Robert Habeck criticizes relations with Russia

According to Habeck, India is actively benefiting from EU sanctions against Russia. He criticized this – and called for greater efforts to be made in the South Asian country.

Economy Secretary Robert Habeck (Green) expects “tough discussions” on his trip to India this week. Economically, the country is one of “one of the most attractive countries” and has the potential to become one of the fastest growing countries, Habeck told news portal “” on Wednesday. However, at the same time, there is a great need to discuss, also with views on India’s relationship with Russia.

“I don’t think it’s true that India is actively benefiting from the sanctions against Russia and the overall situation through its high oil imports from Russia,” Habeck said. He wanted to address this in his talks with politicians.



Habeck: We have to try

Habeck also hopes for progress in negotiating a free trade agreement between the European Union and India. “We have to try and play in global competition instead of standing on the sidelines,” he told the portal. The EU and Germany must assert themselves against China and the US – and partners are needed. In particular, close cooperation in renewable energy and green hydrogen has a lot of potential, explained Habeck’s ministry.

Habeck will attend the conference in the Indian capital, New Delhi, Thursday. Talks with business representatives and a visit to the company in Mumbai are scheduled for Friday. On Saturday a meeting of the G20 energy ministers will take place in the state of Goa. According to the Federal Ministry of Economy, India is already Germany’s most important trading partner in South and Southeast Asia. The trading volume in 2022 will almost reach 30 billion euros.

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