Menpora is optimistic that the UNJ’s “Sport Center” facility can produce extraordinary athletes – Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zainudin Amali visited Campus B of Jakarta State University (UNJ) to see the readiness of UNJ to implement the National Sports Grand Design (DBON) of the Kemenpora program.

Menpora and UNJ leaders visited the UNJ sports building which has facilities sports science Monday, March 28, 2022.

The Minister of Youth and Sports took the time to visit the various facilities there, including the rehabilitation room, the psychology room, the biomechanics laboratory room, aptitude (gym), exercise physiology room, interior courtyard, reception room, laboratory room aquaticroom bodybuildingclimbing area, dormitories for students and athletes, as well as entrance basketball.

In a press conference, Pr. Komarudin, Chancellor of the UNJ, said: “Thank you for the visit of the Minister of Youth and Sports to the UNJ to see our infrastructures and our human resources to support the Kemenpora program to implement the National Sports Great Design (DBON).”

Teacher. Komarudin reiterated that the UNJ fully supports and is committed to advancing national sports.

“Sports facilities owned by UNJ have international standards and also apply the principles of science or sports science to encourage students and athletes in UNJ as well as athletes outside of UNJ,” said explained the teacher. Komarudin.

Meanwhile, Menpora Zainudin Amali said her visit to NJU was part of a series of visits to several universities, especially in provinces that had been designated as athlete development centers including NJU.

The Minister of Youth and Sports added, “Our time is very short for us to immediately implement the DBON in the new academic year, estimated around July 2022.”

“For this we are preparing now. DBON was the origin of the talent at the school level, which is about 250,000 talents, either from the place we provide or from the place of the provincial government or district,” he added.

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Furthermore, Zainudin Amali stated that for recruitment centers mandated by Presidential Decree no. 86, the Ministry of Youth and Sports cooperates immediately with the universities.

“This hub can also be used by the wider community. Recruitment starts from junior high school students from 250,000 selected to 37,500 participants, then re-selected to 3,750, re-selected to 750 and finally 150 national athletes,” he explained.

“So it’s a 10-year process, approximately later he will enter higher education, the choice fell on the ex-IKIP tertiary establishments because the ex-IKIP universities have schools, even from primary to high school”, said the Minister of Youth and Sports. .

“So that coaching can be integrated, and one of them is UNJ which already has a Labschool and has produced many outstanding athletes,” added Zainudin Amali.

The Minister of Youth and Sports believes that if managed very well, this sports talent development center can produce extraordinary athletes.

“I’ve been around, it’s amazing that UNJ has a lab sports science which is very good and of international standard. Moreover, the UNJ has received the full support of the provincial government of DKI Jakarta. Let’s set up this DBON from the start of the school year,” said Menpora.

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During the visit, Menpora was accompanied by Chandra Bhakti (Deputy Sports Performance Enhancement 4), Surono (Assistant Sports Performance Enhancement Deputy to Sports Performance Enhancement Deputy ) and the Head of Youth and Sports Office DKI Jakarta.

During this time of the UNJ, besides the Chancellor, there were also the Vice-Chancellors 2 and 3, the Dean of the Faculty of Sports Science (FIK), FIK lecturers and leaders at the UNJ and FIK UNJ levels.

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