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Badminton News: The Indonesian men’s team must have been ready to fail to defend the crown of the 2022 Thomas Cup champions when in the final they lost to the Indian team of the black horses with a crushing scoreline of 0-3.

PP PBSI Development and Achievement Manager Rionny Mainaky says Anthony Ginting and his friends weren’t in their best condition to face the final game due to fitness issues.

“I saw that my mates in the Thomas Cup were at their maximum, but unfortunately in the final there were obstacles like Jonathan (Christie) for example, his left foot was not good, as well as Ginting maybe he there was something but he forced to keep fighting,” he explained, as reported by Antara, Thursday (26/5).

On the one hand, the Indian team, which had qualified for the final for the first time, appeared fresher and more eager to make history for the first time by hosting the Thomas Cup since 1949.

Rionny thinks the Indonesian players seem to underestimate their opponents and don’t seem to have the passion to defend the title they won last year at Aarhus Demmark.

“The Indian players were at their best in the Thomas Cup final, while our players were not in good physical condition. For example, Jonatan injured his left foot and Ginting wasn’t in good shape either, but he kept fighting,” Rionny said.

“I hope they are more prepared, so we don’t slack off to face opponents anymore. Yesterday there was maybe still a bit of inattention because of the reigning champion status, but after that must be a lesson for the team,” said Rionny.

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