Review: Oasis, Claridges Surajkund

A mere 20 minute drive from South Delhi leads us to Claridges Surajkund, a great repose from the bustling city life of Delhi. Since I had already been here for a Spa review and had a great experience I was more than excited to check out their restaurant and do a food review for which I had selected Oasis, an interactive kitchen offering Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisine. But before the food review I decided on a wine tasting at the Wine Library.

The Wine Library stocks over 900 bottles of carefully selected wines from around the world. Over the years, wine tasting has become an excellent way of entertaining guests and since the Wine Library acts as both a wine shop and wine bar it is a perfect place to start your evening. The tasting happens each day between 7-9 pm where you get to try four different types of wine. The first, Golden Mile Chardonnay which is an Australian wine with an acidic side and a fruity aroma. This costs approximately Rs.2,000 for the bottle. Then we sipped the Manawa Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand which is a dry medium bodied wine, crisp acidic with herb grass and smokes flavours along with apple and melon aromas. This is around Rs.2,500 per bottle. Then my personal favourite, Manawa Pinot Noir from New Zealand with soft Tannis and very light colour,with black cherry, berry plum and rose aromas. This was about Rs.2,500 per bottle as well. Finally Peter Lehmann, a full-bodied Australian Shiraz with tart acidity and hard tannins with black currants, red berry, chocolate tar and meaty flavour was served. This was too strong for me but my dinner companion enjoyed it. This was approximately Rs.500 per glass. The wines are accompanied by cheese, fruits and crackers, and post the tasting guests are encouraged to choose a wine to accompany their meals, my companion and I decided to skip the bottle and just have a glass each of our favoured wines.

Though I had been encouraged by most people to go in for the Dhaba which is the Indian restaurant, I had decided to go in with Oasis, the Multi-cuisine restaurant. The reason being Dhaba at Claridges Delhi has been a family favourite for years, hence almost every occasion meant a meal over there and I wanted to try something different, plus leave Dhaba for what it has been the past few years, a family memory.
Living up to the essence of its name, Oasis,not only offers a great culinary experience but also dazzles you with its ambience and decor. Offering both indoor and alfresco seating, the restaurant overlooks the beautifully landscaped central courtyard with exciting water bodies showcasing an intricate interplay of water, light & music. With its three live interactive kitchens – Italian, Chinese & Indian, bustling with the essence and flavours of joyous indulgence, the Oasis is an exotic dining experience.The Italian battery kitchen indulges guests with live wood fired pizza,  freshly tossed pasta, risotto and much more.Amongst, the signatures on offer at the Chinese counter are a variety of  exotic vegetarian & non vegetarian steamed and fried dimsums & stir fried dishes  cooked in Szechuan and Cantonese style.The Indian interactive kitchen invites guests to explore the real taste of  Indian food and curries, scrumptious galouti kebab  and dum ki nalli cooked with baby lamb shanks and Indian herbs.The a-la-carte menu offers Italian, Chinese & Indian selection through the  day. The dinner buffet on weekends has an extensive food spread, with live  counters and a large dessert selection. There is also a private dining section, which you can book out for special occasions.

My dinner companion Gayatri, who has done reviews for us in the past had already been to Claridges Surajkund before and recommended the Sushi platter, by Chef Keisuke Uno. Since both her and I are huge fans of Sushi that was not an issue at all and we called for a vegetarian platter for her and Non vegetarian for me. Before tasting the Sushi it took me a while to convince myself to destroy the art work as it was presented so beautifully. After we finished the amazing platter we decided to take a small break and sip our wine outside in the courtyard where there were already quite a few diners having their meals. Honestly as much as I had heard about the beauty of the courtyard in reality it is even more astounding and peaceful. We went inside to complete our meal which we decided on a European main dish with Crespelle e ricotta, spinaci con salsa di pomodori e pinoli for Gayatri and Black cod “Livornese” for myself. These were as delicious as the rest of our dishes as well as the bread we had earlier but we were so full it was a struggle to actually finish them. But still more out of greed than anything we had to try dessert and here to the chef recommended Tiramisu and I have to say it was out of the world. All in all I would recommend everyone to try to do a weekend at Claridges Surajkund. That way you can experience the whole thing and also try out more restaurants and definitely expereince the Spa

