Narender Singh Yadav, accused of faking the summit of Everest, climbs Everest – Reuters

KATHMANDU, Nepal — For two years, Indian mountaineers have been banned from climbing mountains in Nepal, accused of cheating on the summit of Mount Everest by tampering with photographs of her ascent. A drastic drop occurred: a major award was revoked hours before he received it from the President of India. People in his hometown, he said, called him a swindler.

Today, mountaineer Narender Singh Yadav has found redemption. On Wednesday, five days after climbing Everest – documenting it with dozens of photos and videos taken from different angles, as well as testimonies from Sherpas – he received a certificate from authorities in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, proving his accomplishments.

Yadav, 26, said he reached the summit of the world’s highest mountain on Friday morning, just days after his ban ended – a six-year ban, retroactive to his disputed ascent in 2016. As word spread, people gave each other candy. in the northern Indian state of Haryana, where he lives with his parents.

“This time I reached the summit in six days, without acclimatization,” said Yadav, who stated that he had not faked the climb before, in an interview. “It was to show everyone who defamed me. I suffered a lot. »

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