Sea Games Cricket 2023 silver winner who dreamed of becoming an athlete since childhood

Bouléléng – The sport of cricket may still be relatively foreign to the ears of the Indonesian people. However, this sport originating from Northern Europe brought achievements to Indonesia during the Sea Games 2023 international competition in Cambodia several months ago.

One of the athletes who won a silver medal at the Cambodia Sea Games 2023 in the ODI 50 (50 over) cricket category is Lie Qiao from Buleleng, Bali. Lie said he started loving the sport through encouragement from his elementary school teacher.

“I first became familiar with the sport of cricket when I was in primary school, where my sports teacher recommended me to participate in an inter-school cricket competition in Buleleng Regency representing my primary school,” he told detikBali some time ago.

Lie has dreamed of being an athlete since he was little. But at that time, he had no idea that he would become the cricket athlete he is today. He pursued his career in the world of cricket because he was inspired by people who were successful and consistent in their careers.

“My advice is to try and continue if you like it,” he advised youngsters who want to try a career in cricket.

To recover from failure, female athletes born in 2006 usually learn from previous failures. Lie also explained why he fell in love with the sport which is synonymous with hitting the ball and running.

“I like teamwork, how to create an atmosphere in the heat of the field by encouraging each other, then it’s also fun to train with the team. I feel very happy to be able to participating in the Sea Games representing Indonesia at the age of just 17 and that for me is the most memorable experience,” he said.

This Singaraja-born athlete also hopes to participate in many cricket matches and become a successful athlete.

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