Many Indians are becoming bosses of tech giants, here’s why

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Friday 04/08/2023 09:40 WIB

Photo: Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google (Reuters/Beck Diefenbach)

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Typical Indian names are now increasingly occupying top positions in global technology companies. These include Satya Nadella, now CEO of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, and Shantanu Narayen, now CEO of Adobe.

Former Tata Sons executive director R Gopalakrishnan said this could happen because the Indian company was trained in the gladiator way.

“From birth certificates to death certificates, from getting admission to school to getting a job, from inadequate infrastructure to inadequate capabilities, growing up in India equips Indians to be natural managers “, explained this one, one of the managers of The Made in India, quoted in BBCFriday (04/8/2022).

Apart from this, intense competition is said to make Indians problem-solvers and adaptable people.

Another fact is that they often prioritize professionalism over personal assistance in the busy office culture of the United States.

“This is a characteristic of top leaders around the world,” Gopalakrishnan said.

The BBC reports that Indian-born CEOs in Silicon Valley make up a minority of the 4 million richest and most educated people in the United States.

One million of them are scientists and engineers, more than 70% hold H-1B visas, i.e. foreign work permits issued by the United States to Indian software engineers, and 40% of all engineers in Seattle are from India.

The other percent: American Indians stated that this was a radical change in American immigration policy in the 1960s. After the civil rights movement, national origin quotas were replaced in favor of skills and family reunification.

After that, many Indians with higher education under scientists, engineers and doctors, and then a large number of software programmers, flocked to the United States.

Photo: CNBC
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

The authors add that Indian immigrants are different from any other country. Not only do they have the upper caste privilege of being able to attend renowned universities, but a smaller portion can afford to obtain a master’s degree in the United States.

“It’s the best outcome and they join a company where the best rise to the top,” said tech entrepreneur and academic Viviek Wadhwa.

“The network that was built [di Silicon Valley] also bring benefits, the idea is that they help each other.”

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