Review: Hungry Monkey, New Delhi

The New York styled loft ambiance of Hungry Monkey; bare brick walls, concrete floors, the MS installations and the elegant wooden interiors come together in perfect synchrony to create an intriguing industrial feel. The creative typography of quotes on the walls, crafted using carefully chosen fonts are a perfect match to the stylish vibe of the restaurant. Already curious? Well, ‘curiosity is the beginning of adventure‘, is exactly what the walls of The Hungry Monkey tell you.With a faint old school meets new age magnetism, numerous little elements like encyclopaedias stacked on shelves, a vintage hour glass, Edison light bulbs and the rich brown of the wood everywhere bring to life these very stories.The Hungry Monkey, www.stylecity.inThe Flying Brunch, Hungry Monkey,

Inspired by sunny California, The Hungry Monkey introduces the city to ‘California cuisine’, which many may not be well-versed with, but worth a try. An out of the box offering, the restaurant brings you a rendition of varied dishes from the European culture with a unique twist of fusion. Even the “Flying Brunch” is a step away from the usual. After you pick your salad from the display, you get small quantity main dishes delivered to your table and you can pick and choose the ones you want to have or repeat. The Hungry Monkey offers an eclectic menu which focuses on a global palate, through a surprising fusion of flavours combined with fresh produce from organic farms like ‘Farmlove’, a pioneer in organic food in the capital. Dig into the Cold Spinach Gomae or relish the signature Bang-Bang Chicken Rolls. For the adventurous souls, the Expresso Pan Fried Chicken made with a light coffee sauce or the Asian Honey and Soy braised Pork Ribs served with Kimchi on the side are the perfect indulgent picks from the menu. While the Smoked Salmon Carpaccio is a succulent fusion of flavours, the White Chocolate Parfait with almond and vanilla filo pastry cigar along with Coconut French Toast leaves a lasting impression. The Flying Brunch, Hungry Monkey,

The bar’s hexagonal chemical bond inspired display itself has been designed personally by the owners who have left no stone unturned to bring you an exciting array of drinks. Always innovative in its ways, The Hungry Monkey serves its signature cocktails, the Old-Fashioned and the Manhattan, classic as well as smoked. The bar here easily boasts of a selection of delightful and many a times ‘difficult to spot in this city’ liquor.  Apart from popular modern cocktails, be assured to also come across beautifully infused renditions of the classics.

Eat | Drink | Play
Address – B 6/6 DDA Market, opposite Deer Park, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
Contact No. – 011 46049801, +91 9810788196
Meal for 2 – Rs. 2000 ++

Review: Trifecta, Mumbai

Every month hundreds of restaurants are born in Mumbai, and then even before you can begin to remember names they shut and are replaced by something else. Most of them are just run of a mill places with nothing exceptional to offer, the rest just can’t keep up with the original standards. So, in Mumbai more than any other place I tend to feel most sceptical about trying out new places and least of all getting attached to them. Situated conveniently on Juhu Tara road in the Hotel Royal Garden,Trifecta which has replaced Opa is the latest entrant into the Mumbai culinary scene.This multi-cuisine restaurant has neo-modern interiors with the option of either lounge style seating outside or an elegantly designed indoor area with wooden interiors.Over-all nothing extraordinary so far. All that changed once we started tasting the food.


Trifecta offers a large 10 page menu with three cuisines namely North Indian, Oriental and Continental with carefully selected dishes and a large selection of cocktails. We started with cocktails namely Pina Colada and a Manhattan. The cocktails were perfect, in fact they could give the best bartenders in the city a run for their money.Then on the advice of the manager, we ordered for a Non-veg(Indian) platter which had small portions of koliwada fish, chicken kali mirch kebab, chicken pudina kebab, chicken acahri kebab, chicken reshmi, chicken tikka, fish tikka and mutton seekh kebab. The kebabs were tender and reminded us of lakhnawi kebabs which are some of the best kebab’s in the country.


After that we decided to go for second round of drinks before ordering main course. Impressed by the bartender’s skills, we now were greedy and wanted more. So we ordered for a classic margarita as we continued to relish the appetizers. We then entered the major dilemma for the evening-what to order for mains from the vast menu? This time we decided to savour the continental and oriental flavours. So we called for chicken khao suey and Jamaican jerk chicken.The flavours of both was authentic and mesmerizing. So we requested to personally compliment the executive chef Mr. Sandy. Having 13 years of culinary experience under his sleeves, he informed us that the secret behind such delicious food is that they prepare most of the ingredients in-house instead of going for artificial flavours from stores. And then although we were bursting, he tempted us to try the Mousse cake and we were really glad that we did so, as it was delish! So if you are in the area we definitely recommend you to drop in and have a meal at Trifecta.

