News: Sotheby’s- A Connoisseur’s Collection auction

For enthusiasts of beautiful furniture, this week Sotheby’s auction features some of the most celebrated pieces of ANGLO-INDIAN CARVED AND PARCEL-GILT IVORY furniture ever made in India. Made in Murshidabad in the late 18th Century, from solid ivory, the two pairs of chairs and settee were once part of a suite of furniture commissioned by the Mani Begum – widow of Mir Jafar, Nawab of Murshidad- for Warren Hastings, Governor General of Bengal.

Anglo-Indian carved and parcel-gilt seat furnitureAnglo-Indian carved and parcel-gilt armchair

The items represent a rare opportunity to acquire an exquisite example of the very best decorative arts from the Indian Subcontinent, showing the cross cultural fertilization of that historical period and an important document of the diplomatic relations between Indian rulers and the British Empire. It is of course a rare opportunity for connoisseurs to collect and preserve what are truly important and much published and lauded pieces fit for a museum or a palace.
Sotheby’s- A Connoisseur’s Collection auction on 4th December in London.

Store Watch: Strot, New Delhi

Find Europe’s most chic and revered brands like Ligne Roset, Edra and Missoni Home along with India’s own hand crafted and customized furniture at New Delhi’s newest lifestyle boutique STROT. Luxuriously designed, the multi-level store is an embodiment of international elegance as well as a heady mix of the classics and the contemporary.The store evokes an unprecedented sense of New Age fusion, “What we consider an ode to the present day modern luxurious living”, says Sidhant Lamba, owner STROT.

Urbani by Ligne Roset,

Besides bringing to the capital city of India, the jewels from France and Italy, STROT’s interior design department specializes in offering customized interior solutions that also include wardrobes and specialized doors under the name Rica. Manufactured in house by a battery of artisans and finished with the best of modern day machinery, each product is crafted to suit the client’s personality and specific demand, all contributing to the uniqueness and exclusivity of the products available at STROT. The parent company, ‘The Continental Group’ was set up nearly six decades ago to customize furniture in close association with its craftsmen and added technology and machinery from around the globe. With a legacy of fine detailing and a lasting commitment, a vast list of loyal high-end clientele became the strength for The Continental Group. They are today one of the leading interior solutions company.


TOGO Michel Ducaroy (Special Edition)  by Ligne Roset, Strot

At the heart of the STROT experience is a deep passion for design that helps homemakers or corporates and hotels transform the environment of their space into a statement of style. The vast and exotic collection of furniture and accessories at STROT could be described as “Global chic meets traditional classics”. The diverse styles of furniture whether sourced internationally or at visits to factories across the globe or manufactured locally range from the bold and the beautiful to elegantly sober. A diverse range includes bedroom classics to coffee room must haves, some sleek and simple in raw wood or steel and conversation starting pieces like hand blown glass vases, planters, unique chandeliers and light fixtures to adorn homes or offices. There’s something to satisfy the demands of a varied range of clientele. Given its expertise to create sophisticated interior design solutions through customization of furniture The Continental Group’s retail initiative, STROT, now offers an international experience at their store and the opportunity of developing a tailor- made look that would suit the best of modern Indian homes.

STROT: 40 Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi
Tel: 011-40769933

Store Watch: Poltrona Frau, New Delhi

Poltrona Frau has been refining its sophisticated expertise in hand-crafted workmanship through 100 years of history. Today, this heritage of knowledge and skill is captured within each piece of Poltrona Frau furniture.  The intimate and timeless elegance, the personality of each individual piece, are the fruit of the craftsman’s skill and a design that enhances every detail in the most modern forms.The purpose of a Poltrona Frau product is as important as its beauty, as the quality of its materials. The manufacturing expertise has always been combined with research into materials in order to obtain the best from leather, and from the exclusive Pelle Frau® modernizing them while keeping their original, natural softness, warmth and tactile qualities.  Creating timeless products to be enjoyed on a daily basis,  Poltrona Frau is at the heart of those who desire to have the very best in all places and their expressions of living. Its ideals & philosophy have also been successfully transferred to other sectors such as the interiors of all Ferrari and Maserati cars. Poltrona Frau is an international point of reference for luxurious comfort.

