Champagne Dreams

Luxury designer has created the world’s most expensive champagne in collaboration with luxury champagne brand Goût de Diamants, called “Taste of Diamonds”. Amosu also created the first worlds most expensive iphone and BlackBerry and can be found in the Guinness Book of Records for making the worlds most expensive bespoke suit. So he seems like the most obvious choice to create the most expensive champagne in the world.

Goût de Diamants, Alexander Amosu,

Goût de Diamants, Alexander Amosu,

For this champagne bottle, they have taken the signature Superman badge logo, which is made of Swarovski crystal, and have upgraded it to an 18 carat white gold. Centered in the badge is a single, flawless white diamond that in itself  is 19 carats. The drink is also handmade in 18ct solid gold and weighs approximately 36gsm, handcrafted and engraved with the client’s name and a single bottle costs £1,200,000. So if you want to do something special for a special occasion nothing can beat having the most expensive champagne in the world.

Diamonds from Space for a glowing face

All of us love to look good and present ourselves in the best light.Younger looking skin is a sure way to assure that and 111 Skin, the ground breaking label has created an extraordinary product “Celestial Black Diamond Night Cream” that promises to keep your skin healthy and visibly younger. The regular ingredients in the cream are Hyaluronic acid, N-cystine and Centella Asiatica that work effectively on the three layers of skin to replenish and rebuild the cells matrix. But the new element to the concept of skin care are rare black diamond particles that are believed to have formed in space. The black diamond particles are basically microspheres and that’s why they are able to penetrate the deeper dermal layer of the skin helping the skin retain its youth. Well ladies, what are we waiting for, now it seems like a solitaire is good on your finger and black diamond is good for your face.
Price– 50ml bottle at $900.


Greek and Shiny

Usually Indian jewellery is synonymous with lots of intricately carved metal work and beautiful stone set in them. And why not, it is Indian tradition and heritage afterall. But to be honest, I am not much of a jewellery person, infact much to the dismay of my grandparents and family I hardly wear any jewellery. So even though I have tons of jewellery gifted to me over my years growing up (and more coming my way when I “finally” decide to settle down) I just never get down to wearing most of it. Even the rare occasion I do wear something for a wedding or formal event, it goes into my bag way before the event is over. Well much to my delight Zoya has come up with a new Greece selection which is intricate yet wearable for people like me who don’t like the really heavy stuff. Or maybe I am just partial cause I have had a fascination for Greece and Greek mythology from a very young age. (come on, did you ever see how hot the Gods were?) So I will definitely want to own one of these and maybe so should you.



Zoya is a chain of luxury diamond boutiques by Tata. It is both a product and a retail brand.The store deals in exquisite styled ranges, primarily in diamonds, apart from the traditional and fusion polki & kundan jewelry.Creating a new setting, form and design for diamonds, Zoya contemporarizes the famed iconography of the Greek medallion inspired design sensibility and interpreting it fashionably. Each elegantly crafted piece in the Greece Collection is an ode to Zoya’s journey, to share its own glorious story.