New Rotary President “Rottaler Bäderdreieck”

Changes at the Rotary Club: Siegfried Lamprecht (second from right) is now the new president at the head of the service organization, the new secretary is Hans-Rudolf Dorfner (right). They took over the offices of Markus Wuggazer (second from left) and Robert Hallabrin. −Photo: S. Lagleder

Rotary Club “Rottaler Bäderdreieck” has started a new Rotary year with a new president. As part of a small celebration at the Hotel Holzapfel in Bad Füssing, Dipl.-Ing. Mark Wuggazer gives the scepter to Siegfried Lamprecht. Also newly appointed is Hans-Rudolf Dorfner, who will take on secretarial duties.

The fact that there is a change of club leadership every year among Rotarians is a tradition and is also regulated in their statutes. Official transfers always provide the outgoing President with an opportunity to review the events of the last few months – and there has been quite a bit of action and events under the leadership of Markus Wuggazer (agricultural engineer, Pocking).

German language course mentoring project for refugees

For him, mentor learning projects, which are about supporting high school students in the region, projects against old age poverty, and relief measures for sick children in India, play a central role. One thing that was also very important to him: German language courses and unbureaucratic and related rapid assistance for Ukrainian war refugees.

Markus Wuggazer ended his tenure with a number of honors, including Dr. Roman Forthauser (notary, Bad Griesbach) and Michael Greiff (pharmacist, Rotthalmünster) for their 15-year membership and Gerhard Schuster (Managing Director of Schuster Automobile, Ruhstorf) for their ten-year club membership.

Attract more women to join the club

New president Siegfried Lamprecht – living in Triftern and working with his own firm in management consulting, among other things – certainly has plenty of ideas for the coming year. Her personal goal is to get more women as club members and to promote networking with other clubs.

Additionally, he wanted to use his extensive contacts in politics, business, and the armed forces to engage high-class speakers for lectures. Of course, he had plenty of support from Kirchham’s new secretary Hans-Rudolf Dorfner, director of sales at Sparkasse Passau.

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