Secure 12 Gold Fox’s Indonesia Para Badminton, Indonesia becomes overall champion

Indonesian para-badminton athlete, Syakuroh Qonitah Ikhtiar (doc. Fox)

Solo: Indonesian athletes successfully carried out the task of defending the overall title at the FOX’S Indonesia Para Badminton International 2023 event. In the final held at the GOR Sritex Arena, Solo, Sunday (10/9), the team red and white successfully won 12 gold medals. of 17 categories.

Head of Corporate Affairs of PT Savoria Kreasi Rasa, Ryne Anggia Prawesti, congratulated the winners who won the champion title and worked together to maintain the overall champion status in this prestigious tournament. Ryne hopes winning this tournament will inspire enthusiasm and motivation to continue progressing to a higher level.

“Every day during the six days of this tournament, we saw a glimmer of energy from the athletes to overcome all limitations and achieve the best results in the arena. For their struggle through challenges and achievements , we congratulate the winners. “We hope that victory in this tournament can be a springboard to achieve even higher results on the world stage and make Indonesia proud in the sports arena,” said Ryne.

Meanwhile, General Chairman of the Indonesian National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Senny Marbun said that the success of the overall champion of the tournament which is also supported by the sports department of the Djarum Foundation will be an injection of motivation for the athletes at compete. the Hangzhou Asian Paralympic Games in 2023 and the Paris Paralympic Games in 2024.

“The success of the athletes in defending the title of overall champion is a positive signal that we are ready to face even bigger competitions, because from the beginning this tournament was also intended to be a place to sharpen the mind and strategy for the next Asian Paralympic Games in Hangzhou in October and also to chase points for Indonesian athletes. “I can participate in the Paris Paralympic Games in 2024. For this reason, I thank the sponsors who supported the holding of this tournament,” said Senny. In the upcoming Asian Para Games, NPC Indonesia will field its best athletes in almost all events with the aim of winning four gold medals.

Meanwhile, at FOX’S Indonesia Para Badminton International 2023, the gold medals were brought by number SL 3 – SU 5 in mixed doubles, where in the final match there was an all-Indonesian final between Hikmat Ramdani/Leani Ratri Oktila and Fredy Setiawan/Khalimatus Sadiyah. . The “civil war” was won by Hikmat/Ratri with a score of 21-10, 21-11.

Not only in this sector, Ratri also donated a gold medal in the SL 4 women’s singles after defeating the Indian representative, Vaishnavi Puneyani. Despite winning two games in a row, Ratri fell behind early in the first game, which allowed Vaishnavi to take the lead at the break. After the break, Ratri started showing his best performance and took a 22-20 lead. In the second game, Ratri’s attack was unstoppable and allowed him to seal the title with a score of 21-14.
“I had never met Vaishnavi Puneyani and I was quite surprised because she played so well that it was so difficult, especially in the first match. The medal I won at FOX’S Indonesia Para Badminton International 2023 was been handed over to children, families and all Indonesians,” he said. In addition to winning these two events, Ratri also won the SL 3 – SU 5 ranking champion in women’s doubles with Khalimatus Sadiyah. Thus, Ratri won a total of three gold medals in this tournament.

Supriadi also managed to become champion at FOX’S Indonesia Para Badminton International 2023. During this prestigious tournament, he donated two gold medals to the Red and White team. His first gold came in the WH 2 men’s singles after he managed to bury the hopes of an Indian athlete, Manjunatha Chikkaiah, with a 21-4, 21-10 win.

“In the final game, I was able to show my best game immediately and so I quickly took the lead from the first game. In the second game, my opponent gave me resistance, but I was able to to be more consistent and more confident. This is my first gold medal in men’s singles WH 2,” Supriadi said. . Not only that, Supriadi also contributed to the WH 1 – WH 2 doubles gold when he was partnered with Agung Widodo. Both were superior against the Malaysian doubles Chew Jit Thye/Chung Hong Tsin with a score of 21-10, 21-11.

Meanwhile, a big surprise happened in the SL 3 women’s singles rankings where Syakuroh Qonitah Ikhtiar defeated the Turkish world number 1 player, Halime Yildiz. In fact, throughout the match, Syakuroh consistently dominated the match, so it only took two games for Yildiz to go down after sealing a 21-13, 21-12 victory.

“The final game was actually not easy, especially at the beginning of the game, both in the first game and the second game. However, thanks to the great support of the GOR supporters, it made me even more excited to be able to win. I’m very grateful because I was able to win another gold medal and I did it. I dedicate this to my parents,” said Syakuroh.

Yildiz was very disappointed because he could not show his best game and had to admit victory to Syakuroh. However, he does not regret coming to compete in Indonesia. Yildiz believes that Indonesia has made extraordinary arrangements even though FOX’s Indonesia Para Badminton International 2023 only has the status of a Tier 2 Tier 3 tournament. In fact, he considers the quality of organization to be better as the BWF level 1 para badminton tournament.

“I could have played better in the final match, but instead I made a lot of mistakes throughout the match. Congratulations to Syakuroh because he performed better than me. “Even though I didn’t manage to win a gold medal, I don’t regret coming to Indonesia because I think the organization of the tournament here is better than other BWF tournaments I’ve attended. participated,” Yildiz said.

