Party Decor ideas for Diwali

Diwali is a festival of love and warmth that gets even more sparkling with the magic of diyas that light up the horizon. Diwali also brings together family and friends for celebration, cards parties and dinner. So this Diwali indulge yourself further by turning your diwali into a special decor moment.


Table SettingFor colours we recommend you either stick to traditional hues of sindoor red, haldi yellow and rani pink but in a complete modern avatar, keeping the prints simple and classy. Reflect the festive spirit on your dinner table as well. Go in for dinner ware that reflects the oriental sensibility, blend the two traditional hues of gold and silver to add panache to the celebratory meal…..Like making the tone on tone flower setting in a precious silver vase, a treat for the eye. Also set a colour coded card table infused with the sheen of silver. Strew an array of rich, colourful cushions to sink in and enjoy the gambling. Serve smartly in crystal and silver bowls.

Indian mithais are so integral to the Diwali experience. Set the spread well. Cover the table with a rich textile that you fetch from your treasure trove…A brocade silk throw will work as well. Spread small, silver foiled pieces of mithais made of dry fruits—they look the prettiest on a precious silver platter or brass platters. Add marigolds, the most auspicious flowers to lend a sense of vibrancy to this yummy setting.

Femina 2012
Femina 2012

Not all the décor changes need to be expensive. As much as we discourage bursting of fire-crackers, we love using them in décor. Stack a bunch of silver ‘phooljaris’ in flower vases along with actual flowers. Use old Diwali cards for a collage and place them on cards tables with lamination on top. This looks festive and is cheaper than more expensive table cloths. Don’t just use fairy lights for windows, use them is vases to create inexpensive lamps, use them along the table runner to give a Diwali effect. Be careful though, they get hot so use the ones with fabric coverings.

Mostly be safe and have fun. A very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to you!

By Kashvi Mahajan

The Candle Store

Diwali is around the corner and being that it is the festival of lights, here we have selected a bunch of candles and holders for your to choose from..


blue-dove-candle-ivoryoct-goodearth-2200 pillar-candle-bergamotoct-1100


twilight-votive-nicobar-750 zile-votive-950-nicobar


ceramic-wooden-pillar-fabindia-890 fragrance-pillar-candle-fabindia-460




Sanskriti Lifestyle



The flip side of Dusshera

Dusshera is a Hindu festival which as per the most popular folk lore symbolises the destruction of demon God Ravana, by the diety Rama. However, not all of India celebrates the festival by burning the effigy of Ravana. In fact a lot of the country worships him on this day.

Ravana was the greatest follower of Shiva, a great scholar, a capable ruler and a master musician. His ten heads represent his knowledge of the six shastras and the four Vedas. Ravana possessed a thorough knowledge of Siddha,”The Oldest traditional treatment system” and political science. On his deathbed Ravana taught Politics lessons to Laxamana, the brother of Rama who had defeated him. He shared experiences from his own life and guided him to have always good relations with charioteer, cook, gatekeeper and his brothers, because those are the persons who can harm you most.He advised Lakshmana never to underestimate strength of his enemy.He asked Lakshmana to always believe in astrology and movement of stars which can never be wrong.He told him to trust a minister who criticizes,a mistake he made in case of his brother Vibhishan.Ravana was a great musician, who designed his own string instrument calledRavana Veena.He also invented the bow of the violin. He also narrated very first Ragas. He composed Shiv Tandav, most valuable work on praise of Lord Shiva.

The Hindu

Which is why in a lot of parts of Madhya Pradesh, Himachal and Maharashtra he is worshipped. One of my personal experiences of Ravana Pooja include Beer, Red meat and wine. Oh, we also worship the instrument which is most representative of your work ie calculator for an accountant, measuring tape for a designer, pen for a writer etc. It is one of the most fun puja’s I have ever attended and definitely a must for once in a lifetime experience.

Style Picks: Festive Collection

Happy Diwali! May your lives be filled with glitter and glamour, and of course some of these gorgeous products!

