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Shahpur Jat open house is here again, on September 20th starting at 10.30 am. This bi-annual festival has gained momentum and popularity with loads of stores and individual participants. So if you have no plans this Sunday or even if you do, cancel them and come join me for the Shahpur Jat open house.
Shahpur Jat open house
Start your day with Yoga with Zubin Atre of TAYS at 10.30 am. Eat at the various eateries through the day like Café Red, House of Blondie, Arte Café, The Old Town Cafe to name a few. Shop at various stores like Lila, Les Parisiennes and Olivia Dar etc. At 5pm join Atre Yoga Studio again in a jam session, followed by an Open Mike session at 7.00pm and salsa dancing at 8.30pm. I will be going and hope to see you there, so leave a comment if you want to catch up!
Yoga Choco Art Music Love

Project Seven initiated by Zeba Kohli

To celebrate the Spirit of Entrepreurship, Business Acumen and Creativity, Zeba Kohli of “Fantasie Fine chocolate” presents “Project Seven” A Fashion, Lifestyle & Art extravaganza that brings together individuals who share her penchant for enterprise and design. “Project Seven”, inspired by the Seven Chakras; Shakti, Life, Order, Wisdom, Love, Power, Imagination & Understanding, presents the new season collections by Established as well as Upcoming Designers. Such as James Ferreira, Kavita Durazi, Divya Mohta, Kiran & Meghna, Renu Bothra “YOU”, Misbah Mitha, Shaadir Amri, Ex- Model Svetlana Casper, Nalandda Bhandari and many more to present their Pre-Festive Designs while Sonali Dalwani “Crimzon”,  Neeta Parikh, Payal Kothari and Hersh & Malini Kotecha”Stoffa” will showcase their Footwear & Accessories ; Semi precious jewellery by Ameesha Dalmia”TAD” and Kidswear by Coocoo make this a One Stop Shop for stylish, chic designs.

Gurcharan singh at Project Seven, salva rasool--jewellery at Project Seven,

An interesting highlight that makes Project Seven is the Art Lounge curated by Bina Aziz, including the finest and extensive collection of paintings, ingenious print work, art inspired jewellery and furniture and functional pieces of art. This art exhibition will feature the works of Senior artists such as Gurcharan Singh, Seema Kohli, Badri Narayan, Bhoomika Dange, Laxma Goud, Nishant Dange, Raj More , Nayanaa Kanodia and many more. Art inspired jewellery by Salva Rasool and Shubha Gokhale and inventive home accessories & furniture designed by Rajendra Chaudhari. The exhibition presents  Limited Edition Giclee prints by Jaideep Mehrotra that are on ph-neutral water-colour paper, boasting quality that is accepted as museum standard around the world. They are individually signed and numbered for exclusivity. After the print-run is over the master images will no longer be used.

India Circus at Project Seven,

Jaideep Mehrotra at Project Seven,

Indiacircus, the contemporary India inspired designcentric label by Krsna Mehta will shocwcase their vibrant home accessories, wall art and funky diaries, mugs & cases while Houseproud, the lifestyle label by Sanvari & Anjorie Alagh will be displaying their home accesories, kitchen & tableware. Making the shopping experience more worthwhile will be a “Pop Up Shop” by “Fizaa” by Zarine Khan, one of suburban Mumbais most sought after fashion destinations, presenting new collections by their designers for the first time in South Mumbai. Also showcasing for the first time a series of photographs by Salamat Husain, MF Husains grandson (a talented photographer based in Mumbai)

Title: Project Seven
Date: August 6th & 7th
Venue: Sunville Banquets, DR AB Road, Worli, Mumbai
Timings : 11am to 7pm

Trend Alert: 1990’s Metal and Grunge

Fashion to Décor: Trend 1990’s
While the Fashion world in the 1990’s saw a variety of looks from Grunge to Goth to Leather and Punk, the world of Décor also took a huge leap from the era of retro and pop. Suddenly Computers were seen in everyone’s homes, and the colours in focus in décor were blues, greens and whites with metal becoming prominent. There was a lot of emphasis on Futuristic minimal décor and design. And this year Summer 2013 has seen a revival of the 1990’s in both Fashion and Home Décor.

1. Rose Chair, Edra at Strot
2. Ankle High Boots, Metro Shoes
3. Archibald, Poltrona Frau
4. Mini Girotondo Aperitif Set by King-Kong,
5. Juicy Salif Citrus-Squeezer by Philippe Starck
6. Drowning-Girl–Serigraph, Roy Lichtenstein, Museum of Modern Art NY

“Pop” Champagne and Water

Want to invest in some art for your home décor but don’t have the space or not sure you want it to hang on the wall? Well here is a solution- If you to happen have $20,000 lying around, how about going in for the new limited-edition bottle of Dom Perignon designed by Jeff Koons. The bright pink bottle is based on Koons’ famous Balloon Venus; it is a piece of art, open it and you can sip Dom’s Rose Vintage 2003.

