Moods of Women

Women are the most important person in every individual life. The self taught artist Suraj Dutta is set to present his latest exhibition of artworks on woman as a part of “Moods of women”. In today’s world where there are molestation issues against women, artist would like to portray beautifully how a woman reacts to different situation. Suraj’s bold experimentation with coloring led directly to the Synthetics style of modern art with gold leafing, while his expression of the inherent meaning of the subjects in his paintings.

4 Women Romance - 1,25,000

5 Women Love Colours - 75,000

Artist and Interior Designer Suraj Dutta, the Gold Leafing Studio says, “My Major hurdles was to use colors on Metal Leafing (gold / Silver / Copper). It was really difficult to maintain the acrylic and pastel colors on leafing canvas and at the same time to capture moments of women moods, with highlighting the gold leafing or silver leafing on the canvas because of its delicacy. I am glad my experiments paid off.”

Date of exhibition: 2nd May 2013 to 9th May 2013
Timings 11:00am to 7pm
Where: IQ Homes, 190/ 1520, Motilal Nagar 1, Sejal Park, BEST road, opp Neeta building, Goregoan west

Trend- Tribal Art

Trend- Tribal Art

Trend- 1920’s Revival of Decadence