By Isha Marwaha
By Isha Marwaha

1. Galahad chandelier, Visionaire Verona collection by Ipe Cavalli
2. Chev-Ikat Mug, Style Bean
3. Peacock, Tourbillon
4. Tulip Damask Cushion, Good Earth
5. Khatoon Partition, Aria Interior Design
6. Serai Jewel Glasses, Good Earth
7. ‘Tema e Variazioni’ Plates, Fornasetti
8. Samarah Collection, Villeroy and Boch
9. Brass Tumblers,
10. Cushion, The lifestyle Temple
11. Elephant Rhinestone Bolsa, Judith Leiber
12. Bovery Chair, Visionaire by Ipe Cavalli

New Launch: Royce’, New Delhi

After mesmerising customers in Mumbai and Bangalore, ROYCE’,the famed Japanese confectionary company launches in New Delhi at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj.Founded in 1983 in Northern Japan, ROYCE’ prides itself on its wide and unique offering that follows one underlying theme- chocolate products that are rich in flavour, textures, complexity and creativity.  Royce, Ambience Mall, www.stylecity.inOne of the brand’s most hot selling products is the “Potatochip Chocolate” range of confectionary. The “Potatochip Chocolate” are salty potato chips coated with a layer of milk chocolate on one side. The company’s other signature product, the “Nama”, is a cocoa-dusted truffle-like chocolate so fine and delicate that it requires a specially designed spatula to lift and hold. Then my favourite,as I am not a cocoa person is the “Prafeuille Chocolat”. This three millimeter thin strawberry-scented chocolate is inspired by the delicate French desert “millefeuille” and is filled with a medley of sweet-tart raspberry and blueberry reduction. Also in-store will be the “Criollo Chocolate”, this complex and aromatic chocolate is made from Criollo beans, the world’s rarest and most expensive cacao beans, found only near Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.ROYCE' Criollo Chocolate,

ROYCE' Chocolate 'Hazel Cream' Wafers, www.stylecity.inEven the ROYCE’ store at Ambience, Vasant Kunj has been designed to complement the brands intricate Japanese identity and culture. The front fascia of the store as well as the display counter, mimic the delicacy and geometry of contemporary Japanese architecture and interiors. Materials like hardwood maple are used to blend in with existing surroundings creating a warm and inviting retail as well as tasting experience. The space has been designed as a transformative Japanese chocolate bar, conducive to exploration and interaction.

ROYCE' Potatochip Chocolate,
Burgundy Hospitality, a first-of-its-kind fine foods and luxury gourmet curator is accredited for bringing this unique brand to India. ROYCE’ chocolates are priced at Rs. 1050/- for 125gms onwards.To celebrate the festive season, ROYCE’ introduces a very special “Limited Edition Assortment Gift Box”. The Limited Edition Gift Box for Diwali has five varieties of ROYCE’ chocolate and a total of 38 pieces, including Baton Cookies (6 pcs), Chocolate Wafers “Hazel Cream” (6 pcs), Criollo Chocolate (6 pcs) and Pure Chocolates (20 pcs).Priced at Rs. 2000, the luxurious “Limited Edition Diwali Box”  is available at ROYCE’ Delhi, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj on a pre-order basis till the end of October.

House of Tales presents a shopping bonanza

If you are thinking of interesting Diwali gifts to buy this weekend, you need to stop by at the House of Tales, Mumbai’s first cross-disciplinary event gallery which is hosting a two day pop up store with The Home Label styled by Susanne Roshan. Scheduled on 5th October & 6th October, 2013, this shopping extravaganza will have a home décor collection hand-picked for the festive season.

His and Hers Bottle, House of Tale and The home label pop-up shop Turquoise Laundry Basket, The house of Tales and The home label pop up shop

Located at the heart of Mumbai, Kala Ghoda, House of Tales is a contemporary space and is the ultimate hub for the finest events in the city. The minimalistic look of the gallery provides a platform to host versatile events from shopping to art, restaurants to workshops. One can integrate the ambience and décor suitable to the event with the intimate space of the gallery. The collection handpicked by the Creative Director of The Home Label, Susanne Roshan, will be displayed to spruce up your place for Diwali. The collection includes impeccable designs of lamps, display art, candle stands, flower vases, lanterns and much more. Check out the Distressed Bird Cage Lanterns which can be hung or set on the coffee table and the glass hanging jars to store your knick-knacks. You can also get metal laundry baskets in bright colors like turquoise which are not only decorative but also functional. So if you are in Mumbai this weekend, you know where to go for a shopping bonanza.
Date: 5th – 6th October, 2013
Time: 11 am – 7:30 pm
Venue: House of Tales, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
Contact: 022-22041475/

News: Lure Switch

Years ago F-Bar opened in New Delhi for the first time. I distinctly remember when, where and what it looked like cause it was the place to be back in the day. It had glamorous interiors an equally amazing outdoor surrounded by a gorgeous garden and had the best crowd in town. This was back when I was in college. After which ofcourse the property changed hands and name a lot of times, came up as various hip night clubs over the years and I slowly lost track of the place.

