‘No point staying’: Ukraine orders troop withdrawal from embattled city of Sieverodonetsk – Politics

Ukrainian politician warns against rushing back

Warnings come from Ukraine against hasty returns about five million war refugeesrecorded in Europe. “There are two important requirements: We have to find ways and means to rebuild the infrastructure that was destroyed, at least in part. And where they are going, a functioning anti-missile defense system is needed – as is more or less in Kyiv now,” said Olena Sotnyk, adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna, after talks in Berlin.

As a further prerequisite, Olena Haluschka, board member of the Ukrainian organization’s Center for Anti-Corruption Action, clear hidden mines and traps in areas the Ukrainians had retaken from the Russian army. At their meeting with German politicians, the two women reported that the main thing they were pressing for was a more rapid delivery of more weapons. They described the fact that the anti-tank howitzers promised by Germany had now arrived on the front lines as a “turning point”.

Two meetings with members of the Bundestag and representatives of the Bertelsmann Foundation made positive comments about Berlin’s support for Ukraine’s status as a potential EU member. From war against corruption Haluschka assured that things would continue in her home country despite the war. Since the Russian invasion began on February 24, nine judgments have been issued and the equivalent of more than 14 million euros was confiscated.

In connection with the war in Ukraine, 875,000 new arrivals have so far been recorded in the Central Register of Foreigners. The numbers are not completely reliable as some have returned. In addition, Ukrainian refugees can enter the country without a visa and do not have to immediately report to the authorities. In recent days, federal police have found about 1,000 entries a day. On some days in March and April, ten times as many refugees came to Germany from Ukraine. (dpa)

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