REA Group: REA India is switching to a hybrid working model

REA India, part of the Australia-headquartered REA Group, which owns the digital platforms, and Makaan.Com, among others, has switched to a hybrid working model for its employees.

The company’s move comes at a time when a variety of global and national players are busy developing and adopting new policies to streamline various remote working models.

“We at REA India believe that a ‘one size fits all’ approach may not work in the post-pandemic world. With different people and departments performing better in different constellations, as demonstrated during lockdown and the subsequent opening of our offices across the country, we have decided to introduce a more modern, hybrid work culture where our employees can choose depending on their Role and function within the company working away from the office or remotely,” said Dhruv Agarwala, Group CEO, REA India.

REA India’s hybrid workplace policy allows people to work from anywhere.

REA India employs around 1400 people.

“While everyone in our design, product, engineering and marketing teams has the flexibility to work from anywhere, our sales teams operate in a hybrid structure and build strong relationships with their customers through personal connections. As we make this transition, we are making sure that all of our employees have real-time and virtual collaboration tools that allow them to stay connected as they would in a physical environment. This is complemented by plenty of off-site fun where teams meet physically on a regular basis to brainstorm and build relationships with one another,” added Agarwala.

Over the past year, several companies in India have announced their plans to adopt a hybrid working model, a model that works well for diverse talent pools.

“The new workplace boundaries are more psychological than physical and it’s all about flexibility, trust and accountability. At REA India, we are very excited about the transition to a hybrid workplace model, ensuring our employees’ experience remains seamless and immersive, regardless of where they work, whether in the office or at home,” said Rohit Hasteer, Group CHRO, REA India .

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