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NEW DELHI: The Quad Summit in Japan on Tuesday will provide leaders with an opportunity to review the progress of their joint initiatives and exchange views on developments in the Indo-Pacific region and global issues of common interest, Prime Minister said Narendra Modi issued a statement before leaving for Tokyo.
PM Modi’s most significant engagement on Monday will be his participation in the launch of US President Joe Biden’s ambitious Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) initiative, which aims to integrate Indo-Pacific economies and secure and resilient supply chains. India has spoken to the US about IPEF, and in a sign that the government is not averse to joining, Foreign Minister Vinay Kwatra had said on Sunday that economic cooperation in the region is important to India and that Modi is focusing on this, among other things become other things aimed at seizing economic opportunities and building capacity.
In a bid to bring more countries into IPEF, the US watered down the opening text, saying participants would begin consultations and not immediately start “negotiations” for IPEF, according to a Washington-based Financial Times report. The US has also clarified that the IPEF is not a security agreement.

PM Narendra Modi interacted with the Indian team that recently won the Thomas Cup on Sunday. Also present were Sports Ministers Anurag Thakur and Assam CM, and BAI Chief Executive Himanta Biswa Sarma. (PTI photo)

Apart from China’s military aggression, the Ukraine issue is likely to dominate the agenda of the Tokyo meetings again. Bilaterally with the US, Modi said he would continue her dialogue with Biden on regional developments and current global issues, US NSA Jake Sullivan, who accompanies Biden, said on the way to Japan that talks with India are about Ukraine -Question should be constructive and direct. Food security will also be a major topic of discussion at the Quad meeting.
Official sources said the US is fully aware of India’s attitude towards Ukraine and its oil imports from Russia.

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