New montage or species: over the past few days, photos of snake cats have fueled social networks

For several days, a photo of a cat with black and yellow fur that looks like snake skin has gone viral on social networks. This would be a very rare species of cat living in the Amazon.

It will be called catus snake and it will be the rarest cat species on the planet. Its black and yellow coat is reminiscent of the skin of certain reptiles at first glance. First photographed in 2020, this strange feline is said to live in a remote area of ​​the Amazon rainforest in South America.

Over the past few days, this exotic cat has been the talk of many people in twitter where some internet users confirm its existence with certainty.

Serpens catus (snake cat) is the rarest cat species on Earth. These animals live in hard-to-reach areas of the Amazon rainforest, and are therefore relatively under-studied. The first images capturing the snake cat only appeared in 2020. A single mammal weighs up to 4…

— My Own Best Friend (@rdwnur) March 16, 2023

The same thing on TikTok. Users regularly share video montages in which text explaining the snake cat’s origin scrolls across the image.

New cat species?

This fantastic new animal has excited the dreamers but they are in danger of falling from above. If rumors about the existence of such a cat spread through social networks, the Serpens Cactus would not exist even though its Latin name lends it a bit of scientific credibility.

This actually ismore real-than-life montages. As proof: his name does not appear in the federal database listing all species names found to date. In addition, the cat shown in the photo does not meet any of the physical characteristics consistent with the cat species found in South America.

Boiga Dendrophila or mangrove snake.
Wikimedia Commons – Bernard Dupont

However, it is difficult to know who first imagined this creature and who spread it as real on social networks. One thing is certain: he was inspired by Boiga Dendrophila, which he is better known as mangrove snakewhose skin is yellow and black.

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