Trend: Country Charm

So if you recall, last week I had been cribbing about my wanting to go on a vacation and hating the heat etc etc. Well obviously someone heard my plea’s and on Saturday morning I was out for a two-day trip to a hill-station near Mumbai. Ok usually hill-stations are not my choice of destination, I would choose a beach but I needed a break and it’s getting too humid to go to beaches here. So glad to have gone there, cause I had no network or connectivity hence was disconnected from the world. Which meant I could actually sleep without being disturbed (view from my room).
Anyway my two-day trip actually inspired me to some up with the idea of having a rustic/country look in the house. I mean relaxed living has also been quite a trend past few years, while some people like to go in for the whole country look with the stone walls, terracotta tiles along with furnishing, for the rest one room or some pieces in the house work equally well. Here is my selection for the trend Country charm.

1. Monet parasol, 2. Limited edition Perfume, Burberry 3. Box, House of Ishatvam 4. St. Bernard mural, Sicis 5. Water Jug, House of Ishatvam 6. Picnic Basket, Debenhams 7. Chester one, Poltrona Frau 8. Cushion, The Bombay Store 9. S-chair, Cappellini