Poltrona Frau,

Address:E-10, Defence Colony, Ground Floor Delhi-24

Store Watch: The Big Door

To every fortress, there is The Big Door!
Aptly named, the recently launched store in Mumbai infuses the best of Indian jewellery, handcrafted home decor and heritage collectibles; The Big Door is an effort to make art and grandeur a part of your life. Spread across an area of 7500 sq. ft., each piece here is created exclusively and can be customized. And while the jewellery and interiors transport you to a richness of the Indian past, you will find that these magnificent pieces of art don’t demand atrocious prices and at the same time retain the desired value. Presented by Vivek Gupta and Sunita Gupta, a couple with a love for Indian heritage products, the store is located at the foot of Pali Hill and has been founded through the guidance and support of Sheeldhar Pande and Alok Mantri, promoters of Lifetime Group.

the big door,

The Big Door will house Mughal, Nizam and Rajput inspired jewellery from Ravi Jewels, Jaipur. Ravi Jewels is eponymously named after Ravi Ajmera, who hails from a family that has over three generations of experience in the craft of fine jewellery. Ranging from precious and semi-precious jewellery, set in gold, silver and silver- gold plated metal, to Victorian, polkis and jadau pieces, each of these mesmerizing creations is unique and design oriented. Extend your style statement to your abode, by visiting the interiors section of The Big Door! Each creation is a conversation piece sourced from all across the country and is the product of the aesthetic sensibility of Hemant Periwal who established Mayur Arts in Udaipur. Every home will have a story to tell when adorned with pure silver furniture inspired from the Raj period, marble fountains and jalis, traditional pichwai from Rajasthan, bronze work from South India, Persian calligraphic fauna, antiques and intricate woodwork. At The Big Door, you can have anything that your heart desires – even the ceiling with mirror-work and miniatures can be yours!

The Big Door,

The Big Door,

The significance of The Big Door harks back to the idea of an auspicious passage into a fortress, in this case a fortress of beauty. The logo for The Big Door is a blend of Indian motifs and is called The Conchflower. The Conchflower is inspired by the first greeting of welcome in any Indian household – the rangoli. Within its curves are the auspicious conch and a swastika.The collector’s items at The Big Door weave hidden tales, just like the logo. Let the designs do the talking as you indulge in some opulence. Look out for this brand new store in Khar and experience the richness of Indian heritage right at your doorstep!

Address: The Big Door, M Square, Plot No. 246, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Opp Dr. Ambedkar Statue, Khar (West), Mumbai – 400052. Contact: 9820282836

Bring in the Monsoon Decor

Well Monsoons are in full flow all over the Indian sub-continent, except Delhi it seems which is getting just erratic sprouts. Either way I think Monsoons are a great excuse to do up the Interior Décor of the house. Like I have mentioned before redoing the décor of your home does not have to be an expensive affair, but with a few simple tips can change the look of your home and make it Monsoon friendly.
Monsoon Decor,

Colour me bright
Colourful cushions for monsoon decor, www.stylecity.inThe dull outdoors with constant grey skies can be real mood dampeners. Hence, bright interior accents have the effect of uplifting the mood. But you don’t need to go in for a drastic change in the décor like changing wall colours or buying new sofas. Simple tricks like getting new colourful fabric colours for your sofa, or nice bright bed sheets for the bedroom or even simply bringing a range of colourful cushions can help uplift the Interiors of the house. The range of cushion covers could span from solid colours to retro prints to India-inspired motifs.

Fabric Trails
Do away with heavy curtains like jacquards and velvet or even cottons instead opt for sheers which help the light in during rainy season. Also fabrics like Wool and Velvet and cotton soak in moisture, try and avoid using them along with silk or woollen bed covers and carpets as they tend to attract moisture. Opt for furnishings in polyester and nylon instead. In terms of floor covering, first thing get a coir mat for to place outside the front door, and replace all the carpets in the house with rugs and dhurries that can be machine washed.