Jeff Koons-bottle, Dom Perignon Andy Warhol and perrier

If $20,000 is a bit too steep but you would still like to carry a bit of art with you, or find a funky way to add art to your décor and sip from it get Warhol bottles which are officially available wherever Perrier is sold. The bottles are part of the brand’s 150th anniversary celebration.The new labels include those designs along with some memorable quotes from the artist (like “Art is what you can get away with” and “I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night.”)
So go ahead, invest in some ART!

“Private Moon” travels the world

Russian artist Leonid Tishkov has taken the very notion of romance and actually bought down the moon to earth.Paris, Austria, Kazakhstan and Taiwan are just some of the places he has travelled with his man-made lunar companion. As an artist and story-teller Tishkov’s inspiration comes from various fairy-tales and he dreams of travelling to the moon with his “Private Moon”. Do read excerpts from his interview at Huffington Post.

Leonid Tishkov Private Moon,

Leonid Tishkov Private Moon,

Leonid Tishkov Private Moon,

The entire experience has been captured in intimate photographs taken off the artist with the moon. I for one love the idea of a man travelling the world with a moon and have a photograph trail of his endeavours. Reminds me a bit of the Little Prince. I think if I could travel the world it would be with a giant shoe, maybe convince Louboutin or Jimmy Choo to create one, so I could leave my footsteps wherever I visit. What about you? What would you like to travel the world with? Do leave your ideas in the comments below

The Serigraph Studio- a limited edition art studio

We all want to own some amazing art but let’s be honest not many of us can afford to do so. Well, here is a revolutionary concept in the Contemporary Indian Art arena, The Serigraph Studio bodies a nouveau model called serigraphy. Conceived by art collector Lavesh Jagasia, the core focus of the studio lies in publishing of Contemporary Indian Fine Prints. The Serigraph covers genres such as figurative, landscape, seascape, portraiture, abstract, still life.The Serigraph Studio collaborates with artists to Publish, Release and Distribute a complete edition of such Fine Art prints which are signed by the artists and printed by him or under his supervision in a Limited Edition exclusively for ‘The Serigraph Studio’ thereby making available and accessible to art collectors high quality, genuine works of art each accompanied with a certificate of Authenticity through its Online and Offline Resources.

The Serigraph Studio- 6 The Serigraph Studio- 4

This newly opened limited edition art studio is the casa of art of 8 renowned masters that includes the likes of JEHANGIR SABAVALA, SAKTI BURMAN, JOGEN CHOWDHURY, S.H. RAZA, RAM KUMAR, PARITOSH SEN, GANESH HALIO, LALU PRASAD SHAW. In addition to the 8 artists, in the current year the studio plans to launch and add a few more noted artists to their repertoire of serigraphs.“They are not exact photographic replication of the original paintings, there is something different done on the print to preserve the authenticity of the print. Each print is limited edition & is signed by the artist and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. With time, Fine Art Prints that are well looked after, do appreciate in value.”- Lavesh Jagasia

The Serigraph Studio- 1 The Serigraph Studio- 77

A perfect token for art aficionados, Serigraphs are affordable as compared to the expensive original art which is either already taken or is too expensive to be acquired. Once all the limited edition serigraphs of a particular artist are sold out there opens a secondary market that brings in the appreciation for that particular serigraph.

For further details
The Serigraph Studio
#1 Sunbeam Apartments, Perry cross-road, Ahead of the Bagel Shop, Bandra-west, Mumbai-50

Trend- 1920’s Revival of Decadence


Mughal Pop- Mozez Singh’s new Collection

Inspired by Mughal Art, Architecture, design and Motifs, Mozez Singh has launched his new collection “Mughal Pop”. He explores the tradition of India and gives it a modern twist. The furniture pieces are made in acrylic and jewelled with semi-precious stones. This makes the whole collection look like Pop art instead of just furniture. Each piece if named after a character from Indian history, and to maintain exclusivity and sell art instead of mass made furniture, there are only 9 pieces which have been made, each personally signed by Mozez.

Kolkata Musing

Look up at any point, Kolkata won't dissapoint you!
Big Yellow Taxi
Flurys- one of the oldest joints in Kolkata- Mouth watering food and beautiful decor.
Victoria Memorial. She lived in style.
Taj Bengal is the best one I've been to yet! Souk- highly recomended for Mediterranean, European & Lebanese cuisine

Photographs by Chandni Sareen