Address: Shooting Range Road, Suraj Kund, Faridabad,NCR. Tel:0129 419 0099
Price: Rs.2,000 for a meal for two without alcohol

Crespelle e ricotta, spinaci con salsa di pomodori e pinoli

For mixture  
Spinach- 80gms
Chop onion/ garlic-5gms each
Olive oil-10ml
Ricotta cheese-50gms
For pan cake
Basil (chopped) 1 gms
Saffron water 10 ml
For sauce
Blanch cherry-5no.
Chop garlic/onion-5gms each
Tomato juice-25ml
Olive oil-5ml
For garnish
Crushed pine nuts-1tsp
Celery leaf-1bunch
Blended pilati sauce-for drizzling 

For mixture– blanch spinach cool down in ice water then take out water chop it finely. Heat oil in a pan add chop onion and garlic broil it for few sec. then add spinach broil it for 2min over low heat add seasoning and keep a side for cool down. After cool down add cheese mix well
For pan cake – make a batter with flour egg and water.
For sauce– heat oil in a pan add onion and garlic sauté it then add cherry tomato, tomato juice and basil leaves and cook over low heat for 15min. adjust seasoning and keep a side.At order time- make pan cake with the batter stuff spinach mixture in it and make two roll of it. Add parmesan cheese on top and cook in oven for 5min. at 180’C. heat sauce place on the bottom of the plate arrange pan cake one whole and one cutting into two garnish with celery leaves, blended pilati and crushed pine-nut’s line by side.

Black cod “Livornese”

Black cod steak-180gm
Olive oil -30ml
Sea salt- to taste
Crushed pepper corn-3gm
Tomato blanch burnoise-10gm
Onion chop-3gm
Fresh thyme- 2-3 sprig
Garlic chop-3gm
Basil leaf -4no.
Black olive- 2no.
Fish stock- 50ml
White wine- 10ml
Butter- 5gm
Cream- half tea spoon
Potato wedges fried- 6no.
Onion slice- 5gm
Parsley chop- a pinch

Firstly take fish steak put three cut on skin now marinade it with salt pepper and oil. Heat oil in a non stick pan sear fish in it skin side first, after searing cook fish in oven for 5min.
For sauce-heat oil in a pan add chop onion, garlic, celery, thyme leaf sauté it for few sec. then add caper and tomato, now add white wine after reducing wine add fish stock, now bring it to the boiling, then add seared fish, black olive and basil leaves reduce the heat cover the pan with a lid, cook over slow flame for 5min. Then take out fish finish sauce with butter and cream.
For potato– heat oil in a pan add garlic, slice onion sauté it than add fried crushed potato wedges add seasoning finish with parsley.

Review: Barbeque Nation, Lokhandwala

Finally! Andheri gets it own personal Barbeque Nation.For those of you who are not aware of the brand, this concept started in Mumbai in the year 2006 and since then has branches in various cities around the country. They have a prefixed menu where you select either the Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian option and they are served with an array of starters, leading to the buffet with Salads, Main course and Desserts.

I for one had never been to a Barbeque Nation in my life, which is exceptionally strange since I love experimenting with various cuisines but for some reason had never had a chance to visit a Barbeque Nation. My dinner date on the other hand was a huge fan starting from his hostel days in Chandigarh. I promise he was salivating from the time I suggested to him I am invited to review BBQ Nation and asked him to accompany me. He went on about how he and his college friends would hang out their atleast once in two weeks and eat the amazing grills till they were absolutely full. In my head I was like, wow rich kids, in college I could never afford an all you can eat Buffet. But my visit here changed that and for a good reason.

