Pakistan demands investigation into Indian missile failure

India has announced that it accidentally fired a missile at Pakistan.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, ISLAMABAD — India said it accidentally fired a missile at Pakistan due to a technical malfunction during routine maintenance this week. Pakistan rejected India’s request and called for a joint investigation into the incident on Saturday (12/3) local time.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry (FO) also questioned why India did not immediately notify Pakistan of the accidental launch. The Pakistani side has also raised questions about protecting India from such incidents.

“India’s decision to hold an internal court of inquiry was insufficient as the missile ended up in Pakistani territory. Pakistan demands a joint investigation to accurately establish the facts surrounding the incident,” the official said. FO, quoted by the Dawn site, Sunday (13/3/2022).

FO’s statement was released in response to the Indian Defense Ministry’s explanation that the missile hit private property in Mian Channu on Wednesday night after crossing the border.

India claims the missile was “accidentally fired” during routine maintenance due to a technical malfunction. India said a high-level court of inquiry had been ordered into the incident.

The Pakistani authorities do not trust the Indian version. The FO believes that numerous technical shortcomings and irregularities in India’s management of strategic weapons caused the incident.

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