Then recently it is up and about again re-christened as Lure Switch. I was visiting the property after nearly 5 years and even though structurally the space remains similar unlike its earlier avatars, this time this iconic property, set aside by the great outdoors offers a laid back café without the current conventions of high-strung café turned clubs. The first floor comprises of their vegetarian restaurant Vega,( look out for a review here soon)while the ground floor and outdoor makes up of Lure Switch.
Tucked away in Lado Sarai next to the luscious greens of the Qutab Golf Course, Lure Switch brings an excellent experience for all the foodies out there, with an authentic ambiance and scintillating F&B selection. You can choose between a charming courtyard with outdoor shacks for comfortable seating and a cosy dining area indoors. The space is more than ample to meet all party and festivity needs, in fact I would really recommend you check it out if you want to host a Diwali or Birthday party. Rich wooden flooring and softly lit surroundings make the environment conducive to unwinding and kicking back, and the interiors have been tastefully designed to optimize the down tempo aura of the café.

Get ready for some exciting times this winter, with a variety of outdoor entertainment planned – be it Sufi nights or nights celebrating the spirit and culture of India – this is just a glimpse of more to come. Lure Switch is a place where you can take your family or friends without thinking twice about blending in, and where you can never go wrong with your choice of food or drink.

Address: Tavern on Greens, Lado Sarai, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110017
Phone No: 9810125070 / 9818365864/ 9871770250
Meal for two: Rs. 2500 (approx.) incld. appetizer and dessert (excld. Taxes and alcohol)

Tete-a-tete with Mandeep Nagi of Shades of India

Shades of India is a 20-year-old company where the owners are passionate about fabrics, textures, techniques and colours and the way these can be transformed into clothes, accessories, cushions, quilts and curtains. Led by David Housego, a former journalist with Financial Times and Mandeep Nagi, Shades of India has a reputation for creativity and innovation. They sell across major department stores across the world like Harrods, Selfridges, Debenhams in UK and ABC Homes, Gumps in US and Good Earth stores in India. Finally they have launched their stand alone store in Meherchand Market of New Delhi. The shop holds Shades of India’s current range of cushions, bed linen and bed covers, curtains, furnishing fabrics and table linen, along with the Shades and White collection of clothes, bags and jewellery and the Mandeep Nagi collection of clothes and accessories.

On the launch of the store we had a little chat with Mandeep Nagi the design director of Shades of India to ask her take on decor and design.
StyleCity: What is your inspiration for your designs?
Mandeep Nagi: We are inspired by everyday life and all that it brings. We believe in simple living, unlike a lot of other stores our focus has never been just making money, we like to sell a lifestyle and believe in 100% natural material.
StyleCity:What do you think defines Style in a house/room?And what is the one detail that can take away from a room?
Mandeep Nagi:I think a truly stylish room is one that looks warm. When people go in for a completely contemporary room with all white and clean furniture the room feels cold and not homely. There should be a mixture of rough+sophisticated, for instance our store has rough walls and clean wooden flooring. The perfect room for me for example a living room would have a big neutral coloured,straight lined sofa with one strong chair in a vibrant colour and lots of sheers. One mistake people do is not have floor length curtains, I think that makes the room look shabby.
StyleCity: Any colour you like to use?
Mandeep Nagi: I love to use red, all family of red. In fact even the Shades of India logo has a red element.
StyleCity: Any tips for our users to do up their space for Diwali without going if for a complete makeover?
Mandeep Nagi: I would tell them to do up their dining tables and other tables with lots of t-lite. Get different bowls and fill them with T-lights then place them along the centre of the table in a line or two lines, then incase you don’t have the required napkins you can get red cloth and cut out 50cm diameter circles, then hold it in the centre so it looks like a flower and tie a ribbon around and place them on plates.
Another suggestion is to take straws, either the plane ones or the coloured ones you get in the market and string them together to make a bunch. Hang these around any lights/bulbs you have in your house. This is a creative way to add a decor element.