Officially retired, Greysia Polii now wants to focus on family life

Greysia is willing to fulfill her obligations as mother and wife.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – One of Indonesia’s top badminton players, Greysia Polii has decided to retire. He hung up his racquet at 35.

After nearly three decades of fighting in the field, Greysia is trying something new. The question is, what does he do after that? To the media, he wanted to give all his attention to his family.

“Now that I’m also married, there are also automatically family interests. I haven’t been home for a long time, so I want to prioritize my family first,” the Jakarta-born personality said.

Youth and Sports Minister Zainudin Amali also reacted to Greysia’s retirement decision. He felt that Indonesia would miss a big number. He hopes the 2020 Olympic champion will stay close to the world of badminton in his native country, albeit in a different way.

On this subject, Greysia agreed. But again, he still wants to enjoy the atmosphere at home. Something he rarely felt when he was still active as a professional athlete.

“In the future, we will talk about it later,” said the former tandem of Apriliani Rahayu.

Greysia admits she will miss her activities at national training. How they train hard until the body is sore. Then, build relationships with other hostel residents on a daily basis.

Don’t forget to offend the fans. He had the opportunity to meet people in Istora. Previously, badminton fans often communicated with him on social networks.

“So far we’ve met online. Now the last time I want to meet them face to face,” Greysia said.

He also thanked the media. There are many stories and photos of his exploits over the years. Not just on the positives, but also in the difficult times.

“Because, fellow media, there are moments that are taken, there are stories that are written. It means a lot to me going forward. Whether it’s a bad record, well, there’s all of them. . Thank you,” Greysia said. .

While actively playing, Greysia Polii won a number of trophies. Along with the glory in Tokyo, he also won gold at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. At that time, he was paired with Nitya Krishinda Maheswari.

During his tandem with Apriyani, he won gold in several BWF World Tour tournaments. There is Thailand Open 2020, Spain Masters 2020, Indonesia Masters 2020, India Open 2019, Thailand Open 2018 and India Open 2018.

Greysia has also won three editions of the BWF Superseries, namely the 2017 French Open, the 2016 Singapore Open and the 2015 Korean Open. Additionally, at the BWF Grand Prix, she has won five times, including the 2017 Thailand Open, the 2014 Chinese Taipei Open, and 2015 (when still paired with Nitya Krishinda). Then the 2013 Thailand Open (when paired with Nitya), also at the 2006 Philippines Open (when paired with Jo Novita).

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