Luxe & Stylish: Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings

J&S, an events company creating some of the most glamorous private and corporate events in South Asia for the past decade, collaborated with Rohit Bal, one of India’s leading Couturiers to form ROHIT BAL LUXURY WEDDINGS.

Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings,

Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings,

Influenced by the most beautiful and magical places around the world, be it the Finde siècle Grand Hotels of Lake Como, The Duc De Mornay apartments at the Louvre or the intricate beauty of the carved jaalis of the Delhi sultanate buildings, J&S Event Management have always mixed history with an unerring eye for modernity in the environments they create.

Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings,

Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings,

Rohit Bal has changed the face of Indian fashion. He has created an identity which is truly an expression of his own and unadulterated design philosophy. He represents the true free spirit of contemporary India with its roots entrenched in tradition. He is a creator of Contemporary Classics. With the launch of Rohit Bal luxury weddings, he will drench you in an aesthetic which is resplendent and forever beautiful.The collaboration of J&S events with Rohit Bal will see a new chapter of magic unfold.

Luxe and Stylish: ASMALLWORLD Relaunch

From a business model that was previously based on advertising, the new ASMALLWORLD is shifting to a subscription model. With a peer-recommended and verified user base capped at 250,000 and a bold new set of amenities for its members, ASMALLWORLD will transform into the world’s leading international travel and lifestyle community. From the moment you hit the ground in any city, you’ve got the best insider recommendations, discounts at dozens of stylish boutiques, a free spa treatment, an invitation to a party that night, automatic access to a club – and to top it off you’re staying at a great hotel, at a major discount. ASMALLWORLD will introduce an impressive set of new offerings for its members in India and the world over, transforming from a social network into an international travel and lifestyle club. To fete this special time in the company’s history, CEO Sabine Heller and Chairman Patrick Liotard-Vogt invited over 80 VIP guests from around the world to Taj Marrakech (one of the shoot locations for Sex and the City 2 ), in Morocco over the weekend of May 10 – 12, 2013, for a magical desert adventure.

Photograph:Billy Farrell/
Photograph:Billy Farrell/
Photograph: Billy Farrell/
Photograph: Billy Farrell/
Photograph:Billy Farrell/
Photograph:Billy Farrell/

Sabine Heller Credit to Frances Tulk-HartWe at StyleCity Love nothing more than travel, luxury and lifestyle. ASW promotes all that and more, hence we caught up with ASW CEO Sabine Heller and asked her a few questions on her Style Secrets, Luxury Lifestyle and plans for the newly re-launched ASMALLWORLD. So here goes:-
Define Style. What according to you makes a person stylish?
Style to me is very personal. Almost everything I wear is designed by a friend. I have a much more personal relationship with my clothing when I know the person who made it. Confidence is what makes a person stylish. What according to you is the ultimate luxury experience you have had?
That would have to be the time I spent at Ahilya Fort in Central India, my godfather Maharaja Richard Holkar’s ancestral palace which he recently converted into a heritage hotel. With exquisite temples, hidden gardens and ramparts overlooking the sacred Narmada River, you’re lost in time, and able to get a glimpse of what 18th century royal life must have been like.
Your list of ultimate luxury brands and holidays?
Some of my favourite brands include House of Waris, Bungalow 8, Mathew Williamson, Zero + Maria Corjejo, Giambattista Valli, and Saint Laurent. My idea of a luxurious holiday would involve a spa — if one is going to spend a lot of money to stay in a hotel, one might as well really enjoy it, and spend a lot of time there. I love Therme Vals in Switzerland.
What is your take on the future of luxury market in India?
We see immense potential for the luxury market of India. Even as we planned our global relaunch across 100 markets, India has been amongst our top priorities and we plan to grow significantly in numbers from the 10,000 members we used to have here. After all, Indians represent ideal members for ASW, as we are English speaking, international, sophisticated and avid travellers.
What, if any luxury buy do you plan for yourself on person/ your house this year?
I would like to build myself a cottage in my county house.
What was the idea behind forming ASW and what role does it aspire to achieve in its new avatar, especially in India?
ASMALLWORLD first started in 2004. It was founded by a Swedish Count named Erik Wachtmeister, and in many ways had a first mover advantage in social media. For most adults it was their first experience with social media – and for the initial members it was pretty intoxicating to discover a totally different form of communication. That level of excitement was added to by the fact that you had to be invited, and invitations were scarce.When in 2005 Harvey Weinstein became the majority shareholder, he made an assumption that seemed logical at that time. The assumption was predicated on the notion that ad buys are decided on a global level. However, this proved false.  Media buyers buy advertising locally not globally. Since ASW had limited penetration in most markets, the company had to bend over backwards to create complicated customer integrations for each partner. This led to an inefficient non-consumer facing business environment, as all resources were focused on maximizing revenue.Eventually, it became clear there had to be a shift approach. ASW had to build a long-term, long-lasting business strategy – one that was consumer-facing. With that as our core objective, ASW became committed to driving member value at all costs, in the form of experiences, upgrades and perks, which led to our reinvention as the definitive travel and lifestyle club in the spring of 2013, remaking one of the world’s oldest social networks as a subscription service, costing $105/year.By way of an evolving website and recommendation platform, members will ever more become mavens of what they love, sharing with the ASW community their personal city and travel favourites. Meeting members is also about to get a whole lot easier through an ultra smart website that will help connect members with things in common. Membership will also grant access to an expanded events program and exclusive global privileges.A core value that distinguishes ASW is trust, and by moving towards a paid structure, ASW will have a fully verified user base, capped at 250,000 members, which will ensure the integrity of the community in a way that no social network has ever done before. With an increased focus on India, we already have several exciting partners including Bungalow 8, Bombay Electric, Le Mill, Good Earth, TAJ Hotels & Resorts, Frette,, Shivan & Narresh, Bandit Queen, Design Temple and Pankaj & Nidhi, where members of our prestigious ASW community enjoy exclusive deals. Part Indian myself, having spent part of my childhood in Mumbai and New Delhi, I’m personally very excited to have more and more Indian fashion designers, retailers and hotels as part of ASW’s future as brand partner.

