MORTH clarified that the sale of electric two-wheelers is not prohibited in India and called the reports “misleading”.

The Ministry of Road and Highway Transport (MoRTH) has denied rumors that the sale of electric two-wheelers will be banned in India. The announcement comes after reports emerged online claiming that the Indian government had asked makers of electric two-wheeled vehicles (EVs) to halt their impending launch. The move is said to come after the ministry held a meeting in Delhi and asked for more time to set up a body to investigate the electric vehicle fires. However, all of this was declared untrue by the ministry itself, which called the claims “baseless, misleading and far from the truth”.

The Ministry of Transportation and Highways uses its social media to share this information. He posted on his official Twitter account: “Some media outlets have reported that MoRA has asked electric two-wheeler manufacturers not to launch new vehicles until the fire case is investigated”.

“The ministry would like to clarify that there is no such instruction and that this report is unfounded, misleading and far from the truth,” the tweet read.

Recently, many electric vehicle fires have occurred in India. Unity Minister Nitin Gadkari later warned the automaker of harsh penalties if found guilty. The minister instead suggested that they could issue a recall and fix their product in the meantime.

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