces of timeless beauty in a contemporary context. Their philosophy is based on the principles of symmetry, imagination and a celebration of natural beauty, inspired by the Charbagh.

CHARBAGH, as you know is the original Paradise Garden and now a metaphor for Paradise.The word Paradise from the Greek Paradeisos, is derived from the Persian Pairi Daezathat means Walled or enclosed Garden.The beauty of the walled Charbagh garden lies in its use of symmetry and running waters to divide the garden into equivalent quadrants and its plantation of fruit and flowering trees as also seasonal flowers and the eternal cypress.Bespoke textiles and wallpapers will be created for CHARBAGH from the unique and original design directory of GOODEARTH.

Patterns are recreated for each project based on its theme including limited editions of especially designed tableware with matching accessories.CHARBAGH also stocks vintage textiles, carpets, wall art and found artifacts to layer contemporary Interiors with a patina of age and subtlety that the passage of time brings to objects. Their signature pots and urns along with the finest quality of wicker furniture, pavilion tents and marble and stone accessories will also be available to create very special walled gardens and verandahs.