FOX’s Indonesia Para Badminton International 2023 brought together 16 countries, namely Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, Timor Leste and Turkey. This tournament has 17 numbers, singles and doubles, in sectors WH 1, WH 2, SL 3, SL 4, SU 5 and SS 6.

Here is a list of winners from FOX’S Indonesia Para Badminton International 2023:

Men’s singles – SL 3
First place: Mohammad Arwaz Ansari (India)
Second place: Maman Nurjaman (Indonesia)
3rd place: Mustafa Tugra Nur (Turkey) and Bittu Kumar (India)

Men’s singles – SL 4
First place: Fredy Setiawan (Indonesia)
Second place: Mohd Amin Burhanuddin (Malaysia)
3rd place: Reksi Sudarno and Hikmat Ramdani (Indonesia)

Men’s singles – SU 5
First place: Dheva Anrimusthi (Indonesia)
Second place: Suryo Nugroho (Indonesia)
Third place: Ilker Tuzcu (Turkey) and Oddie Kurnia Dwi Listiant Putra (Indonesia)

Men’s Singles – WH 1
First place: Jit Thye Chew (Malaysia)
Second place: Agung Widodo (Indonesia)
3rd place: Hong Tsin Chung (Malaysia)
Fourth place: Martyn Ford (Australia)

Men’s Singles – WH 2
First place: Supriadi (Indonesia)
Second place: Manjunatha Chikkaiah (India)
Third place: Grant Manzoney (Australia) and Agus Budi Utomo (Indonesia)

Women’s Singles – SL 3
First place: Syakuroh Qonitah Ikhtiar (Indonesia)
Second place: Halime Yildiz (Türkiye)
3rd place: Charanjeet Kaur and Amudha Saravanan (India)

Women’s Singles – SL 4
First place: Leani Ratri Oktila (Indonesia)
Second place: Vaishnavi Puneyani (India)
Third place: Tugce Celik (Türkiye) and Khalimatus Sadiyah (Indonesia)

Women’s Singles – SU 5
First place: Zehra Baglar (Türkiye)
Second place: Lam Tsz Huen (Australia)
3rd place: Sarumathi (India)
4th place: Latika (India)

Women’s Singles – WH 2
First place: Alphia James (India)
Second place: Katarina Dwi Putri Kristianti (Indonesia)
3rd place: Prema Vishwas and Ruchi Trivedi (India)

Single – SH 6
First place: Rina Marlina (Indonesia)
Second place: Dimas Tri Aji (Indonesia)
Third place: Hector Jesus Salva Tunque (Peru) and Irianti Yunia Widya (Indonesia)

Doubles Men – SL 3 – SL 4
First place: Dwiyoko/Fredy Setiawan (Indonesia)
Second place: Maman Nurjaman/Hikmat Ramdani (Indonesia)
Third place: Renzo Diquez Bances Morales/Jagadesh Dilli (Peru/India) and Ukun Rukaendi/Reksi Sudarno (Indonesia)

Men’s Doubles – SU 5
1st winner: Dheva Anrimusthi/Hafizh Briliansyah Prawiranegara (Indonesia)
Second place: Suryo Nugroho/Oddie Kurnia Dwi Listing Men (Indonesia)
Third place: Mohamad Faris Ahmad Azri/Amyrul Yazid Ahmad Sibi (Malaysia) and Hardik Makkar/Dev Rathi (India)

Doubles Women – SL 3 – SU 5
1st winner: Leani Ratri Oktila/Khalimatus Sadiyah (Indonesia)
Second place: Tugce Celik/Vaishnavi Puneyani (Türkiye/India)
Third place: Lia Priyanti/Syakuroh Qonitah Ikhtiar (Indonesia) and Charanjeet Kaur/Lam Tsz Huen (India/Australia)

Mixed Doubles – SL 3 – SU 5
1st winner: Hikmat Ramdani/Leani Ratri Oktila (Indonesia)
Second place: Fredy Setiawan/Khalimatus Sadiyah (Indonesia)
Third place: Ilker Tuzcu/Halime Yildiz (Turkey) and Hafizh Briliansyah Prawiranegara/Syakuroh Qonitah Ikhtiar (Indonesia)

Mixed Doubles – WH 1 – WH 2
1st Winner: Manjunatha Chikkaiah/Pallavi Kuluvehalli M. (India)
Second place: Poorna Rao Chapara/Alphia James (India)
3rd place: Martyn Ford/Ruchi Trivedi (Australia/India)
Fourth place: Arturo Zambrano Alejo/Fiona Sing (Mexico/Australia)

Doubles – SH 6
First place: Dimas Tri Aji/Subhan (Indonesia)
Second place: Dhinagaran Pandurangan/Hector Jesus Salva Tunque (India/Peru)
Third place: Irianti Yunia Widya/Rina Marlina (Indonesia)
Fourth place: Abdulla A Alsaif/Md Eyamin Hossain (Kuwait/Bangladesh)

Double WH 1 – WH 2
First place: Supriadi/Agung Widodo (Indonesia)
Second place: Jit Thye Chew/Hong Tsin Chung (Malaysia)
3rd place: Martyn Ford/Grant Manzoney (Australia) and Poorna Rao Chapara/Manjunatha Chikkaiah (India)

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