New treaty between India and France to “unify” space and defense services

India and France have held dialogues to discuss economic and security challenges in space.

New Delhi:

Following the “great” tradition of more than 60 years of space scientific and technical cooperation, India and France have agreed to hold a bilateral strategic dialogue to address contemporary challenges in space, including securing its access.

“India and France have agreed to have a bilateral strategic dialogue on space issues,” said a joint Foreign Ministry statement on Wednesday following talks between the two countries during President Narendra Modi’s visit.

This dialogue will be strengthened by various experts from the space and defense institutions. In addition, the first French-Indian strategic dialogue on space issues will be held no later than 2022.

“It will bring together experts from aerospace and defense agencies, administrations and specialized ecosystems to discuss space economics and security issues, rules and principles applicable to space and reveal new lines of cooperation. The first dialogue at the earliest this year,” the statement added.

In addition, these countries have also advanced their partnerships in the field of cybersecurity. Both sides commend a peaceful, safe and open cyberspace.

In an increasingly digital world, “India and France have strengthened cooperation between their cybersecurity agencies”. Based on a convergent perspective, they agreed “to join forces to promote cyber norms and principles to counter cyber threats and agreed to strengthen their bilateral cyber dialogue with a view to contributing to a peaceful, secure and open cyberspace”.

India and France also reaffirmed their commitment to building one of the key strategic partnerships to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Indo-French Indo-Pacific partnership covers defense and security, trade, investment, connectivity, health and sustainability. In addition to bilateral cooperation, India and France will continue to develop new partnerships in various formats with like-minded countries in the region and within regional organizations.

In a joint press release issued following talks between the two countries during Prime Minister Modi’s visit, the two countries “reaffirmed their strong support for a peaceful, safe and stable Afghanistan”.

“India and France express their deep concern over the humanitarian situation and human rights violations and reaffirm their strong support for a peaceful, safe and stable Afghanistan, emphasizing respect for its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and for non-intervention in its internal affairs. affairs. “, we read in a joint press release.

In particular, the human rights situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated since the fall of the Afghan government and the return to power of the Taliban in August last year. Even though the fighting in the country has ended, serious human rights violations, especially against women and minorities, continue.

The two countries have also demonstrated their commitment to fighting climate change and their determination to achieve the goals of the International Solar Alliance.

“India and France also agreed to explore opportunities to work together on an equitable energy transition pathway, including within the G7 framework, to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and access to affordable and sustainable energy,” the statement read.

The statement also reported that Prime Minister Modi had invited President Macron to visit India as soon as possible. Prime Minister Modi visited India after ending his engagement in Paris on Wednesday.

(Except for the title, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and published from a syndicated feed.)

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