Meta launches Meta Verified for WhatsApp Business users in Brazil, India and more along with AI tools

Businesses receive a badge and are protected from identity fraud when they provide their business details to the company when signing up for the program. They can also use a verified WhatsApp channel to promote their products and manage their WhatsApp Business account from multiple devices.

Users can create a customized website with details about their business, which they can then share with customers and suppliers. WhatsApp has already introduced some of these features with WhatsApp Premium, but has not yet announced pricing details.

Currently, the company intends to charge other businesses for the service, but has not yet announced details on pricing. Businesses must use the personalized messaging service on a priority basis to send their customers various messages such as coupon codes, information about new products and birthday greetings.

Meta develops a comprehensive toolkit for companies to communicate with their customers and has over 200 million monthly users of WhatsApp Business.

In the first three months of 2024, Meta's CFO Susan Li reported revenue of $380 million from the company's apps, largely due to the increasing prevalence of business messaging via WhatsApp.

Recently, Meta, in collaboration with Bain & Co, published a study suggesting that there is significant untapped potential for conversational commerce in India, as only 200 million of the 650 million active users of social media and messaging platforms currently shop online.

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