Pro League: Belgium won against India and left with 3 precious points

Belgium : Vanaschu ; stockbroekx, bccard, by Sloover, Hendrickx ; Gougnard, denies, Wegnez ; From Kerpel, award, Charlier then Poncelet, Dohmen, van Aubel, docker, Ghislain, cozy, Van Doren.

India: Parattoo; Varun, Amit, Hardik, Harmanpreet; Shamsher, surrender, manpreet, Akashdeep; mandeep, Sukhjeet then Jarmanpreet, Lalit, vivek, Abhishek, Jugraj, Gurjant, Pawan.

Referee: MM. Van Bunge C. and Tomlinson D.

Green card: 13th Poncelet, 37th Dohmen, 42nd Akashdeep

Destination : 25th Abhishek (0-1), 33rd De Kerpel (1-1), 46th Hendrickx on pc (2-1), 59th Hendricks on stroke (3-1), 60th Mandeep ( 3-2)

Some changes to the score sheet compared to yesterday’s meeting. On the Indian side, Shamsher, Sukhjeet, Gurjant and Pawan enter. Belgian level, we know that Arthur van Doren was injured at halftime. It was Ghislain who was summoned to complete the group. Base eleven has also evolved. Boccard and Vanasch replaced the van Doren brothers.

Yesterday’s meeting ended in a draw, 3-3, both teams had to decide between a penalty shoot-out and India who were leading 4-5. The Red Lion really wants to catch up this Sunday.

The first entry into the circle is Belgium, but it does nothing. Belgium clearly had the ball early in the game, they spun around and built up little by little to reach the danger zone. But facing India’s formation that harmonizes two safety four players, is not easy. However, Dohmen knelt at the post and almost deflected the center that was earned in the first goal. The stand, full to the point of exploding, sighed with one voice. The first PC fell in the 7th minute in favor of Belgium. Charlier’s stop missed, he kept the ball to try a shot, but it was too late to succeed. India’s recovery led to the first counterattack, but de Sloover was present on the way to Lalit. The one-off phase followed on the Red Lion’s side. But the first real Indian show was gorgeous. Jarmanpreet recovered the ball a little after the halfway line down his right flank, after the ball fell to the stick, the perfect cross for Sukhjeet who was completely forgotten in the circle. This one, late in the race, deviated within a few centimeters of Vanasch’s crossbar. The final minutes of this quarter-time saw group India more present and took the ball against group Belgium reduced to 10 after a Poncelet card. Mandeep deflected in a cross, but it went to the right and not to the left of the post, the goalscorer not yet involved.

Belgium made some good circle edge combinations during the restart, but didn’t really manage to penetrate effectively into the opposition’s circle. India, meanwhile, is becoming increasingly urgent and dangerous. Right winger, Jarmanpreet hurt the Belgian defense. He is the origin of the first Indian pc. Strong shipments are stopped cleanly by the sorter. In the next phase, Dockier’s aerial ball was too long for Ghislain. It was De Kerpel who threw himself, this time, on a cross in an attempt to deflect it into Parattu’s net, but his flight was unsuccessful. He was also unlucky moments later when the ball he was hoping for at the point of hitting made a false bounce and went in, literally, between his legs. We were in the 25th minute when the score was released, to India’s advantage. Abhishek completed a long counter-attack led by his team-mates. It’s 0-1 for India.

India clearly want to walk away with a good point, Vanasch will have to make two good saves in quick succession to prevent the score from getting worse. In the next phase, Belgium did blocks all over the pitch, they found themselves redundant in the opposing circle and De Kerpel powerfully slapped the ball received, this one made the Parattu board echo, as well as the screams of the fans, it was 1-1. The Red Lions, dressed in white, did push and chain entry at 25, but were unable to take advantage in the decisive area. The Whites were once again reduced to 10, this time it was Dohmen who saw himself getting a green card. Shamsher eliminated three and then four Red Lions before missing them late in the race, the Indian technique once again impressive. Seconds to the end of the 3rd quarter, India was just one point away from reclaiming the lead by Lalit, who served very well. But he was against the very present Vanasch.

There are 15 minutes left for one of the two teams to take the lead over the other. Charlier got a pc in the 46th minute, this could be a turning point for the meeting. And it. Hendrickx did not tremble for a moment and provided a millimeter of sleep in the right corner of the opponent’s goal. It’s 2-1. This was probably what Belgium needed to get their game off the ground, after getting a chance from van Aubel, Cosyns who fired a powerful shot on goal, luckily deflected by the defender’s stick. The next phase, Poncelet and Cosyns entered the circle thanks to a very smooth one-two, but Poncelet was too short for the final pass that crossed the baseline. Boon hit backhands from impossible angles, De Kerpel and Ghislain missed a deflection. There were clearer chances in these last minutes than in most games. There’s still eight minutes to go. Let’s not forget that it was yesterday from this moment that Belgium went out of the game and stuck in the score. And that was what would happen, Vanasch was attacked from all sides by the opposing attacker, but he held on. Five minutes from time, the second Indian pc whistled. The PC replayed and Vanasch made an impressive strike with his right arm. The remaining three minutes were tense, but the Red Lions kept the ball in control. Gougnard burst into the circle with less than two minutes remaining. He was mistakenly slashed right in front of goal, logically a stroke that Hendrickx converted to 3-1. At the end of the match, India again won 3-2 through Mandeep. Sukhjeet almost scored 3-3 as the fans had already started the last count. The final score was 3-2 for the Belgian victory.

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