»Politics want to divert attention from their failures«

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From: Rudiger Schäfer

»Increase climate protection! – Crush the coal!« 80 participants shouted at the rally in Kugelbrunnen. Photo: Schäfer © Schäfer

At the “spontaneous creative meeting” at the Kugelbrunnen in Giessen, some 80 participants opposed the “criminalization of the climate movement”.

Pouring (rsa). At a “spontaneous creative gathering” in Kugelbrunnen on Thursday evening, demonstrators strongly condemned the raids on climate activists of the “last generation” carried out in seven federal states the day before. Accounts are also frozen during these steps. The indictment reads: »Establishment of a criminal organization«.

80 participants responded to the short term call from Giessen’s “Fridays For Future” initiative. As their spokesperson, Finn Emmerich, emphasized, the aim of the “exaggerated” search was to intimidate climate activists. “I prefer to see the efforts of politicians in the implementation of climate goals rather than retaliation against climate protests,” he said.

At the same time, speaker Josie categorically rejected prosecutors’ accusations that it was about “extremism and terrorism”. ‘That’s a complete lie. It is not a matter of a crime being committed.« Philipp Wächter described »what happened yesterday« as »harassment«. Because all of these are things that relate more to the citizens of the Reich and criminal gangs. “Should climate activists be put on the same level as them?” Accusations of terrorism and comparisons to the RAF only divide society. Politicians use this as a strategy to divert attention from their failures. Those who “have the courage to say it” will be persecuted.

Irene von Drigalski, from the Marburg resistance group of “The Last Generation”, spoke up: “Everything we do is transparent and known.” It is the government that breaks the law “every day.” Peaceful protest is a democratic right.

Gerhard Keller gave the example of Martin Luther King being imprisoned 30 times, Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned in South Africa and India for eight years. “Today, those who have been convicted of crimes are celebrated as heroes in Sunday speeches.” Sometimes by the same politicians who denounce the “last generation” as criminals. “The BILD newspaper Hetzer has succeeded in having the leader of the student movement, Rudi Dutschke, shot down by the unskilled workers incited in this country,” Keller warned.

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