1.70gms Fresh Onion
2.50gms Fresh Garlic
3.25gms Fresh Ginger
4.20gms Green Chilly
5.10gms Thai Ginger(Galngal)
6.10gms Basil Leaves
7.25ml Refined Oil
8.120ml Coconut Milk
9.15gms Broccalli
10.15gms Mushroom
11.15gms Babycorn
12.15gms zucchini
13.5gms Madras Cyrry powder
14.10gms Silken Tofu
15.5gms Salt

1.10gms Fried Garlic
2.10gms Fried Onion
3.10gms Crushed peanuts
4.10gmsChilly Flakes
5.10gms Chopped Celery
6.10gms Chopped Green Chilly
7.10gms Lemon Wedages
8.10gms Chopped Coriander
9.10gms Chopped Spring Onion
10.10gms Sliced Onion

First Of All Grind This Ingredients Like Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilly, Thai Ginger(galangal)and Make a smooth paste, then heat the pan put some oil then put few fresh basil Stair Well Add Smooth Paste Cook For Few Minutes Then Add Coconut Milk And Stair Well Until The Paste And Coconut Milk Mix Properly ,Give The Seasoning ,After That Add All Vegetable With Tofu . Garnish With Fresh Basil And Serve With Flat Rice Noodles Or Steam Rice And Condiments.


Review: Club Czar

During my college days in Delhi, we did not have a lot of night clubs. Well that is a lie, we did have a decent number of night clubs but most of them were in hotels which meant too expensive and a very strict age limit, also the fact that back then it was really difficult to convince parents to let us go out at night. So at that time arose the era of going to clubs in the day. These were mostly stand alone clubs that had come up in the usual teenage hangout spots, mostly popular markets and movie hall venues and offered great deals on everything from food to alcohol and ofcourse the major trend back then “hookahs”. So when I walked into Club Czar one Tuesday afternoon a few weeks back that is exactly where I was transported in time i.e my college days.

Club Czar in Saket district of New Delhi really reminded me of my college days, firstly cause it was an actual club, not a pub or lounge with dark interiors and funky lighting fixtures, complete with LED lighting and automated bar and a projector screen and ofcourse a dance floor. The club has been given an industrial look with a separate VIP room, there was a pink room with graphics all over the walls and a mezzanine VIP area in the middle of the club. Even during the day, there was a DJ playing and the club was absolutely full. Yup! all the tables were full and people came and went throughout the time that I sat at the club. The club does an equal amount of business at night I am told by the manager and weekends you need to be on the guest list if you don’t want to pay entry(WOW!).
The first thing I noticed was that every table had atleast one Hookah on the table, which surprised me as Hookahs are no longer allowed in public places, but I was assured by the manager that these were herbal hookahs, so my friend and I went ahead and called for one. Now I don’t know the difference between an herbal and non-herbal hookah but the Paan flavoured Hookah we called for was quite good. The other thing we saw on almost all tables were Beer Towers, for those of you who don’t know what that is its like a tall tower which contains two-three litres of beer. This we skipped cause after all it was a weekday afternoon and we were there to do a review not get drunk, so we called in for a cocktail each. The cocktails had the usual list of LIIT, Blue Lagoon, Margarita’s, Martini’s etc. Obviously more importance was given to the Beer and Hard Liquor which is what my friend shifted to after he had one LIIT.

From here we moved on to food because honestly in a club with loud music it does get a little difficult to have conversation and since I could not really get drunk at 2 in the afternoon, as much as I would have loved to, but perils of writing reviews I need to remember exactly what went down, food seemed like the next best thing. So we ordered a variety of starters like the Melange of mushrooms, Czar Mezze platter, Pickled chicken Bruchetta and Harissa chicken skewers. The best out of these were the Melange of mushrooms which we finished till the last morsel. By now the music, the hookah and alcohol had given both me and my friends quite a buzz and we were really enjoying the place and had begun to forget it was actually middle of the afternoon and not night. After a bit we got a bit hungry so we decided to call for the main course, which was brilliant. The starters were alright but the Main course was amazing especially since I did not expect that from a night club or day club. Each table I could see had a pizza so I decided to call in for a Pepperoni Pizza, A chicken Shawarma and Caribbean Barbeque chicken. All in all, it is a night club so would mostly recommend you check it out at night, they have different music on different nights, apparently they do an Arabian Sufi night on wednesdays and definitely do try the Hookah and eat atleast a pizza if you can’t get down for dinner. Besides that if you happen to be around during lunch stop by to revisit college days, unless you are in college then well have a blast!

