Flower Power

Ok, so obviously hotels spend a lot of attention to their flower displays. Beginning from the entrance lobby to the restaurants to the room, most hotels have elaborate displays. The thing I have learnt and been told by a lot of experts is, that most of these displays are not that difficult to achieve and can add a lot of panache to any room. Here again we have a few experts from Small Luxury hotels of the World  (SLH) giving us a few tips

Fleming Mayfair, London, UK

Yan Skates, Director, Bespoke Flowers, Fleming Mayfair

Image Courtesy- SLH,Flemings Hotel

“Our flower displays change in design from week to week, to keep up the wow factor for our regular visitors. So that would be my first tip- keep changing your displays every time you entertain. We take inspiration from new quirky venues in the city, study interior magazines religiously and keep up with current exhibitions in town or when travelling abroad. Inspiration can strike anyplace and anywhere so keep a lookout. Shop windows can be another great source. Another tip- if you pick from the garden or have a limited budget, a small number of blooms have more impact if they are put individually in vases. The vases could be the same or a variety depending on your theme and décor.”Hansar Bangkok, Thailand

Khun Surasak Jaijumpa, head florist, Hansar Bangkok shares his step by step technique to create a flower arrangement for your home.

You will need:

– Variety of flowers of various sizes.( I have used long stem roses, alstroemeria, lisianthus, amaryllis and tulips)

– Medium sized glass vase

– Bundle of twigs- (I have chosen red wood)

– Fresh water


– Begin by cutting the wood sticks to the height of the glass vase. Next line the glass vase with smaller glass tubes*, if you do not have glass tubes at home you can use the wood sticks in place of this.

– After the glass tubes are positioned, put the red wood in between each tube to keep the over all display sturdy and provide a nice colour accent and texture to flowers

– After all the cut wood sticks are places, add some additional uncut red wood branches to give the arrangement some height

– Now fill the vase with water. You can use a syringe to squirt the water the keep the arrangement clean.

– Now, cut the flowers and begin placing them into the arrangement. Tip- start with the larger size flowers first and then fill in the empty areas with smaller ones. And you are done!

*These test tubes are easily available at any chemist or even some stationary stores.

Here is a DIY tip by me on how to create an interesting Flower arrangement

Photograph- Binaifer Bharucha

Instead of using just traditional vases, use various single pieces of sets. So these could include a few small vases as well as glasses and cups of various sizes. The thinner glasses/vases can be used for long single flowers and the wider ones for bunches of smaller flowers. Place these on a long tray and put them on a console or in a round tray on your round dining table. You can use ribbons and lace to wrap these vases/glasses. This is a perfect look for an outdoor party.  Add more quirky elements like colourful beads in the clear glasses. This looks funky and doesn’t cost much at all. So go ahead try it and let me know how it worked.

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Design solutions for your wedding

With wedding season around the corner most people are at wit’s end with how to go about planning the venue and decor. Especially since weddings are getting more and more lavish and we have less and less time to really get involved in every nitty-gritty. Events and occasions have left the jurisdiction of family elders and moved on to a new pedestal involving experts. Rigid reds have been cleverly replaced by themes and marigolds by orchids. Collective responsibilities have passed onto the hands of event planners letting family members enjoy the occasion.

With an efficient in-house team of designers who help you with all your needs from venue suggestions to arranging for floral arrangements, from taking care of your wedding entertainment, sangeet, bachelor party arrangement and of course spinsters if you please, Bougainvilla Design caters with solutions and products from around the world ranging from turkey, Thailand, Australia. A design house that aims to bridge the gap between a non-flourished market and constant demand, Bougainvilla Design is also known for its creative inputs to the industry and to its clientele for perfecting and achieving effects that seamlessly creates an impression. After all your floral arrangements can say a lot about you, no?”Says, founder and designer Jasleen Kochhar of Bougainvilla Design. Further on what defines Bougainvilla Design, she adds, “A subtle quirk, an exclusive USP and a quality product: these three key elements define every single product in Bougainvilla Design.”With an expansive array of flowers and gifts to suit any occasion Bougainvilla Design is a full service event and wedding planner that specializes in conceptual stylized floral arrangements.

Encompassing various forms of designing such as floral, accessories, products and lifestyle, and covering a vast range of venues and solutions Bougainvilla Design is your ‘one stop shop’for all your wedding woes. 1) Venue Suggestions: From selecting the right venue for your dream wedding to carefully executing the daunting task till the end “our team helps you do a careful selection of the venue, from the choices available in the market, within your budget and taste and act as liaison point with the venue and yourselves.” Says, Jasleen Kocchar, co-founder, Bougainvilla Design. 2) Stylized Decorative Concepts: Selection of the right decorative concept is the key element to a good-looking wedding. Bougainvilla Designs showcases carefully picked themes and concepts ranging from traditional, contemporary to indo-western and modern chic that help you pick the theme of your dreams. 3) Theme lighting: Lighting is crucial. It plays a key role in the overall look of the wedding venue. Bougainvilla designs guide decorators to ensure an effect that’s absolutely lovable.

Not just the above mentioned, with Bougainvilla Designs you will also find room for entertainment, invitation cards, function detailing, photographing options, choreographers, firework, trousseau packing and also various gifting solutions for the guests.