Nîmes: Railroad workers Farandoleurs from Nîmes prepare for their Festival of popular arts and traditions

After three years of absence, the event will be held again on July 9 at the Jardins de la Fontaine, at the foot of the Temple of Diana. On stage: groups from India and Chamonix.

Since 2019, the railroad workers Farandoleurs from Nîmes have had to give up, due to the health crisis, the arts festival and their popular traditions. With a return to normalcy, the group founded in 1947, which made him dean of Nîmes, was finally able to launch its twenty-ninth edition: meeting on Saturday 9 July at 5 pm, in the Jardins de la Fontaine , at the foot of the Temple of Diana.

“Initially, we were going to perform at the Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle: but, recently, we learned that we are changing venuesmention Gérard Pagès and Lionel Prat, secretary and treasurer of the association chaired by Jean-Claude Feybesse, respectively. For us, this is a flagship event that attracts a loyal audience and is supported by a grant from town hall.”

A walk in Aigues-Mortes the next day

For this big comeback, three groups will perform on stage. In the opening, the Farandoleurs, of course, whose 35 dancers and musicians will chain cordelles, voltes or mazurkas. They will be replaced by Chamonix Rhodos, “representing the Savoyard tradition at the foot of Mont-Blanc. Then, the Guru-The Arts Hub group will perform Indian dances in glittering costumes and slick choreography.”

The next day, July 10, at 4 pm, the Farandoleurs will move to Aigues-Mortes, within the fortress, in addition to these two groups, but also Tarragona Castle and their human towers. “This festival is an exhibition that allows to show traditions, costumes”, continue Gérard Pags and Lionel Prat. These traditions, they maintain daily, through weekly rehearsals and performances here or elsewhere. Note that admission to the Popular Arts Festival is free.

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