Club Czar: G-9, Salcon Rasvillas, D-1, District Center, Saket, New Delhi, Tel:8527880303
Average Cost of Meal for 2: Rs. 1100 ++ (with beer)/Rs.700 without


Preparation time: 12-15 min (Serves 2)


·        200g Button Mushroom

·        30g Shiitake Mushroom

·        15g Porcini Mushroom

·        15g Garlic (chopped)

·        15g Onion (chopped)

·        150g Spinach (blanched and finely chopped)

·        10g Olive black

·        10g Dried Tomato

·        2g Basil

·        10ml White Wine

·        A pinch of Chilli Flakes

·        Seasoning  to taste


·         Cut button mushrooms one into four.

·         Pour olive oil in frying pan and add garlic, onion and mushroom.

·         Now add white wine and chilli flakes and cook it for 4-5 minutes.

·         Add shiitake and porcini mushroom and cook in high flame.

·         Sauté the spinach properly.

·         Keep separate and use mold for presentation.

·         Garnish with black olive, sundried tomato and parsley springs.

Carribean Barbeque Chicken:


·         220g Chicken Breast

·         60g Pineapple slice

·         30g American corn

·         80g Exotic vegetables

·         60g Brown sugar

·         25g BBQ sauce

·        Seasoning according to taste

·         15g Garlic

·         10ml Red Wine

·         20ml Olive oil

·         10g Dijon mustard

·         10 g Butter


·         Marinate chicken breast with Dijon mustard garlic paste, BBQ sauce, olive oil, salt and pepper for 30 minutes.

·         Cut vegetables in baton shape and marinate in BBQ sauce with sliced pineapple.

·         Grill the marinated chicken breast for 5-8 minutes along with marinated sliced pineapple.

·         Heat oil in a heavy based frying pan and sauté vegetables 3 to 4 minutes on medium heat. Add some sauté American corn and seasoning. All above preparation arrange in plate according for sauce.

·         Heat pan and make Carribean BBQ sauce by pouring brown sauce, red wine and BBQ sauce cooked on medium heat sauce. Finish it with butter; pour BBQ sauce on chicken breast.

Drink for a Cause!

In February 2011, Belvedere the premium Vodka brand announced its partnership with RED and the launch of a special edition to raise proceeds for the Global Fund, the worlds leading financer to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. 50% of profits from the sales of Belvedere (RED) special edition will contribute to the Global Fund.

To add to the summer fun, here is a list of cocktails created by Claire Smith for Summer 2012. So throw your fancy party and add a tinge of RED with these cocktails.


Belvedere (RED) Reef Breeze            Belvedere (RED) Cherry Collin

1oz Belvedere RED                               50ml Belvedere Vodka

½oz Belvedere Citrus                            6-7 Fresh Black Cherries

2oz Pineapple Juice                               Dash Simple Syrup

Dash Lime                                            15ml Lime Juice

¼ grenadine syrup                                Dash peychaud Bitters

Shake and pour over into High ball         Muddle,shake and strain in a iced highball

                                                          Pour Soda and garnish with a cherry 

Belvedere (RED) Port                        Belvedere (RED) Tart

1oz Belvedere RED                              1.5oz Belvedere RED

½oz Strawberry Juice                          ¼oz Chambord  Black Raspberry liqueur

½oz Port                                            Dash Ameretto

Dash Simple Syrup                             ½ oz Fresh lime juice

2 dashes rhubarb bitters                   Shake first four ingredients. Top up with sprite

10ml chilled water                            Garnish with red berries

Stir and serve at room temp in spirit glass

Cocktail Hour

For all of you, who like me love going for a drink post work, or meet for drinks over lunch (or don’t even mind an occasional wine at breakfast) Cafe Zoe the latest entry into the Mumbai hospitality scene is just our answer for that and much more. Open from 7.30 am, with authentic European cuisine, the owners encourage you to come in and spend time at the place as much as you want. Whether it is grabbing a book or using the wi-fi facility for work, noone will disturImageb you till you are ready to go.

Coming back to the point which is the delish drinks,  In keeping with the persona of doing things differently, Zoe also has something special to offer the tipplers.  Expect to be served pitchers of all your favorite cocktails at prices that will make this place your favorite! You can also purchase your very own bottle of vodka, and no, it doesn’t apply only to the most premium. And my recommendation is the fresh seasonal fruit Margarita. We tried the Kiwi and Strawberry Margarita, both get two thumbs up from us. They were yummy! We were so tempted to get more except we were there over lunch and had to get back to office (Unfortunately).

So if you are around the area or work around there, do stop by for a drink, and do try the Margarita.

Cafe Zoe: 7-11 Mathuradas Mill Compound, 126, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013

(Photograph Courtsey- Casaviva India)