A Home with a Brain

Trescent Lifestyle started by Harshul Parikh and Monika Sambharya, are the exclusive representatives in India for the most cutting edge, state of the art speakers and sound systems by Steinway Lyngdrof, Denmark. Steinway Lyngdorf delivers high performance digital sound systems that combine design artistry and the finest craftsmanship with perfected technology. Founded by Peter Lyngdorf and based in Denmark, Steinway Lyngdorf is the result of a visionary ambition and uncompromising commitment of one of the most forward-thinking audio innovators of our time. Trescent, creates smart homes with home automation solutions that enhance experience of luxury devices through integration.

Stienway Lyngdorf Model D - Red - Lifestyle 1

“At Trescent we define a“smart home” as a home with a brain. Imagine that with a touch of a button, your shades come down, lights dim and the movie starts at the perfect volume on your surround sound system. Home integration & automation is about living the green life without reducing your comforts. You can control any part of your home conveniently and reduce energy use.” says Monica Sambharya ,Co-CEO & Director Trescents Lifestyles. Combining the functions of Lighting, Audio-Video, Temperature Control, and Access Control in an imaginative manner ensures an effortless luxury home experience. With intelligent use of technology, it enhances lifestyles and also helps maximize energy saving. A personalized touch and an excellent after-sales service ensures years of enriching and rewarding experience as you comfortably glide from one experience to another in your fully automated home.