Schim, the indie game we will follow is like a shadow – Actu

A small magical creature, Schim spends quiet days living in the shadows of humans. Unfortunately, this one has disappeared. Lost in the city, Schim must find his owner, jumping from shadow to shadow depending on passersby, vehicles, animals or objects he finds on the way.

Developed by Ewoud Van Der Werf (assisted by studio Extra Nice), Schim therefore it is a rather specialized platform game. Here, platforms are the stuff of our everyday urban life, whose shadow on the ground is always a refuge where we can move, and light is synonymous with cliffs to be avoided.
Like Fez, it is also possible to change the camera angle, to create new perspectives and thus new shadow areas to reach, or even to activate certain objects to use them as stepping stones, or move them around. From a style point of view, this game also stands out because challenge forced by the developers: to limit yourself to four colors for each level.

For the rest, we have to be patient, because the gray area (oh that’s okay) is still a lot, starting from the release date. Anyway, the game is well planned on PC, Xbox One and Series, PS4, PS5, and Switch.

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