new qualification rules make netizens laugh

A Chinese puzzle. While “Top Chefs” introduced new qualifying rules this year, they embarrassed netizens last night, sparking many hilarious reactions.

“If Arnaud’s half is greater than Mathieu’s quarter, divided by Tania’s eight, minus Glenn’s square root, then Elis will advance to the 36th final. A real gas factory their rules”, one surfer summed up on Twitter last night.

And for good reason, the arrival of a new solitary pair this year, namely not being coached by any of the four judges, prompted production to change the qualifying rules. Even those who send, or not, this and that candidate on the next test, then as a last chance. But this new selection process has left more than one viewer unaware.

funny reaction

Not without humor, they shared their disappointment on the network. “I don’t have a diploma to understand”, “Fortunately there is a visual for the elimination rules”, “This year, you need bac+7 to understand the rules”, “but what textbook is that? hell”, the reactions of the Top Chef amateurs, who suggested that someone share the “Medal of Field,” one of the most prestigious awards in mathematics, with people who would understand.

Viewers who don’t fail to compare these regulations to “health protocols” and their complexities, before showing off another of M6’s new darlings: “Beijing Express” and its Cannes doctor.

The removal of candidates, for weeks, should simplify the deal and avoid headaches for future viewers.

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