Pictures of Joe Biden’s wreck in India: Incoherent comments, mistakes… White House abruptly ends US President’s speech in bid to keep up appearances – Video

This is an absolute disaster for President Biden, which journalists around the world are watching in amazement! After the G20 summit in India ended, Joe Biden was preparing to answer journalists’ questions, when he asked, before taking the microphone: “It’s late, isn’t it?”

A surprising question but justified due to the time difference. But unfortunately, things didn’t end there with a new incident a few seconds later on the microphone when he mentioned climate change, in unclear words, which can be translated as follows:

“You know, that… and one… one of them is… there’s… there’s a movie about John Wayne. He was an Indian scout. And they were trying to bring back… I think it was the Apaches… a…one of the great American tribes on the reservation…and an Indian scout…the Indian looked at John Wayne, pointed at the Union soldier and said, ‘That’s a lying dog-faced pony warrior.. . Yes, there are a lot of dog-faced pony warriors lying about global warming.”

An incomprehensible sentence is immediately followed by a diplomatic gaffe regarding Vietnam:

“We talked about it at the conference as a whole, we talked about stability, we talked about making sure that the third world (!!!), uh… Excuse me, the third world… uh… southern hemisphere has access to change”…

Confronting this disaster in front of press from around the world, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, decided to stop it…

And the American president then concluded: “I don’t know what’s in it for you, but I’m going to go to bed.”

A situation that once again raises questions regarding the health condition of the President who, at the age of 85, wants to run for a new term…

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