Kelly Hoppens

Scent of rain
ladylimoges-tumblr-com-post-45591837100We all have to agree, as amazing as rainfall smells in the nature and outdoor, with our over populated cities and pollution the smells accompanying the rain is not always pleasant. Trust me, in the 4 monsoons spent by me in Mumbai, the one thing that used to get to me most was the smell, there is an easy solution for that, place scented candles all over the house, they are also practical as electricity tends to go a lot during the monsoons. Of course fresh blooms are always a great option all year around as they make the house smell great and brighten up the space.

Furniture Design
In terms of furniture, that is not something which we can change, unless you have the option of putting it in storage and get out Monsoon furniture, so though simple solutions like Sofa covers can help prevent expensive sofas from getting dirty, wicker furniture is a great option for areas such as the patios and well as areas near big open windows. Mirrors are great to incorporate on walls to reflect the nature outside (if you have a good view) and also increase the light.

Store Watch: Christopher Guy in New Delhi

The award-winning British luxury furniture designer, Christopher Guy launched its flagship store in Delhi along with Ace Maison, marketers of some of the world’s finest luxury furniture brands. Located at The Hyatt Regency in New Delhi, the Christopher Guy flagship store is spread across 4000 sq ft and showcases luxurious dining, living and bedroom concepts. Christopher Guy’s furniture and furnishings emanate a timeless beauty, evocative of a cosmopolitan lifestyle and grace luxury resorts, hotels, casinos, plush villas, Hollywood productions & celebrity homes across the globe. These include the Wynn Resorts in Vegas and Macau, the Dorchester London, The Savoy
London, The Bellagio Las Vegas, Ritz Carlton Worldwide, Villa Marie, St. Tropez, Trump Plaza, New York,
Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, and Harrod’s London.

Christopher Guy store,

Christopher Guy store, Christopher Guy store,

Christopher Guy store,

The current collection at the new store includes elegant high back chairs, dining and occasional chairs, tufted armchairs, sofas, chic beds, headboards and chaise lounges that are exquisitely upholstered and intricately hand-carved. Other interior objects include stunning mirrors, bookshelves, cabinets, chandeliers and sophisticated lighting that complete the luxurious collection. The colour palate ranges from tones of fauns and beige to creamy yellows and peach with splashes of red and lilac, against the predominantly neutral and white hues. Christopher Guy enhances the beauty of your living spaces, transforming furnishings & décor objects into real luxury icons!

Handcrafted luxury with Bandhini Home

Bandhini Home was formed in 1980 out of a love for Indian craftsmanship and techniques like handlooms, weaving, hand embroidery and tie-&-dye. The brand operates in designing and producing beautiful luxury home furnishings. The brand’s creations tell stories of legacy, culture, and history from around the globe, interpreted for the modern and globally aware consumer.

Bandhini Home -Champagne Collection

Bandhini Home products amalgamate a wide spectrum of cultural themes including Egyptians motifs, inspiration from 60’s Manhattan, luxurious velvets that reference royal themes, beaded silks, embroideries and weaves of Kutch and Punjab, modern interpretations of the Jamawar weaves of Kashmir and contemporary versions of the timeless silk brocade. The current collection blends ethnicity with fashion trends and global cultures. With time, Bandhini Home has emerged as a global brand for a global audience, retaining its close association with cottage industries in creating luxury products which tell a story of the past, present and future.

Dream Home: Paris, France

This charming apartment in Courbevoie, a Parisian subway, is the owner and apartment Interior Designer Michelle’s “Little India” as he calls fondly it. A food processor having business ties in India for the past decade, has a lot of the things in the apartment bought in from India.

Dream Home: Paris, France

Dream Home: Paris, France

Most of the wooden furniture has been imported from Jaipur, India. It has traditional carving, very popular in furniture from India.

