Perdana, Kashmir, organizes women-only car racing competition

Although this sport is often dominated by men, in Kashmir, women can also prove that they are capable of participating and showing their mettle in this field.

Muskan, a racer who participated in the competition, said the event was an opportunity for her to break the myth that women can’t drive race cars.

“Many people say that women cannot drive well. But if we can take care of the house and office, then why can’t we drive vehicles?” he pointed out, as quoted by ANI News on Thursday (10/26).

JK AUTOX WOMEN is an event organized to showcase the courage and empowerment of women in racing motorsports.

Featuring female racers who can break stereotypes and show off their driving skills.

This event is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between Kashmir Motor Sports Federation (JKMSF), Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) and FMSCIWEM, organizations dedicated to promoting motor sports and women’s empowerment.

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