No pay per view! ‘RRR’ premieres on Zee5 starting today

May 20 will be a big day with the start of streaming ‘RRR’ (‘Roudram Ranam Rudhiram’). The previous announcement was that the Rajamouli film would be available on a pay-per-view basis. But the decision was not liked by the public.

Taking into account the opinions of customers and the general public, Zee5 decided to remove the T-VOD mode and offer “RRR” to all general subscription customers.

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Zee5 has taken into account the requests of Internet users, who requested that “RRR” be made free for existing customers. So, the streaming giant has made a free “RRR” for existing paid subscribers/users starting May 20.

‘RRR’ will be available on S-VOD from 00:00 on May 20. All users who purchase a combo plan by paying Rs 699 (RRR plus Zee5 yearly subscription) will get an additional 3 months validity as per changes. in food.

“RRR”, which is a visual feast, is directed by renowned filmmaker SS Rajamouli with Young Tiger Jr NTR and Mega Power Star Ram Charan in the main roles. Starting May 20, ZEE5 will screen the film in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam with English subtitles.

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It’s been more than 50 days since “RRR” hit theaters. May 20 is a special day for Jr NTR fans because it’s his birthday! They will see the premiere as a special gift. Viewers can watch historic movies in top-notch 4K quality and Dolby atmosphere from the comfort of their homes.

By bringing “RRR” into your home, Zee5 is once again proving that it strives to provide the very best in entertainment. No wonder ZEE5 is a household name. Not only South Indian viewers but also OTT users who don’t know any of the South Indian languages ​​are happy with the news as they will be able to watch “RRR” with English subtitles.

Zee5 recently released a teaser trailer for ‘RRR’. The trailer is amazing, it makes viewers want to see “RRR” again!

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