Dream Home: Knightsbridge Apartment Designed by Anna Dodonova

International interior designer Anna Dodonova’s latest project, a contemporary family apartment in Knightsbridge, London, oozes style and glamour.Faced with a brief of making the space feel spacious, Anna changed the apartment layout by completely opening the entrance area and installing a walk in wardrobe and guest bathroom. There is now an open-plan living and dining room space with breathtaking views of London. The 300 square metres property is bathed in shades of white and ivory along with Anna’s signature style of blending contemporary design with timeless glamour.With the clever use of lighting and mirrors, Anna created the illusion of higher ceilings and larger rooms.The white and ivory colour palette is complemented by the use of accent colour accessories and shiny lacquered finishes on some of the surfaces along with fabrics and leathers. From sand touch wallpaper and glass beads to fine studded curtains, the different textures featured throughout the apartment gives all the spaces depth and character. Anna points out that although each room has its own personality, “everything was designed in the same vein to ensure a harmonious balance was achieved”. Anna worked closely with the owners, from concept to delivering the finishing touches.

It is important to make the entrance feel as inviting as possible as it sets the tone for the rest of the house. We made the entrance into a practical, open and bright space leading to the living room area. The large mirror which is also a clock, is a great statement piece and it reflects light making the entrance area feel and look wider. The sand textured wall paper with the vertical lines in the entrance area, corridor and the living room create the illusion of higher walls and ceilings. The white shiny textured ceramic floor tiles were laid out in diamond pattern as it also helps the room look bigger. The lights and lamps in the entrance highlights the furniture finishes and builds the atmosphere.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.inMel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in

Mirror clock by Reflex, Chandelier by Kolarz, Wallpaper by Brian Yates, Floor in ceramic tiles by Via Arcadia, Floor lamp by Visionaire from Anna Casa, Chair by Angelo Capellini from Anna Casa, Wall panels fabric by Jab, Console by Malerba from Anna Casa, Wall light by Besselink & Jones, Wardrobe custom made by Anna Casa, painting by Alex Turco at Anna Casa End table by Baxter at Anna Casa

Living room
The living room is very bright with tons of natural light during the day and city’s lights flood the apartment in the evening. The sofas are located in the middle of the room and face the fireplace making the space cosy and intimate. You can get a view of the whole room with the library located to the left and dining room to the right of the living room area.The cream leather sofas add to the light effect. The sofa design is practical and comfortable as the back can easily be adjusted for more back support. The coffee table has an onyx table top finish which matches the sofa shade. Anna worked with stone to add another level of texture to the room. For the window treatment, Anna didn’t want to overload with too much fabric so she used just enough curtain to give the room the cosy yet light feel it has.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in

Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in  Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in

Fireplace custom-made by Anna Casa Sofas by Fendi Home Coffee table by Visionare from Anna Casa Curtains fabric by Shares by Nia Nordisca Wallpaper by Brian Yates Library custom made by Anna Casa Library chair by Baxter @ Anna Casa Bar unit custom made by Anna Casa Office desk by Reflex @ Anna Casa Wall light right by Reflex @Anna Casa Wall light left by Bella Figura Wallpaper by Brian Yates Rug by Veedon Fleece

Dining room and Kitchen
The dining room is next to the kitchen and overlooks the whole living room. The glass dining table with matching dining chairs gives the space a clean and modern feel. Anna add’s “the idea was not to block the space but make it look as easy and light as possible”.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in

Dining table by Fendi Home Chairs by Roche Bobois Wall light by Reflex @ Anna Casa Chandelier by Reflex @ Anna Casa Kitchen by Mowlem & Co Wallpaper by Brian Yates

Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is all about ultimate comfort and complete luxury. Anna’s vision was to make it a personal sanctuary but ensuring that style wasn’t compromised. The lights give the room just the right drama and mirrors widens the space. The soft textures and fabrics on the bed and carpet makes the master bedroom warm and inviting.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in

Wall lights by Bella Figura Headboard custom made by Anna Casa Fabric by JabBed custom made by Anna Casa Bedside tables custom made by Anna Casa Wardrobe custom made by Anna Casa Finish birds eye Bedlinen by VS interiors Carpet by Oliver T. Wall Paper by Brian Yates Curtains Wemyss Sheers by Nordiska

Family Bedrooms
Anna wanted to ensure that each bedroom was created with it’s own identity. Both rooms have slick lines and similar dressing tables but the different wallpapers and bed linen in each room gives both spaces it’s own personality.The luxurious and soft bed linen and curtains makes the rooms effortlessly cosy.

Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in

Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in Mel Yates_Anna Casa. www.stylecity.in

Headboard custom made by Anna Casa-Bedding and accessories by Missoni and VS Interiors Bed custom made by Anna Casa Bedside tables custom made by Anna Casa Wardrobe custom made by Anna Casa Desk custom made by Anna Casa Bedlinen by VS interiors Carpet by Stark Cappets Wall Paper by Brian Yates Curtains by Romo Sheers by Nordiska