Dream Home: Paris, France Dream Home: Paris, France

The furnishings are all from Rajasthan, India as well, while the Kettles which are on top of the cupboards have been painted by Michelle himself.

Dream Home: Paris, France Dream Home: Paris, France

This delightful kitchen has a nice breakfast nook by the window and also a lot of photographs taken by the owner during all his trips around India.

Style and the City- Shahpur Jat

So at the previous evening in Lado Sarai I had met some store owners of stores at Shahpur Jat, who then invited me to visit their stores for Day 2 of India Design and also invite me for Shahpur Jat Open day which is on March 10th, for which I will provide you more information as and when I know. Since I have not visited Shahpur Jat in really long and heard about it a lot (apparently it is like a rural sister of Hauz Khas village which I love) I wanted to go have a look and see what it has to offer. As I went during the day I did manage to visit more stores than I had on the previous day, some I had never been to before and some were brand new,so here they are Les Parisiennes, Lila, Second Floor Studio and Olivia Dar.
Check out the Style Report for more on India Design.

Les Parisiennes is a beautiful store offering vintage ensembles and Home decor accessories.
Les Parisiennes is a beautiful store offering vintage ensembles and Home decor accessories.
The lovely French cafe at Les Parisiennes, aptly names Le' cafe
The lovely French cafe at Les Parisiennes, aptly names Le’ cafe
StyleCity Pick- The truly vintage style and feel of the store
Lila celebrates vibrant colours and develops textures and patterns through play with colours, giving it an air of sophistication.
Lila celebrates vibrant colours and develops textures and patterns through play with colours, giving it an air of sophistication.
StyleCity Pick- The colours Doh! All bright and cheerful
Brainchild of Punit Jasuja after Khan Market, Second Floor Studio comes to Shahpur Jat
Brainchild of Punit Jasuja after Khan Market, Second Floor Studio comes to Shahpur Jat
I love the Styling of this store. I also love the little parrots on the console which are not clear from so far
I love the Styling of this store, Second Floor Studio.
StyleCity Pick- the cute little parrots on the console which are not clear from so far
Final destination, Oliva Dar. StyleCity Picks- Love the jewelled collars Definite style
Final destination, Olivia Dar.
StyleCity Pick- Love the jewelled collars

Style and the City- Lado Sarai

As I had mentioned I got an invite from Mike and Priti Knowles my friends for an event at their store,The Hidden Gallery at Lado Sarai as a part of India Design ID so that was the begining of my India Design Journey. I stopped by at the store had a few glasses of wine and caught up with them while I browsed their collection. Besides furniture they also have a selection of international fabrics and lighting fixtures along with artworks and some products by Indian designers. Check out the Style Report for more on India Design.

The Hidden Gallery event a part of Style and the City, India Design
The Hidden Gallery event a part of Style and the City, India Design

Half Pint Beer Mugs by Design Bait  atThe Hidden Gallery Miniature Furniture by Mike Knowles at The Hidden Gallery

I heart the Half Pint mugs by Design Bait and the miniature furniture collection by Mike Knowles. Both available at The Hidden Gallery.

After this I hopped across to PortsideCafe to check out their latest collection which they had launched at Maison & Objet and was at display at the store as well as slated to be exhibited at the India Design Furniture fair. This launch has music being performed by Barefaced Liar and amazing cocktails flowing through the night. When I asked Bobby Aggarwal if he felt the non-traditional Leather furniture he designs if finally getting as much acceptance in India as it gets abroad his reply “I design what I like to design what I feel like designing. The people who understand my design accept it, those who don’t are free to reject it!” Well, we definitely love the new collection with the funky graphics and colors.

Barefaced Liar performing at PortsideCafe at the launch of the New collection
Barefaced Liar performing at PortsideCafe at the launch of the New collection

New collection at PortsideCafe New collection at PortsideCafe

Trend Spotting- PortsideCafe’s new collection has a lot of trends of 2013, for instance Hippy 60’s on the left and Stripes. Both of these will be big in the coming year.