To gain membership to the club;1. You get invited by another member 2. Occasionally our events can be attended by non-members, who can speak to our local ambassadors on site and try and get a membership that way 3. There is an application for membership on our new site. These applications will be reviewed bi-annually. So who is sending me an invite? For more details log on to

Trend: Revival of 1920’s

Fashion to Décor: Great Gatsby Inspired
With Great Gatsby being released all over the world last week and here in India tomorrow there is definitely a buzz around the Style, Fashion, Make-up and Design of the Cast and Set recreated by Baz Luhrmann starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Edgerton, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan. I for one am super excited to watch the movie at the preview tonight as I have not read the book and nothing excites me more than Vintage Style. Normally after reading the books I am always disappointed by the movie but that is not to be the case this time. Well 1920’s has been in trending for quite a while in the fashion circuit, while art-deco is also inspiring décor. So this week’s Fashion to Décor is to recreate the look of 1920’s in your home. While Bryton Taylor tells us how to throw a Great Gatsby inspired party, while The Beauty Gypsy helps us with the make-up.


1.Vintage Trunk, Eastern Treasures
2.The Novogratz 1920s Ericsson Desk Phone, One Kings Lane
3.’Occhi’-Box, Fornasetti
4.Deco Oval Clutch Bag, Judith Leiber
5.Chanel No.5 Perfume, Parcos
6.Decanter and Glass, Nachtmann

Luxe and Stylish: Goodearth

GOODEARTH celebrates the culture and history of India, a rich and diverse land
with its unique mix of vibrant colour and serenity. GOODEARTH captures the essence of Indian style, where contradictions coexist naturally and easily. Each year, they design and create a collection of products that tells the story of a particular Indian tradition or culture. The designs are original, contemporary, whimsical, yet rooted in tradition.GOODEARTH defines luxury and sustainability in its inimitable style, by encouraging quality craftsmanship and the revival of lost Indian traditions.


Charbagh GoodEarth

Jodhpur Room, Goodearth

At a time that people have been leaning towards western design and moving away from traditional Indian designs,GOODEARTH has been offering an array of original contemporary designs using traditional craft skills and making it look stylish. These designs are provided through beautifully designed products such as tableware and glasses, bed linen, cushions, skin care products and fragrances. With stores in all major Indian cities like Mumbai(Flagship store), Delhi, Banglore and Chennai it is a must visit if you have not been there, Goodearth is also available in Singapore. For more details log on to


Sotheby’s presents ‘India Fantastique’

Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla, India’s leading couturier, completed 27 years in Design this year.It has been a unique journey for them, that has seen them revive and re-fashion India’s magnificent Design Legacy, reinvent it with their own creativity and establish themselves as the Vanguard of the Indian Fashion Industry. This Journey has been chronicled and celebrated in the form of two coffee table books-one on Fashion and fashion detail and the other on Interior Design. ‘INDIA FANTASTIQUE’, published by Thames & Hudson, is written by the much respected Art critic and curator, Gayatri Sinha and shot by acclaimed photographers, Ram Shergill (for Fashion) and Deidi Von Schaewen (for Interiors). Magnificently produced, it is a lush insight into the Fashion, Interiors and Art created by Abu and Sandeep. It is above all an Ode to India, their Eternal Muse.The books were realised in the most exquisite locations across the globe, including Death Valley and Las Vegas in the USA, London, Bath and Brighton in England, Morocco and Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi and Udaipur in India.


Magic of France continues

Since we were talking of French interiors and Style a few days back, it is only logical that we continue the topic by incuding a bit of French arts and Crafts. This comes to us in the form of project Fort Royal. The Fort Royal project is a way in which the most respected craftsmen in the world can express themselves.It offers enthusiasts and experts – individuals, architects, interior decorators or institutions – unique access to exceptional works of craftsmanship.

In today’s economic climate, where competition for low-cost production has brought about an outburst of outsourcing and counterfeiting, French expertise and excellence are greatly under threat. As a consequence, a large number of companies in this field are finding themselves in difficulty. Access to the markets would ensure their continuity, but these companies lack the means to enter into these markets and the procedures to transmit their knowledge, due to a shortage of qualified and attentive business buyers.As such, certain gems from our arts and crafts are disappearing.The Fort Royal project aims to maintain and preserve these gems of French creativity. It allows them to exist and to expand by enhancing their management, by introducing them into a number of new outlets and by training new skilled workers and craftsmen. All this is necessary in order to continue to be able to offer the genuine quality of the original rather than the copy.

Fort Royal is committed to fulfilling high expectations, to authenticity and to innvation combined with tradition. It promotes the use of the finest materials crafted with perfect traditional techniques in order to produce durable, timeless works.With so many gems of French heritage to preserve, to bring forward into modernity and to showcase worldwide, Fort Royal aims to unite the commercial and management resources of craftsmen in order to enhance their savoir-faire. Together, it is possible to uphold this excellence on French soil, whilst also branching out to towards new international horizons.

Trend: Chandelier Drama

Since we were talking about gold and opulence yesterday it is only obvious we talk of Chandeliers next. Deriving their name from the French word for Candlesticks, Chandeliers are the perfect thing to add, for that little bit of Drama in your living room or bedroom is you so wish. They come in a variety of designs and styles and are the perfect accessory to add to your home.

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