Healthy earth is a Happy earth

I attended the “Green Luncheon” at The Imperial Hotel today, which was in honour of the environment day and to share the initiative undertaken by the hotel for reducing carbon foot prints, recycling waste materials, waste management and energy conservation. I think it is great for the hospitality industry to be taking interest in environmental concerns and for the government to enforce a few laws to make this compulsory. Even though most people feel this should have happened ages back, I feel even now a small step by us will go in a long way to ensure a healthier future for the earth. Here are some steps taken by the Imperial hotel which I feel we too can try to incorporate in our lives.

Environment Day

Steps towards effective waste management
The Imperial uses recycled waste water for gardening. Apart from that they send waste food to piggery farms / NGOs and waste oil for recycling. They hope to install an organic waste composter which will convert the organic waste to manure. This will in turn also reduce carbon emission in the environment.
Alternative energy sources in the property
They use CFL lamps, occupancy sensor light controls ( in locker rooms), energy  saver cards for guest rooms, variable frequency drive motors and timers for building lights, rain water harvesting and fresh air units for alternative energy resources. Besides which they have dual flushing system in toilets, bio blocks for urinals and self closing taps in staff toilets.They recently inaugurated solar panels for heating water in guest rooms which is extremely efficient in saving energy, emits less carbon and thereby is environment friendly.
Measures towards electricity conservation
The Imperial has undertaken conservation of electricity by switching off lights in common areas when not in use. They also reduce the numbers of lights consumption of electricity during night hours in the corridors etc. Earth Hour is followed every week where in lights are switched off in many areas for one hour.
Eco friendly amenities
The Imperial provides natural products like herbal soaps and use eco-friendly cleaning agents. They also encourage guests to contribute towards the environment by not requesting for change of towel and linen, if not required.
Practices towards sourcing local/organic food ingredients?
They source local food from select retailers. Organic food sourcing is in the process of implementation.

I think by following these simple steps, we too can reduce carbon footprints in our lives and make the world a better place for our future generations. I for one try to not take my car out as much as possible. I walk if its short distance, take public transport wherever possible and if it is a bunch of us going; carpool. If I am staying at a Hotel I always reuse my towels and sheets and encourage my companions not to put theirs for a wash daily. Finally, I don’t run the AC 24 hours. I switch it off every couple of hours just to give the electricity a break from running constantly. What are your green initiative that you have or plan to incorporate in your life? Do let me know in the comments below so I can get some ideas and we can start a healthier relationship with Earth.