Shades of India

This story I had styled for Casaviva in October 2011. It takes inspiration from all the bright colours this country is so well known for:-

Photographs- Kartikey Shiva
Styled by- Aparna Kaistha

Marigold Orange and Rani Pink

Ochre Yellow and Sindoor Red

Royal Blue and Chilli Green

Monsoon Makeover Tips By D’Decor

Monsoon is a great time to give your abode a practical yet vibrant makeover. D’Decor, provides some useful tips and trends to re-invent your home décor this Monsoon.
With plenty of black and grays outside, it is a definite no-no for the interiors. Whites and creams can also be avoided as they get difficult to maintain, especially if you have kids in the house.Monsoon calls for warm and bright colors such as ochre, coral, shades of red or neon pastels.  Lend a refreshing change to your home décor with vibrant colors, quirky printed fabrics and accessories to add a touch of liveliness.

Tropical dreaming. Styled by Ruth Welsby
Tropical dreaming. Styled by Ruth Welsby

With overcast skies, one would need whatever light that can enter the home to enhance the bright colors and reflective surfaces. Use light cotton or sheer curtains or blinds which do not have lining, to allow sufficient light to enter the room, yet providing the privacy needed.

Image @ D' Decor
Image @ D’ Decor


Small colorful cotton rugs and mats are a surely recommended as add ons, so that one can clean their feet before jumping on the bed. Keep the bed clean as well as dry, such that you do not need to change the linen frequently. Cover the beds during the day with bed-covers made from blended fabrics and sit back and enjoy the pleasant weather!

Trend: Look Book 2014

I Have always said made-ups can change the look and mood of a room and putting those made ups together in an innovative way makes an Interior Stylist different from Interior Designer. StyleCity was invited by the new Home Centre at Pacific Mall, New Delhi to do up a few looks. So we decided to take one room set up and do up three different trends in the same space. Have a look and do let me know which you like or dislike the most!

Home Centre,

Trend: Monochromatic Wonder
We often hear the words Monochrome and wonder what the trend analysts mean. In simple terms it is Black and White and all the shades that fall between, namely greys. This look is always chic and stylish and does well for all genders and all marital statuses. To add a bit of panache you can bring in a hint of reds, lavenders or even yellow and blue. This is definitely our favourite look, what do you think?

Styled by  Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral
Styled by Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral

Trend: Eclectic Mix
We often wonder how we can create an eclectic look in a space. The first step is to understand what eclectic means. In laymen terms it is a combination of styles and tastes from different sources. In this case I leaned more towards Indian Kitsch, so the set up is a combination of bright colours and Indian motifs, while steering away from the traditional.

Styled by  Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral
Styled by Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral

Trend: Colour Mania
We often hear colour is a great way to enhance a space, yet we get confused when we try to combine colours. The simplest way is to decide which colour family we want to go towards. In this case I decided to go for Primary colours and hence did the look with Red+Blue+Yellow. If these feel too stark for you, you can use tints (pastel forms) of these colours and create your look.

Styled by  Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral
Styled by Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral

All Products were from Home Centre at Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar (unless mentioned otherwise)
Styling done by Aparna Kaistha, Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral.
These photos are a copyright of

Focus: Indian Spring

If you have ever visited India, you would have noticed the vast variety of cultures, customs and terrains around the country. You may or may not have noticed that we love celebrations, we celebrate dozens of festivals across India and this is excluding weddings. Upcoming first in March we have Holi which is to celebrate the advent of spring and the end of winters. People throw powdered colour and coloured water on each other. And later in April we have Baisakhi which signifies the New solar year. So here is a colourful welcome to Indian spring and a tribute to the various cultures and customs of India.
Photographs courtesy: Karolina Gembara
Styled by: Aparna Kaistha

Photograph by Karolina GembaraStyled by Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by Karolina Gembara
Styled by Aparna Kaistha

1.Phulkari Dupatta,1469, Rs.5,500 each 2.Antique Mirror, StyleCity Rs.2,800 3.Wooden Pot, 1469, Rs.600 4.Antique wooden Plate, StyleCity, Rs.900 5.Rayna Coasters (for colours), Goodearth Rs.475 each 6. Taxi Horn,1469, Rs.150 7.Lassi Glass,1469, Rs. 625

Indian Spring, Indian Spring. www.stylecity.inIndian Spring.

1.Pulkari Pank (hand fan), 1469, Rs.1,100 2.Kandhari Cow, Silk Road &Beyond, Rs.3,400*All images are copyrights of StyleCity. Please give due credit if you use them

I had done this article a few months ago during Indian independence day, but suddenly feel very patriotic, hence the urge to re-blog the post

Style City

When Slumdog Millionaire released, most of my Indian friends were quite mortified by the portrayal of India in the movie. I never really got down to watching the film, besides bits and pieces when it came on television. And I am certain if I were to watch the whole movie I really would not have been offended. What I have been noticing though is the major influence India has been making in the design and fashion circuit since the movie. I mean earlier Indian inspiration came only in form of prints and a few graphic symbols like Laxmi or Ganesh on T-shirts and Bedcovers, which came in the category of street fashion or hippie fashion, or there would be a one-off India inspired piece. Whereas now, there are full collections by renowned fashion and design houses which are being inspired by India. And I don’t blame them, in terms of design India has got a whole lot of inspiration, from…

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Trend- Colours of India

Keeping with Indian Inspired theme this month, here are a few products inspired by the colours of India.

1. Meditating Buddha Clip, Van Cleef and Arpels
2. Bed Spreads, Silk Road and Beyond
3. Glass, Good Earth
4. Umbrella, Peacock Life
5. Cushion, House of Ishatvam
6. Indian Night Jasmine perfume, The Body Shop
7. Pouffee, Colombostile
8. Vase, Casa Paradox



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Trend- Pop Art

Pop Colours are the boldest trend this season. Borrowing from Salvatore Dali as well as Andy Warhol, this trend of 2012 is bright and optimistic. Hugely seen on ramp mostly as accessories like belts and shoes, home accessories have embraced this season’s focus of vibrant brights and pops of colour. A funky table in pop colours, bright coloured cups all of them have invaded our space and we are loving it!

Designed by Anurag Paul

1. Pen Stand, Premsons 2. Lighter, Zippo 3. Wallet, Marc Jacobs 4. Nest of Tables, One and Only 5.O’clock, Liberty of London 6. Pop Slingbacks, Bonprix 7.Trays, Bo Concept 8. Scarf, Liberty of London 9.Bracelets, Top Shop 10. Mirror, Apartment 9