The Lokhandwala branch which was a first for me has a reception with one room on the left and the Buffet counter behind the Reception.They have maintained a standard decor in all their outlets with exposed brick walls, lots of wood and a well-lit place. Each table has a personalised grill embedded into them, where the customers can make their own food depending on their likings. You also have a variety of marinades to select from to give the finishing touch of your choice.This is followed by a Buffet meal and Dessert. On a daily basis they serve 5 veg or non-veg starters, A veg and a non-veg soup, 6 veg and 4 non-veg dishes in mains, 5 veg and 3 non-veg salads and 7 Desserts. You can also call in for their amazing cocktails, my favourite was the jeerapana Mojito which was a great infusion of the Classic cocktail with Indian flavours. And very refreshing, a perfect accompaniment with the Indian Cuisine as the hot weather.

Anyway I thought the grill dishes were amazing, I ate so many that I had to really work hard to make place for the main course. I felt the non-veg starters and the veg main course were the best combination. For me I would suggest everyone who like me has not tried it out to definitely give it a shot you will be pleasantly surprised I can assure you.
Price:Weekdays Veg-Rs.600+Tax, Non-Veg-Rs.650+Tax excluding alcohol
Weekends Veg-Rs.700+Tax, Non-Veg-Rs.800+Tax excluding alcohol

As always here are a few recipes we got from Barbeque nation which you can try out for your next Al-Fresco parties. They also work as great starters if you plan to have just drinks and starters for your party.


Chermoula prawns

  • Brown onion                                  :1
  • coriander leaves                            : 2tbsp chopped
  • Flat parsley leaves                         : 2tbsp chopped
  • garlic cloves                                 : 2 crushed
  • cumin                                            : 2gms powder
  • paprika                                          :3 tsp
  • ground turmeric                            :2tsp
  • olive oil                                         :2tbsp
  • Prawns                                          : 1kg divined and tail intact


  1. Combine onion, coriander, parsley, garlic, cumin, paprika and turmeric in a large bowl. Stir in oil. Add prawns. Toss until prawns are well coated. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour to marinate.
  2. Preheat a barbeque  on medium-high heat. Place half the prawns, in a single layer, on barbecue. Spoon over half the marinade. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes each side or until prawns turn pink.Transfer to a bowl. Repeat with remaining prawns and marinade.

Lebanese Chili garlic prawns

  • Boneless prawns                                6.5kg
  • Ginger garlic chopped                       150gm
  • Green Chili chopped                        50gm
  • Chilly flakes                                       75gm
  • Celery chop                                        75gm
  • Honey                                                 2tsp
  • Chicken Maggie cubes                      2cubes
  • Limejuice                                           25ml
  • Tahina sauce                                      75ml
  • Salt                                                      to taste
  • Oil                                                       1/2lts


  • Cut & wash chicken in to dices shape
  • In a bowl take Chopped garlic chilly flakes celery chop honey veg Maggie cubes lime juice tahina sauce salt oil with ginger chopped or chopped garlic
  • Add chicken in this Mari nation and marinate for 3 hr
  • Skive in skeewer or grilled on a grill
  • Serve hot

Shami Kebab

  • 2000 Gms  Boti (lamb bone less)
  • 150 Gms channa dal
  • 20 Gms  chopped garlic
  • 20 Gms chopped ginger
  • 100 Gms sliced onions
  • 05 Gms Mace
  • 10 Gms black peppercorn
  • 01 Gms bay leaf
  • 03 Gms cinnamon sticks
  • 02 Gms cloves
  • 02 Gms black cardamom
  • 02 Gms green cardamom
  • 05 Gms sahi jeera
  • 20 Gms kashmiri red chilli powder
  • 15 Gms  salt
  • 200 Ml oil



1. Heat the oil and add the whole garam masala
2. Add chopped ginger, garlic and the onions.
3. Add lamb, channa dal red chilli powder, salt  and mix it properly.
4. Add water and allow to simmer till the mix gets cooked  and the water evaporates.
5. Take out fine mince twice.
6.  Divide into 20 equal balls
7. Flatten the balls and stuff with the mixture and make a tikki.
8. Shallow fry till golden brown. Serve hot.