Farah Baksh by Good Earth

Each year Good Earth is inspired by a different region of the Indian Sub-continent to come up with their collection. This year it is the beauty and cultural heritage of Kashmir. Generation after generation Kashmiri artisans have combined various arts and crafts to create masterpieces. From hand-woven Pashmina and embroidered shawls with the Butah or Kairi pattern which is known as Paisley the world over to Paper Mache objects. Good Earth pays a tribute to Kashmiri Karigars by working together to create contemporary design vocabulary while retaining the spirit of their tradition. The Mughals had an affinity for natural beauty and sought to enhance it through creating gardens based on the principle of Charbagh or Paradise Gardens. Some of the finest Charbaghs were created here in Kashmir namely Shalimar, Nishat, Chashme Shahi, Pari Mahal, Achabal and Verinag together they are called Mughal Gardens and are a major influence in Good Earth’s collection, with the collection being named Farah Baksh or Shalimar Bagh. And finally, the romance associated with Kashmir instantly reminds one of the late Shammi Kapoor, the Indian Cinema actor who is instantly associated with Kashmir as alot of his songs were featured there, as a tribute is the Dashing Hero collection.