Pimkie, a 2 year old guinea pig, is looking for a serious adoptive family

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Pimkie is a very beautiful female guinea pig with fawn and white fur.

A victim of abuse and following complaints, Pimkie arrived at the shelter severely emaciated on April 26. This survivor recovered very slowly but he still needs a lot of love and comfort to forget his past and live his life to the fullest, which lasted 7 to 8 years.

The guinea pig or guinea pig is a rodent native to South America that belongs to the Cavid family. They socialize like dogs or cats while taking up less space.

Living in semi-freedom or freedom

They show a wide variety of postures and facial expressions, making different vocalizations such as hissing, growling, grinding teeth, screeching and grunting. They also know how to scream to show their hunger, to demand attention or a little treat. Still recovering, Pimkie will soon have energy reserves. He would then ask only to let off steam in an environment rich in games and hiding places.

A life in semi-freedom or freedom that allows him to roam around the house outside of his cage for several hours a day, even 24/24 with a caring and present family who has plenty of time to devote to him, will be ideal for him. . The cage will only be used for its food and toilet. It was unthinkable that Pimkie would spend his entire life there.

He ideally needs a companion or companion to keep him from getting bored and a diet consisting of hay, fruits, fresh vegetables and pellets for vitamin C.

Pimkie will offer you in return all his tenderness and joie de vivre. Very grateful, he will thank you for everything you do for him sycophant.

He likes hugs

He loves caresses and his carnivorous, crushing grin will leave you cracking up. He will be sterilized soon.

Pimkie really deserves another chance. If you have a crush on him and want to welcome him, don’t hesitate to get in touch Strasbourg SPA protection , 7 rue de l’Entenloch (behind Ikéa) in Strasbourg-Cronenbourg, 03 88 34 67 67, [email protected]; [email protected]

You must provide yourself with proof of address that is less than three months old (electricity, gas, phone bill, etc.).

Animals are not objects or stuffed animals that someone gets for fun or to offer as a gift.

Respectfully and lastly, any adoption must be a well-considered act and not just a whim. Adopted animals are the animals we consider for life, regardless of life’s twists and turns, divorces, births, moves…

Adoption lasts a lifetime. You have to think about the food and vet costs that result from such a commitment, but also the way it will be treated during your vacation or long trip.

The holidays are here: loving them means planning something for them besides abandonment.


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