Meta Verified launched for WhatsApp Business in India and Brazil. Find out more

Facebook and Instagram have announced that they will launch Meta Verified on the WhatsApp Business app in India, Brazil, Indonesia and Colombia to make it easier to do business on the platform. In other words, a Meta Verified badge on the world's most popular messaging platform WhatsApp means that a business has registered its information with Meta.

Businesses using Meta Verified will receive enhanced account support, including identity fraud protection, and will be able to use WhatsApp for their employees on multiple devices, the company added. The same Meta Verified badge will be displayed for businesses on their WhatsApp channel as well as on the custom WhatsApp page.

The announcement was made at Conversations, Meta's annual business messaging event, where the company unveiled the latest product updates that help users and businesses achieve more on the messaging platform.

Call big companies soon via WhatsApp

Meta is rolling out a range of services for WhatsApp Business, starting with emerging markets such as India and Brazil, which are also its largest markets. The move is part of Meta's strategic initiative to improve WhatsApp's business features. The social networking giant is also introducing the ability to call larger businesses on WhatsApp “with just one tap”.

“If you have a complicated travel request or want to discuss opening a new account with your bank, a quick call may be the best way to get help. We've just started testing this feature and will expand it to more businesses in the coming months,” the company said in a statement.

Meta-Training AI Tools for WhatsApp Business

With the goal of using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help businesses on WhatsApp better serve their customers and help them discover new products that may be of interest to them, the company is training AI to respond to the most frequently asked questions businesses receive on the platform, helping customers find the answers they're looking for faster.

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