Sindhan design present “Neolith Design Studio”

Synonymous with luxury, SDPL’s most exclusive studio, Sindhan Signature, is an elite design studio that creates ultra-lux architecture and interiors for discerning clientele. From royal estates to celebrity residences and corporate platforms, this studio has worked on elite projects around India, America and united kingdom offering highly customized, turnkey design solutions that respect the client’s desired level of privacy.

Designer Supriya Reddy the creative eye and lifestyle muse has teamed up with legendary designers like New York’s celebrated designer Christopher Hyland, Hollywood star furniture designer Jamie Adler of Phyllis Morris, world-renowned Mosaic Genius Leo Placuzzi of Sicis, Australian star style guru Jared to name a few. The biggest international designers and brands empower SDPL to redefine and create individual awesomeness to every project.

“Neolith State Rooms” is SDPL’s. foray into Bangalore in collaboration with Neolith design studio. The collaboration showcases the innovative designs of Sindhan Designs and presents Neolith, the leading creative for exclusive stone works.


The works included within the REGALIA COLLECTION range from PRECIOUS STONE PANELS to furniture pieces and luxury drapery, each produced as unique or limited edition piece, giving the visitor a true overview of the range of Sindhan design practice.